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21st Jul 2010, 5:00 PM
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Zoom zoom!
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Mmmmmm, Thursday TOGM!

Well, we have the return of Karl, who some of you may recognize as MarshmallowGherkin (though, less so now that his avatar looks like a nightmare version of a pacman ghost..) and Chuck, based on a friend of mine.

Just wanting to show where a few of the characters are as we wrap up this portion :D This part ties directly into next week's comic, so it was important for that too :D

Also, if you only check on regular update days, June uploaded a bonus image for having reached 50 thousand unique views (According to Comicfury), so we're pretty excited about that. Oh, and as of... a few hours ago, when you're seeing this, I am buying the webspace for Greymeat.com to work as more than a cheap redirect. We might have a temporary site up for a while as June is still working on her design. But hopefully it'll be ready to launch sometime soon.

Have a great weekend everyone! Thank you for reading!!
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
If you think that the drawing on this one looks rushed .. it is. My apologies for that, but I was supposed to have all day today to draw this one, and circumstances changed. James will nag me about having a buffer, and I probably should. I just get so burned out from drawing some times. Any way, I was supposed to take the kids to the mall yesterday, but ended up taking them today because I got so busy working on the 50k image, and my son's behavior was pretty bad. (I didn't feel like taking him out when he was jumping around like a monkey)

Any way, I hope that this one is drawn ok. Oh, one more thing I must apologise for is the over use of blurs and gradients. *I* thought they look spiffy, but you may find them offensive to the eyes. We'll see what you say about that!

You may notice that Karl is eating fast food. Don't be fooled! It's still TOGM, be it in a hamburger, shake or clinic distribution centre! This world just happen to have fast food outlets for TOGM, like we have McDonald's and Starbucks! (Or in our case here in Canada, Tim Hortons!) Remember, the enlightened tend to want to recreate what life was like once...

Hope you're having a great week, and only two more updates until the impending "END OF BOOK ONE" dun dun dun ...
User comments:
Linden edit delete reply
I think the page looks great.
Lessum (Guest) edit delete reply
Headlights look cool...buffer-smuffer :D
moizmad edit delete reply
The lighting is great, especially panel 2!
Eternal_Phantom edit delete reply
Saved by - Selene's crazy obsessiveness? Has fate decided to be nice to John for once? Honestly, doubt it :P

@Skrael Last week I saw a combination Tim Horton's and Cold Stone Creamery. Paradise is on Earth .
jenffer edit delete reply
happy 100th page
Xenrin edit delete reply
Mmm... I love me some TOGM burgers. :)

@Magravan: Well, have no fear, my old icon will be back as soon as I upload some more comics to ghosts so I can choose other forms of promotion.
@Skrael: The gradients look great! I like the headlights in the first panel.
Also: Mmm.... Tim Hortons.
Skrael (I'm the artist)
@Linden Thanks! :)

@Lessum convince James of that one :P

@Moizmad Thanks! I liked panel 2 as well! Also, does your name mean "I'm always mad" ? I just thought it sounded like that :) (Not that I think you are always mad!! You're nice) :)

@Eternal Phantom Fate being nice to John? Never! And, what's Cold Stone Creamery? Is that the ice cream place that mixes your ice cream on the spot on that huge frozen piece of marble (or something,I saw it on TV once. Looked YUMMY)

@Jennfer Thanks! Though it's not entirely us, a lot of people have submitted guest art and comics too! :) We're on the 73rd actual TOGM right now.

@MarshmallowGherkin - Firstly, thanks! And secondly, I imagine that the food may look and smell good, but the main ingredient is just different and creative incarnations of TOGM (much like our heavily corn-based diet - Watch King Corn if you want to know what I mean)
Eternal_Phantom edit delete reply
Yes, yes it is. And it's delicious!
3.1 (Guest) edit delete reply
I return!
The Phantom you say! A ghost zombie?!!!
What's next?! Werewolfenstein? Count Dracututankhamun?! STEAM PUNK PENGUIN PIRATE NINJAS?!!!!!!! I like it!
Magravan edit delete reply
See, here I am writing a webcomic with such a simple premise when I could have written about Steam Punk Penguin Pirate Ninjas.. The muse ripped me off!
moizmad edit delete reply
Dear Skrael, my user name was made up one nite when I discovered I had been "erased"
by Yahoo, so yes, Mo (Maureen) was indeed MAD! But after I cooled down, I kept it, as
it does "kind of" describe me. Thx for asking.
Magravan edit delete reply
Ha! I always read it as Moys-Mad .. I just assumed it was another weird internet name like Skrael or Magravan ;) That makes a lot more sense.. :D
Lunaris_Starchilde edit delete reply
So... the undead have no interest in, like, a nice bottle of pop, or a BLT? it's just brains, brains, or do they flavour their brains? BBQ Brains, Jerk Brains?
Magravan edit delete reply
Different textures, but no real flavouring.. It's bland, mainly due to overexposure, but it's still the thing that they need to overcome the cravings..

Sort of like PB&J.. I love it, but if I had to spend years eating solely PB&J, it wouldn't be as yummy..
bbedlam edit delete reply
ha ha... the cops have the right idea. Check in with the hot crazy chick! I mean, the one with the purple hair, not the one with the red hair.... who is also hot and crazy, but is crazy in that way that all redheads are crazy :)
NarcoticVenus edit delete reply
Now I follow ....
DreamSanguine edit delete reply
Where are you hosting it? I know a site that offers you unlimited webspace and bandwidth for free!
Magravan edit delete reply
@bbedlam - The crazy one who also happens to have walked in front of their car....

@NarcoticVenus - Follow what?

@DreamSanguine - GoDaddy, I think... It's where we got our domain name, and they offered us a deal to get hosting as well.. What site allows you unlimited bandwidth and webspace for free? And what's the catch? :)

The major reason why we wanted our own webspace was that it protects us from the whims of others, and we can put whatever we want up on it (mainly a forum at the moment). Another reason, I suppose is that I felt awkward mirroring the comic on other webcomic hosts when CF was our main site. It's sort of like eating your Big Mac in a Burger King... At least if our main site is exclusively for TOGM, and all the others are mirrors, then it feels better to me...

That said, we're not planning on doing anything different on this site. We'll still upload at the same time, we'll still put up author's notes and answer people who comment. (So long as we keep author's comments anywhere, anyways.. If we get to the point where it makes more sense just to use the forum, we might go that route.. But that'll happen regardless of whether or not we're mirroring things.)

tl;dr - We're planning to mirror it, but it wont affect how our comic is run on CF.
NarcoticVenus edit delete reply
Eeek I was trying to be funny and play on the word stalking. Realised it doesn't make sense if reading among other comments.
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
So, is the food "Brain King"-brand? :P
jordanch68 edit delete reply
That's so funny! I rofl'd on this one. If you're being stalked by a Zombie and that Zombie is Sylene...methinks it would be a short stalking. :)
Beta Maxis (Guest) edit delete reply
Only Seylene could stalk a man and make it at least somewhat not creepy.