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12th Sep 2010, 5:00 PM
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Beth-y Maid Cleaning Services
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
And we have a comic! If you missed June's Fan Service picture, check previous. It's a little racy, and we've had one instance of violence over it, but it's a good picture :D

So Beth has collected all these brains, and John's not going to let her eat them? Maybe he's more attached to Ol' Corpsey than we thought? Maybe he's just a jerk? Maybe... we'll find out on Thursday? :D

We're running a poll over on the website regarding favourite characters, and there's also a section for Angry Faerie, if you have read his comic (And if you haven't, you should!), so go check it out and let us know who your favourite TOGM character is.

Oh, and I wanted to thank Johlin of Orbit / We Could be Happy for his advice about Firebug, which is a SWEEEEEET program if you're trying to mess with the layout of the comic. I may have made a mess of things with it, but without it, I might not have had the confidence to try, and if I did, it would probably still be broken... Moreso.

There are still things I want to change, but things are progressing. I liked having the squares for what they provided, but to be perfectly honest, they looked horrid. At least when they were the default, some of the ads were really appealing (Like Zombie Ranch. That's a badass square advertisement there!)

Oh, that reminds me, if you have a link in our links section and want it to have a picture on it, feel free to send me a Banner sized picture to place there.
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
Something tells me that James did not want Beth to look anything like she does in panel 4. In fact, I think that he wanted her to look either excessively cheery or sarcastic, or even callous. I sure do loves me some artistic license!

By the way, something also tells me that Magravan isn't going to let me watch any more anime...

On another note,I learned a new (to me, any way) Photoshop tip while watching Lar Desouza do his little Friday evening internet show thing-ma-bob. And I thought I would share it with everyone! He was using the fill tool and I was astounded by the fact that he was able to avoid the sort of white ghosty edge that I always seem to get when I try to fill in my lines. now, keep in mind, I am not trained in Photoshop, and everything I know has either been through self-teaching, or learning through tutorials on the internet, so this concept has amazed me. Here is is, are you ready for it? Make an action that takes your selection and expands it by 2-3 pixels, then fills it with your foreground colour. PHOTOSHOP MAGIC, PEOPLE!! And I even hot keyed it so that it takes a mere sweep of SHIFT F3. How freaking amazing and time-saving is that? Thanks Lar, you are amazing. I love learning new stuff, seriously :)

I also wanted to mention that the outfit was created by PixieSingsBass! She sent me several very lovely and creative fashion designs for both Beth and Sylene, and this is the first one I've decided to use! Thanks Pixie!!
User comments:
moizmad edit delete reply
Yes, Beth's eyes are definitely much different in panel 4 than in yesterday's anniversary comic. Possibly she likes food a lot better than Sylene.
Magravan edit delete reply
I still say that Sylene might have just grabbed her inappropriately ;D
drivinallnight (Guest) edit delete reply
maybe its just me, but where did the handle to the pot go? and also, the anime is great, but it is different for them :)
Magravan edit delete reply
I've got nothing on this one. Her cleavage is nice, but I don't think it would hide the handle ... :D Artist slacking, I guess :P
Ferix edit delete reply
Im not buying it, Beth is kind of a...well I mean frig. Its one thing to do it, but to be all like

"Lawl suicide ExDee"
Kevin edit delete reply
I just took panel 4 as being puppy dog eyes like she's trying to use her feminine cuteness to convince him to let her eat old brain.
RedJar edit delete reply
Cutest. Beth. Evar.

@Ferix: have you ever told a woman "No! you can't eat that ice cream! It's been in the freezer for 36 weeks!"? This is the look she gives you. (I may be hyperbolizing how long the ice cream was there, but you get the idea...) She really wants to eat it, and that look is very hard to say no to.
Frosty edit delete reply
D'awwww :o
Frosty edit delete reply
If Beth eats the brain, maybe that'll remotely enlighten Mr. Suicide.

I'm crazy I know
taltamir (Guest) edit delete reply
but... its so OLD and rotten... i mean, EEEEWWWW
Magravan edit delete reply
@Ferix - Not sure what you're talking about?

@Kevin - It's true, and it works, but it's not what I was going for when I wrote it :) But this is why I am not super specific in the script, so June can add her own flair to it :)

@RedJar - It screams Oliver Twist to me, for some reason ;)

@Ice the frosty cat - That IS crazy! Maybe just crazy enough to work! ... No, probably just crazy :D

@taltamir - It gives me the heebie jeebies to think about it, but fortunately, I'm not a zombie :)
PixieSingsBass (Guest) edit delete reply
Oh. My. God. Aaaahhh! It's the Sad Puppy Look&trade;!

A damned good one, too, actually. Been teaching my kid to do it his whole life and his isn't that good. LOL
Magravan edit delete reply
I thought you'd comment about how she's wearing your dress design :D
PixieSingsBass (Guest) edit delete reply
Well thanks to Skrael's kind shout-out, I didn't feel the need to but I admit that my first reaction was, "Hey! I know that outfit!" LOL
Magravan edit delete reply
It works well with what Beth's doing in this and future strips, so I was very happy to have it :)

Now I'm wondering if it is the same outfit you had her in for the fanart you gave us :) I'm going to have to go check that out now.

Ahhhh, no... It was the Bunneh shirts :)
Karst45 (Guest) edit delete reply
I still maintain my guess that "mr corps" is actually John and that the actual "john" is a clone. or something similar.
Magravan edit delete reply
That's a very interesting guess! I like it. :)
Ferix edit delete reply
What I mean is Beth is showing not just a total lack of respect for the corpse by defiling it but also doing it joyfully with a smirk on her face as she exhumes his skull cavity, only putting on any unsociopathic traits in front of others.

She appears to find the death of Corpsey to be at best, a humorous opportunity. Her being a zombie really has everything to do with her motives, but not her perceptions. It'd be like finding a freshly slaughtered dolphin (only intelligent animal I could think of) on the beach and you LOVE dolphin so you gleefully being harvesting it then when someone goes "Oh that poor dolphin" you go

"Huh? Oh yeah yeah, tragic totally yeah"

PixieSingsBass (Guest) edit delete reply
Nah, I promised not to spoil the surprise of the clothing designs. That's why the girls are in 'bunneh' t-shirts.
Magravan edit delete reply
Oh, that's good... She's not genuinely upset or bothered by it, she's just flashing the puppy dog eyes to try to get her way :)

This is where cultural anthropology is going to help me out a little... If you and I were walking along and found a dolphin on the beach, and I had a cultural background of devouring dolphin brains, my thought pattern is "SCORE!!", whereas yours (and mine in real life) would be "THIS IS AWFUL!!". Especially if dolphin brains were the holy grail that human brains are for our TOGMites, I would probably be on that Dolphin with a sense of zeal that we would find abhorrent... But if you exhibited a problem with it, I might show some remorse just to acknowledge kinship with you. It would be mostly for your sake, because my cultural background says that this is acceptable conduct with Dolphins.

In Beth's mind, this is a jackpot! Free brains without having to kill anyone :)

@PixieSingsBass - That makes sense :) Thank you for both of your contributions!
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
damnit man. at this rate you two are gonna give me a zombie fetish. just love the comic. want beth. seriously. there needs to be fan/offical art of beth and mistress sixx (from collar 6) two extremely attractive redheads being sexy... that's a jackpot in my book

side note, in another country (forgot which one) i ate monkey brains. not that bad really, if that's what human brains taste like i wouldn't mind being a zombie.

again awsome comic, love the art and story. made of win.
Magravan edit delete reply
Haha! Well, I guess you're one of the ones who enjoyed the picture of Sylene and Beth ;)

I'll be perfectly honest, I would never eat monkey brains. Not that I have a moral stance against it, I'm just picky... I turned down free pizza today because it had some weird vegetables on it :( I am sure that there are some countries where the brain of a slain enemy is eaten, but I don't know if there are any taste comparisons to a monkey brain by people who have tried both (if there is anyone who has)

Thank you for the compliment, we're glad you're enjoying the comic! Not that we can't take criticism, but we enjoy hearing from people who like what we're doing as well, because it helps remind us that there are people who are enjoying it!