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10th Sep 2010, 5:00 PM
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1 Year Anniversary (Creation)
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Well.. This is going to make some fans very happy, I think...

Skrael loves doing these kinds of drawings... I have to try to keep it safe for work sometimes against her wishes :)

This is the first of probably many that she's going to do that are fan service-y... Oh, the anniversary is actually on Sept 13th, when she drew the first TOGM comic, as opposed to the one where we actually posted it.

Hope you guys enjoy!
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)

Who doesn't love lesbians?!?!?!?
User comments:
Xenrin edit delete reply
I'm not sure why, but this was not as much an "Oh, hawt!" moment, so much as "ROFLZ!"
It must be the facial expressions. xD
Ferix edit delete reply
Okay NOW imagine the mechanics of that hand plunging panel and VOILA! Sex is ruined forever
Magravan edit delete reply
@MarshmallowGherkin - Sylene looks hot to me ;) Beth, yeah, though, she looks like Sylene did something inappropriate with her other hand ;)

@Ferix - That's the great part... Almost regardless of what you do, Sex is never ruined forever. Note: Castration is one of those things that might ruin it forever. No matter what you're negotiating, never put castration on the table.
RedJar edit delete reply
The only way this could be funnier is if one of them were saying "happy birthday grandma"
alparrott edit delete reply
smbhax edit delete reply
Jeez yeah work "lesbians" and "zombies" into the title somehow and BAM to the moon!
Frosty edit delete reply
And then your pageviews skyrocketed to quadruple digits
Butt Hunter edit delete reply
Butt Hunter
FINALLY I mean... good comic.
Magravan edit delete reply
@RedJar - Ewww :)

@alparrott - So now you're a Beth / Sylene shipper? :) Oh, I've started adding pictures to the links section, would you like to send me something of the size I've got there?

@smbhax - Hahaha :) But most people will be like "What the hell? These aren't zombies!"

@Icethefrostycat - Quadruple digits? Like ... 1000+? :) Yes, that's probably a safe bet :) Now 10000+ would be something new ;)

@JacobGristwood - I know! ERrr, thanks :)
Zanshlou edit delete reply
Awesome. Totally didn't see that coming but the denizens of Comic Shortsia approve of this message! or... this comic I guess... uh.... 5
Magravan edit delete reply
This is not Canon ;P This is June having some fun ;)
Darkond2100 (Guest) edit delete reply
HAPPY 9/11!
CVB (Guest) edit delete reply
Uh, that's cute, but I ain't into Lesbian play... I'm too hands on, if I can't play, I'll be going away. :)

Does bring up the question, just how much sensation that these Zombies have? Are we talking the full human range? Or is parts of them inoperative?
Magravan edit delete reply
@Darkond2100 - Indeed!

@CVB - To each their own, I suppose :) As for what works and what doesn't, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it :D (Officially, not in June's subversions ;P)
AngryRob edit delete reply
I was real excited to see this update because I wanted to know what was up with the dead guy... then I was disappointed it wasn't an "actual" update...

but then I got excited, cause LESBIANS!

I'm drunk
Syaoran (Guest) edit delete reply
You know, normally I don't check the site til the day the new comic is up, but I was like "Oh yeah I made a witty remark about holes, I should check up on that."

So I go off and open a tab to check, to my surprise lesbian action in mah face. Pleasant, had my girlfriend not been right next to me. >_>...

Totally would have been worth it if she hadn't hit me with a Sprite bottle.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Magravan edit delete reply
@AngryRob - Sorry it wasn't an actual update :) When we go 3x, it'll probably be M/W/F ;) Glad you enjoyed the debauchery though :D

@Syaoran - Hey Syao's girlfriend, stop being so mean! See? Got your back, bud ;) Guess we're not going to have you sporting a Sylene / Beth wallpaper if June makes one, eh? :)

@Guest - I have no idea what that face means? I assumed, based on the fact that it's not a full circle that it's a wink-y face, but part of the eye has ruptured, and will be leaking down the non-existant face? Because if that's the case, eww. We might make a zombie comic, but the idea of eye goo on non-existant faces might be a little too much!
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
i just started reading recently, so far i like, normally i don't like zombies, but hot redheads i like. more sexy beth!
Magravan edit delete reply
Thanks for saying hello ;) I often have trouble with how to label the comic, because they are sort of zombies, in one sense, but they are not what people expect when they see zombies... So I worry that the people who come to see zombies will be disappointed, and the people who come to see not-zombies will be grossed out by the fact that they are zombies...

I'm glad that some people enjoy it for what it is :)
CVB (Guest) edit delete reply
For the record, it's a nice composition. I like it, just... Well, my taste is just that, mine. :)

And I'm still curious about the answer to my question. Do your zombies have the full range of sensations as we humans do?
Magravan edit delete reply
Yeah, I can respect where you're coming from ;)

I would say no, they don't. What, specifically, is different, I wont say yet :D
Syaoran (Guest) edit delete reply
Lawl, she said she'll be mean any time she see's two girls at it, and apparently its a natural reflex to hit a person near her when she sees it. -I call bullshit-

Anyways, prolly not, least I end up bruised and battered for it. XD
Skrael (I'm the artist)
I'm glad I don't have a violent reaction. I'd be missing out on some of the best stuff!
Magravan edit delete reply
I agree with you! And that's a horrible reflex... Does that mean that if she came across two lesbians kissing in the park, she'd get violent? Because that's not cool!

Though, maybe you can hit her back when June inevitably draws 2 guys? ;)

Given that zombies have no biological reason to stay hetero, there will likely be a few instances of girl / girl and guy / guy relationships once the society begins to rediscover those urges... John will not be one of these cases, as I'm pretty sure he'll end up with one of 3 girls :) Not sure WHICH girl yet, but we'll see how the relationships pan out :D

If anyone is offended by such things, I guess getting out now will save you the uncomfortableness later on? :) Not that it's going to come for a while, but hey, I'm giving advance warning ;)
Syaoran (Guest) edit delete reply
New color scheme or is my browser trying to Punk me?

And iono, I think she just wanted an excuse to finally say "FINALLY DIRTY SECRET" since she was annoyed that I seemed saint like. Haha!

And iono, I should bring that up in conversation sometime. "So what if it had been two guys? Would you have stared as I retched in the bin?" Hah.

Wow, John is a player, I need tips! -shot-

And naaah, the uncomfortableness is always fun, just careful when you open the site page now haha!
Magravan edit delete reply
Yeah, we're messing with the design lol ;D It must be funny to watch from a user perspective... Especially when I was REALLY screwing it up :D
Barrahir (Guest) edit delete reply
I actually like that this came out on my B-day :D
Magravan edit delete reply
Happy Birthday Barra :)
Barra (Guest) edit delete reply
Heh, tnx :D was yesterday though, but still :D
Syaoran (Guest) edit delete reply
Haha, darn, wish I had seen the bigger mess up. Lolz.
CVB (Guest) edit delete reply
*Snicker* If people can get used to Twilight without thinking about it, I doubt this would squick them any more.

"Twilight: The story of a young girl's struggle between bestiality and necrophilia."
Magravan edit delete reply
@Barra - Happy Belated Birthday too ;) I was just REALLY early for next year's birthday ;)

@Syaoran - Imagine the Skyscraper ad spot midway through the comic (Specifically where the TOGM logo ends), the Navigation half into the spot where the skyscraper ad is now, and ALL the text almost impossible to read :D

@CVB - When you put it that way... Team Self-Love!
moizmad edit delete reply
How did I miss this???? Sylene looks SO
beautiful in that drawing, gives one pause...oops, I better shut-up.
Magravan edit delete reply
We posted it on Saturday :) And I agree... Sylene looks great in this one ;)
dr pepper (Guest) edit delete reply
Just to be fair, you need a John and Chad scene now.
Kevin edit delete reply
Has it really been a year already? Congratulations, guys. Keep up the great work!
Magravan edit delete reply
@dr pepper - She probably will.. Maybe not Chad and John, but probably 2 guys ;)

@Kevin - Well, a year since she finished creating the first strip... She has a thing for anniversaries ;) We'll probably have something for 1 year after posting our initial 'test out the waters' comics, and then another anniversary for when we actually started... lol ;) So long as she keeps drawing new stuff for it, I don't mind.. It's the ones that she expects presents for... ;P
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
One of THREE girls? We only know two! :o SPOILERS, BAD MAGRAVAN, BAD! :P
Magravan edit delete reply
Oh... Until it's not a spoiler anymore, uhm... It was a typo? :)
MaxThunder edit delete reply
yes... this definately makes fans fappy... uh... happy...
Magravan edit delete reply
We definitely like our fans happy ;)
CyberSkull edit delete reply
Just do what Skrael says from now on.
jordanch68 edit delete reply
I never thought I'd be eager for the Zombie Apocalypse...until now! More please! ;)

FYI, I'd vote for a John/Beth romance but they're all close with Sylene too. Hmmmm...possibilities. :)