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25th Aug 2010, 5:00 PM
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Cleaning House
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Hey guys! We just got word back from the printer that the bookmarks are done! I was heading home after work and tried to catch it in time, but a combination of traffic and weather joined forces to ensure that I arrived just as the lady was closing the place... Granted, I was 5 minutes before closing, but I didn't want to make her unlock the gate and disarm the alarm and so on.. So I guess we'll see on Friday!

I'm going to upload the picture of the bookmark so you guys can check it out :)

So John clearly let the heebie geebies get the better of him and beat down the corpse some more.. I tried to think how he'd manage to get it out, and considered him setting up a pulley and everything for it, but I decided we'd go for the silly, grosser option.

So, last comic before FanExpo! We'll let you guys know how it went. :) Pictures may be taken and posted.
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
Hey guys, I've been back from my sleep study/test thing since Tuesday afternoon. It was pretty annoying and grueling, especially when you're suffering from unusual daytime sleepiness, and they keep putting you down for naps every two hours and waking you up as soon as you fall asleep! Then I was like sitting there in between naps, trying so hard not to nod off in my chair (it wasn't allowed, but boy did I want to sleep!)

Any way, enough of that!

I was pretty happy with how the drawing in this one turned out. This was my first attempt to draw Ole Corpsy™ in a different pose than his original dead in the pantry corner one. I think I did pretty good, considering how hard it was. The toughest pose was having him strapped to John's back.

Magravan seems to be pushing my phobia limits here. First, he was me drawing zombies, which I have a phobia of, and now he has me drawing John about to hurl! I am also very, very emetophobic.

I guess you could call this comic therapy for me!

Any way, see you after FanExpo!!!
Magravan edit delete
User comments:
Solem Saje edit delete reply
Solem Saje
Looking forward to the expo update!

And: nice look of unequaled queasiness in the last panel!
DW (Guest) edit delete reply
I guess he wouldn't be able to stomach the easy way of cutting up the corpse to make this easier eh? He IS a zombie killer somewhere under that amnesia isn't he? :D Awesome job, keep up the good work.
Lessum (Guest) edit delete reply
I love the little pop ups on the past 2 comics!!!! They are funny and I even went back a few to see if I missed any :) Cool idea!
Onecanofsprite edit delete reply
You're forgetting to update your proper domainn site, Greymeat.com again.

I have a theory so stupid it might be true. What if Thomas had already been there BEFORE the events at the beginning of this series, and had killed the guy? He then made it look like it was a suicide, but was discovered, hence the van that disposed of him at the beginning?

Wait, that's stupid.
Magravan edit delete reply
@Solem Saje - Me toooooo! Mainly because it'll mean that we've been to FanExpo :D

@DW - That could have worked... Would have been gross though... Ewww ;)

@Lessum - We don't use them very often... I think that there was one on the stripping one, but it's rarely used... Most times I just don't have anything particularly funny to add..

@Onecanofsprite - Right now we're still testing it... I'll probably do a major update with all the old comics today or tomorrow... Since we're putting greymeat.com on our bookmarks ;)
awesomo (Guest) edit delete reply
i think that the courps liiks like c3-p0 on chewbakas back.
Magravan edit delete reply
That's what I told her to draw :) Like C3P0 stuck to Chewie's back ;D
bbedlam edit delete reply
LOL.. poor guy. He looks so pleased with himself for most of the strip.. dealing with the dreaded not-zombie all on his own.
Magravan edit delete reply
Can't say I blame him ;) Whack whack whack!
Lunaris_Starchilde edit delete reply
so do zombies have any interest in aged brain?
Magravan edit delete reply
Who doesn't? :) It's not like they're going to be picky though ;)
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
Onecanofsprite brought up the van at the beginning...and now I'm thinking of "The Phantom"...and thinking how they could be related...