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17th Nov 2010, 6:00 PM
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A place for EveryOne
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Hey guys, hope you're having a good week.

I had a lot of things to mention, but I'm going to go with two of them.

1. It's very nice being able to work with people that you like.

2. I'm going to give away a shirt for Christmas. So, until Tuesday the 23rd of November, if you post "I want a shirt" or some variation of that, I will enter you into the randomizer.

Caveats: There's only 1 shirt left. Bunneh, Men's Large in White. That's what you'll get if you win, no tradsies or "I'd rather have that other one." If you aren't wanting the Bunneh shirt, don't enter.

Next, if you aren't willing / able to give me an address to send it to, then don't enter. I realize that I could be a crazy person who is out to stalk you with this newfound breach of privacy, but there are two reasons I wont. Firstly, I'm not a crazy person, I just play one on the internet, and secondly, I just don't have the time to go stalk you. Really, people would notice. Again, if you're not willing / able to give your address, don't enter.

Obviously people can cheat and get extra entries. I'm going to go on the honour system here and hope that our readers are cool.

And lastly, I'm setting a limit of $30 on the cost of mailing it. If it's going to cost more than $30 to send it to you, I just can't afford it. Sorry if this applies to you. Just think of how many t-shirts you'd spend $42ish dollars on...

So, with that, hope you guys have a great weekend!
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
Hi guys, I just wanted to say, that I used a user-submitted picture for the face of the One in panel one. I probably got nowhere near what he actually looks like, but he inspired it. His name is John, and I don't believe that he has actually posted anything publicly here on the forum.

I hope to use more of my "One" picture submissions again soon!

Also, I'm whoring myself out as an artist! I have prices and examples of my work here:


(Hey, I gotta try .. got to get the word out and all that.)
PS, I realize that the contraption thing looks totally useless. Use your imagination! He's generating power, people!!
User comments:
Ryoken_Ryagnaroth edit delete reply

also, keep up the great work!
Linden edit delete reply
Gotta say, the Phantom is a thinker. That's some effective use of a One.

I'll enter the contest for a free shirt. :D
Fortunado1972 (Guest) edit delete reply
I would like a Bunneh shirt. In pink even :)
taltamir (Guest) edit delete reply
Are male zombies even capable of... service?
alparrott edit delete reply
MatthewJA edit delete reply
Shirt comp!
I wish for a shirt!
What is postage to Australialand?

@taltimir No, they aren't. Comic 3 or something.

I don't think that ones would be very good at power, I mean, there's no energy input :P unless the Phantom actually feeds them, in which case he'd have to be pretty secretive to stay off the grid.
What is he? A four?
Magravan edit delete reply
I'm not going to respond to everyone and say "added" or whatever. If you've asked to be included, you will be ;)

@Ryoken_Ryagnaroth - Thanks :)

@Linden - He's practical, that's for sure :)

@Fortunado1972 - White only :P If you want Pink, there's a store link... I have an extra white one laying around, so that's all I'm offering ;)

@taltamir - In some senses, yes. In one very specific sense, no.

@alparrott - So long as you promise to treat it better than Kitty :P

@MatthewJA - To be honest, I'm not 100% sure. I'll look into it though. It's going to be sent by 'cheapest, I don't care if they let a hobo wear it on the trip overseas, and customs take semi-nude pictures with it on' class mail, so hopefully that will help lower costs :) If you win, you might get it by Christmas .. of next year. ;)

Edit: Also, yes, he does feed them :)
LazyRanger (Guest) edit delete reply
By the way, I played Pandemic 2, I got Madagascar! WithOUT starting there!
...But humans successfully got a cure! D:
Xenrin edit delete reply
Run, zombie, run! You must power the TOGMmill somehow.

@Magravan: Shirt, k?thnx! :D

@Skrael: I wish that I could whore myself out as artist...
Hagelander (Guest) edit delete reply
i detect brain!!

also shirt: do want!!
if I get randomized and shipping is over 30 then please just reroll ;)
John (Guest) edit delete reply
That is a fine version of me ye have done. ^_^

Keep up the good work *smiles*
Jrade edit delete reply
@ Magravan - I would like the shirt, please. Also, insert reciprocity-obligated congratulatory statement here. (Genuinely, though, it's awesome of you to have such a draw)

Is it wrong that I kind of want there to be semi-nude pictures of random post office personnel in the shirt which I get? Hypothetically, I mean, if I get the shirt.

@ MatthewJA - Come on, there's more to "service" than just the...uh..."main event" mentioned in the early strips...

@ Skrael - Consider yourself lucky, some people just have to whore themselves out...
Ant (Guest) edit delete reply
Considering her history, I would have thought she was used to servicing people.....or do they just have to be someone else's husband?..........Bunneh!
Ant (Guest) edit delete reply
@Taltamir, im sure the Phantom could use a strap on.

MatthewJA edit delete reply
More alluding to what Beth says...
PixieSingsBass edit delete reply
@ant - I think she's a twit and maybe even a bit of a slut, but I doubt that Sylene was ever a whore. LOL More likely she had the hots for Chad. Unless that body wasn't his original? I could see him capitalizing on the neighbour's crush, married or not.

@Skrael - I love the way she's trying to pull down her short skirt all of a sudden in that last panel. ("What slutty look? Who me?")
Rasufelle (Guest) edit delete reply
Heya! I've been following the comic since not quite day one (about episode four, I think.) I LOVE your comic, just the right mix of cute and creepy, and it's fun watching Skrael's art changes!
Oh! Also... I WANT TEH BUNNEH!!! I will provide an address should I win, pinkie promise!
Magravan edit delete reply
@LazyRanger - Once you hit places like Madagascar, you need to up the med resistance and the lethality of it so that you can delay the vaccine and close the hospitals... Each hospital that closes causes the cure to take longer :)

I enjoy the fact that I can think of it solely in game mechanics, because otherwise trying to explain to someone how to better wipe out humanity would be somewhat disturbing :)

@MarshmallowGherkin - Damn right!

@Hagelander - The Phantom's not a monster, he feeds them, gives them a break, and has another few set up :) This must be between shifts where most of them are off already :)

@John - Glad you enjoyed it :)

@Jrade - Yes, yes it is wrong. Very wrong. Soooo wrong.

As for the shirt, I bought a couple when it was cheap, and these are the ones that we haven't sent out for other contests, so I am giving a few to people locally who read the comic, and I had one left, so I thought it would make a nice Christmas present ;) ... Presuming it gets there by Christmas :D

@Ant - Ouch :P And eww :)

@MatthewJA - Which part?

@PixieSingsBass - It was more like "If he's thinking what I think he's thinking, this skirt isn't nearly long enough!"

@Rasufelle - Watching Skrael's art improve has been one of the most enjoyable parts of doing the comic :)
Joobaloob56 (Guest) edit delete reply
I'd like a shirt please.
Lunaroki edit delete reply
You know, despite having figured out that the One will wind up going around /behind/ the big gear in the background when he reaches that point, I still can't help picturing the brain-on-a-stick winding up going under that gear and the One going in after it. 9.9 I'll bet Phantom loses more Ones that way.

I can has T-shirt KTHXPLZ? I live in the continental U.S. and will be happy to provide address via email should I win. ^-^
Magravan edit delete reply
I thought the same thing!! I almost made her change it and get rid of the vertical gear :D
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete reply
Skrael (I'm the artist)
Ok, so I'm not an engineer, sue me! :) Next time I'll find a reference (or make James find me one)
Magravan edit delete reply
If one of our Ones dies in a hideous gear-accident, I just might have to sue you for unsafe drawing practices! Those Ones are precious to me, I can't just have them getting squished willy-nilly... They have to get squished for the storyline!
Onecanofsprite edit delete reply
Hey buddy, Phantom's an engineer. And that means he solves problems. Not problems like 'What is beauty?', because that would fall under your personal theological problems. He solves 'practical' problems. For instance, what is he going to do if some big mean mother hubbard denies everyone power? The answer? Use ones. And if that don't work? Use more ones.
moizmad edit delete reply
Sexy stockings Ms. Sylene!
Magravan edit delete reply
@Onecanofsprite - Bwahahaha! That's so awesome :D Use more Ones.... That should be a motto of something ;)

@Moizmad - They do look good on her :D
Hagelander (Guest) edit delete reply
just because it couldn't function in theory doesn't mean the phantom can't use it, he uses it because he has to

just like his eyepatch that isn't attached to anything
Magravan edit delete reply
That's what you think!
Skrael (I'm the artist)
It's totally stapled to the back of his head.:)
Ant (Guest) edit delete reply
What gets me curious (besides Sylene's overly short skirt) is dead dont breathe (so many practical uses, first one pops in my head involves the phrase its ok i breathe through my ears hunni) so how is he smoking a cigar?

and I WANTZ TEH BUNNEH! uk based btw :P
Blooddoll42 (Guest) edit delete reply
I can haz bunneh shirt? *cute zombie kitty eyes*
drivinallnight (Guest) edit delete reply
ok, love Sylene and her ability to try and charm the PSO's, but put the famous phantom near her and she decides it isn't worth it? Oh and randomize me please for a bunneh T :)
Magravan edit delete reply
@Ant - Not sure. Didn't think it through, just added it for additional bad assery :)

Self-smoking cigar? Custom 'breath-lite' in his throat? No idea.

@Blooddoll42 - If you win ;)

@drivinallnight - Of course, she has standards :)
Thrudd (Guest) edit delete reply
... they still have working lungs and such else they would not be able to talk.
Besides old habits are hard to break and smoking a stogy makes you look more bad ass when dressed in Camo gear.

Sign me up for a chance at the skirt as well ..... what?
Magravan edit delete reply
See, that's why I enjoy having readers who come up with the explanations :) This way, when someone asks me a question and I've gone into my usual "Uhm, did we have a reason for that? Or was it just something June added because we thought it would be amusing?", the readers come along and bail me out :D

And a skirt? Uhm... Not sure what kind of contest you think we're holding here... :P
MatthewJA edit delete reply
You don't know your own canon off by heart!? :P
Curator (Guest) edit delete reply
I just started reading your comic, and I have to say this is legendary... I love it! Also, I would KILL for that bunneh shirt... AND share half the brains with you...

=^_&= Happy Zombeh kitty needs a new eye, if you could hook him up, that would be cool too...
Magravan edit delete reply
@MatthewJA - It's one of those things where I assume that if they are challenging it, it means that I haven't thought it through enough.

Oh, also, I looked into shipping to Australia, and it is possible that it might be less than $30... The people at the UPS Store said that it is probably most expensive to Australia, France or China, but they were just guessing... Oh, and I can't imagine it would be easy to send it to Yemen these days ;)

@Curator - Thanks for the compliments, and I'm glad to have such a sharing soul... :D
taltamir (Guest) edit delete reply
ok so... if I understand right, zombies can feel, but can't have blood-flow dependent functions?
Magravan edit delete reply
Erm... Feel in what sense? It's a working system, it just doesn't work the same way that ours does. They don't require the oxygenation to their blood in order to take to various organs and blah blah blah ;)
Jennifer (Guest) edit delete reply
Please enter me for the Bunneeh shirt! My email is papiliodea@gamil.com if you pick me :))
Curator edit delete reply
annnnd, im no longer a guest:) ^_^

Thats just me Mr. Van, btw, DO zombies have a soul? and if so, is it a soul in the spiritual sense, or in the amalgamation of thought and electrical impulses in the brain kinda sense? just wondering.lol
taltamir (Guest) edit delete reply
Zombies are not real, in fact, they violate quite a lot of the most fundamental laws of the universe.

To say its a complete system and expect us to figure it out doesn't work.

It is ok if it is simply unstated... zombies can do "some things" but not "other things" and whatever things each of things are is left to our imagination rather then explicitly stated. That is rather fine... but its not a working system, its fantasy.
Skrael (I'm the artist)
What taltamir said ^^

It's a fantasy based comic .. you're going to have to suspend some sort of belief in order to enjoy the story, rather than get caught up with logistics.

ETA: That being said, perhaps Magravan should concrete a few "laws" for our zombie system and put then up somewhere in a FAQ.
Magravan edit delete reply
@Jennifer - I'll announce who won, and they can contact me via email ;) No need for people to list their emails and open them to spam bots :)

@Curator - Hey cool, I hope you enjoy Comicfury ;) There are lots of great comics on the site :)

As for Souls .. Uhm... I'm not sure, to be honest. I guess it depends on how you define a soul...

@taltamir - tl;dr - Zombies have working bodies in the sense that they are built to mimic humanity.

Zombies in the sense that we are using them don't exist, you're correct. However, I'm not sure which laws they violate.

It depends on how they died, I would think. If you have someone who dies of a brain aneurysm and then you manage to bypass that part of the brain, you could theoretically kick start everything back up and get the system going again.

As humans, we are quite capable of survival in some fashion, but in other ways, we are ridiculously susceptible to death. We're just good at preventing those kinds of situations as best we can.

However, if you have a method of returning someone from the dead (especially considering the fact that the major reason why it's pointless to bring someone back after a certain amount of time is brain damage due to loss of blood flow / oxygen), and the systems involved are returned to working order, it makes perfect sense to me that you would have someone who functions as a regular person... Of course, there is some science fiction involved here, because we don't have that level of capability (or at least that level of moral willingness) at this point in our development.

But TOGM is based on a society with someone far smarter than our smartest scientists working towards a singular goal, which is 'life' for this undead society.

As for what I meant with a 'working system', is that you have the things required to appear as a human. Do they have a pancreas? No, probably not. Do they need a pancreas to appear as a human? Not really.

If they can't talk, is that kind of un-human-like? Yes, for most people that is considered a disability for those who are mute, and no offense to said individuals, but it's not a design feature to aspire to.

So things that allow them to be more human-like are things that they worked to incorporate into the bodies and such. Obviously, in the case of Ones and Twos, the minds are less capable of utilizing all the advantages, but they could have full conversations if their minds allowed it (in the case of Ones).

Anything more specific than that (They have systems in place to mimic being alive as best they can, to varying degrees), is something I'd rather avoid getting into at the moment :)

napslikecat (Guest) edit delete reply
accidentally found this comic again, and this time remembered to bookmark it. I have good reason to suspect someone secretly harvesting my brains at night and thus giving me poor memory?

Oh, maybe if I can have the shirt, said harvester may get distracted and leave some of my brains intact
Magravan edit delete reply
Glad you found your way back! If you don't win, maybe you could leave a link to the comic and they'll be so enthralled that you'll be safe :D
Oak (Guest) edit delete reply
okay, I only just read this today, but I'm loving it and I'm already up to date! carry on the good work dude.

I'd love a free shirt ;D
Magravan edit delete reply
Well, we're diligently working on making you not up to date again ;) Update in about 6 hours :D

Well, June's working. I already did everything I can on this strip until she's done drawing :D

I've been working on a new layout design :D Which, amusingly, is also sort of waiting on her to finish some art :D
Jrade edit delete reply
@ taltamir - Yeah...I definitely don't agree with the "fundamental laws of our universe" being violated.

To me, this means things like Gravity, Magnetism, the Weak Nuclear Force, you know - actual fundamental universal laws. (So far, at least...any of these could hypothetically be disproven It just gets less and less likely each day)

The things is, we don't know how much of them is natural organic, how much is designed organic, and how much (if any) is technological. For instance, given a reasonably intact major vascular system, and an intact brainstem (which is ridiculously difficult to destroy) most things could still walk around, and eat. Not much more, but if you extend the amount of working brain to the reptilian cortex (still, about the size of a walnut and nestled in the centre of the brain) then you get fight/flight reflex, some degree of forethought and planning, and various other little benefits. Give them a whole brain, and, well, they've got a whole brain.

They evidently, as shown by the green fluid, have at least one biological feature or process which humans do not, but we don't know what this is. Maybe it replaced their blood? Maybe, like starfish, this green fluid is actually what they use to move, hydraulically, rather than using muscles such as you or I.

What it comes down to, in my opinion, is that zombies may be entirely possible, and within some specifications they definitely are, but it depends on what kind of zombie you're talking about. For instance, "28 days later" zombies and "Zombieland" zombies are nowhere near the same.

In short, zombies (so far as we know) don't exist, but I can't see anything saying they can't exist.

Really, though, the main thing I want to know is what you meant by "quite a lot of the most fundamental laws of our universe" - because I don't know what you mean, and I think it's entirely likely there's been a communication error.
Curator edit delete reply
hehehehe, well personally, I dont care if everything isnt complete, its an interesting story, and being as it is fantasy, that sort of negates any reason for there to be specific rules regarding what such "fantasy" creatures are capable of, I would not even be surprised if 4's (ot 5's if their numbers somehow ended up increasing past 1 male in the future) where capable of procreation eventually, its not unprecedented within the fantasy/scifi realm...

As far as souls go, we cant even answer that definitively for us humans, (although we all have our own personal beliefs, mine tends towards the metaphysical) I didn't really expect you to give a definitive answer for fictional zombies... it was mostly a joke, and meant as possible fodder for a little extra conversation while waiting for the next amazing comic, and hoping I win the shirt,lol.

On another note, Zombies are actually real, they just aren't undead... there is a process using the toxin from the Fugu, or "puffer fish" if you'd rather, amongst other herbs, that some voodoo priests have been documented as having used, they dig up the person after burial, as in the past people where incapable of noticing the feeble signs of life left in some victims of the priests concoctions, they administer the second "potion" basically an antidote, and the person comes back, sometimes... and always severely brain damaged. this practice is where the legend of zombies came from.

*cues the music* the more you knowwww ^_^ lol
Curator edit delete reply
I forgot to mention they poison the person first, then their family THINK the person is dead and would bury them...
Magravan edit delete reply
@Jrade - A lot of great points :) I'm pretty sure TOGM zombies would fall pretty far into the "Unlikely to be possible" category :) But, that being said, according to some points in a Cracked article I linked a while back, TOGM zombies are one of the few that could actual pose a legitimate global threat of annihilation. Pretty much every other zombie type fails to overcome on more than a very small scale.

That's actually why I'm kind of curious how The Walking Dead works... They seem to suggest that the problem is fairly widespread... But I can't imagine how zombies of that level would be capable of taking down humanity as a whole... Unless the method of creating zombies in the first place took care of most of it... That seems fairly spoiler free, I think... If you do know, based on watching more than the first 3 episodes, don't tell me! I want to be surprised :D

@Curator - I think that rules are important, even in a fantasy environment... It requires you to think outside the box, rather than just going for the easy solution. Brandon Sanderson has made some great points about it in his journal or something... I don't recall where he said it, but I agree with him...

Our zombies are designed to look and act human. They mimic all the outward signs of humanity, but unlike a human, while they CAN breathe in and out, if you submerged them, they wouldn't die. They don't need what breathing gives them, they just have it incorporated in the body because it helps improve the illusion.

And that's sort of our core idea. With 4s having more than 2s with regards to the improvements (excepting R.Z., who gets his improvements on Beth's dime) and having more reason to have things like the ability to blush or shed tears.

And as for the voodoo zombies, I've heard similar stories, which is why I specifically said "Zombies in the sense that we are using them don't exist" :) I'm pretty sure we don't have any brain eating, intelligence gaining zombies masquerading in society... Intelligence draining people, maybe ;)
Curator edit delete reply
hahaha, yeah, definitely nothing like this in society,lol... there was a bit of a miss-communication on my part, I meant there was no reason for us to know, for there to be specific rules behind how your zombies work laid out for us, because if you where to give us a complete list of rules on how everything works, it would leave less room for creativity later on... Obviously, for continuities sake, its best for you to stick to rules you've already established... helps keep things cohesive.
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
Lots of conversation on this page... :P
Ah, only about one (or two, depending on whether that DLST thing is fixed) hour 'til update, and I've read all on the debate. It's an interesting read. :)
That's the advantage of having so many fans. ;)
Curator edit delete reply
Dont you hate when you start to say one thing, decide to say it another way, and both sentences somehow become combined? yeah, I hate that...hahaha... -_-
taltamir (Guest) edit delete reply
Gravity, Magnetism, the nuclear forces, and thermodynamics are all laws that are violated by zombies.

Zombies are able to think without a brain (they eat each other's brains), this is plain magic.
Zombies eat only brains / TOGM, this is ludicrous, they need nutrients and energy, brains do not contain any energy source that isn't also available in flesh (lipids aka fats, sugars, and amino acids aka proteins). So where do they get their energy?
taltamir (Guest) edit delete reply

Their entire metabolism and cell activity and what have you doesn't work. Inability to have erection means no blood flow, besides we already saw they have no blood flow, so they can't distribute nutrients to their cells, they cells need to be alive to functions. They don't have cell regeneration (aka, they don't heal injuries) and their nerveous system doesn't work right (they don't feel pain when their limbs are hacked off)...
Chemistry happens BECAUSE of physics (primarily electromagnetism) and electromagnetism is also responsible for the electric charge gradient across cell membranes which drives many functions of the cell. Muscles work via chemistry and electromagnetism, and so on and so forth.

Everything that I know about biochemistry, organic chemistry, and biology just doesn't work with zombies and shows one violation of the most fundamental laws of reality after another.

THAT IS OK! I am perfectly fine with that and I love fantasy, fantasy is fun.
Magravan edit delete reply
@Curator - Yeah, there's also the fact that the more I explain, the less mystery involved, which is why I wont be going into too much further detail ;)

@ranger_brian_new - Comments are the very best part of having a reader base of ANY size :)

@Curator v2 - Yep... I also hate when I'm reading and speaking at the same time and I start adding things that I'm reading into my conversation ;D

@taltamir - Okay, just so we're clear, we have an explanation that I will not be telling you, and it probably doesn't make complete, real world sense.. But there are explanations, and they do make some amount of sense.. If you're still reading when it's all revealed, I'll let you decide what you think of them ;D
huntsecker edit delete reply
well i just found your comic, read through the whole thing, i love the idea and how this is playing out, also good timing to say this, I'd love teh Bunneh
Jrade edit delete reply
@ taltamir - Slime molds have no blood flow as well, or circulation of any kind, but can grow very large regardless. There are organisms that will survive on essentially anything out there - from acids to bases to proteins to sugars. Granted, many of them are single-celled only, but I'm using them as proof of concept rather than basis of design. The muscular issue I addressed already, and they have limb replacement in the place of cell regeneration. Do you know what percentage of the brain is fat? It's very high. Do you know what fat can do? Provide energy. There's a reason that brain is a delicacy, one that in some cultures was once reserved for warriors. It fuels them up to fight.

I agree, if zombies worked like humans, they wouldn't work. However, they don't, and we don't know hoe they work. I'm not saying zombies are possible, I'm just saying they might be.

A thousand years ago, if you told somebody about black smokers and the life living there, they'd have called it impossible and labelled you a madman. Hell, a hundred years ago they would have done the same. Why even go back that far? Fifty years ago, impossible. Up until 1977, that kind of life was impossible - it was in direct contradiction of all of their biological laws - yet it existed regardless of what scientists thought of its possibility.

Also, zombies don't eat other zombies brains...that would be kind of self-defeating, wouldn't it?

Please don't get my intent wrong, I'm not trying to be argumentative or condescending here, I'm just trying to understand where you're coming from, and let you know where I am.
Kitmit (Guest) edit delete reply
I want that shirt =[
Magravan edit delete reply
@huntsecker - Awesome, I'm glad that you enjoyed it :) Where did you find us from?

@Jrade - I agree with your general statement, which is that Zombies, perhaps not exactly as we've described them here, could exist. I think that taltamir has touched on a few things that make our zombies different, and possibly touched on some of the explanations that I'll owe the readers eventually :D

@Kitmit - Well, I'll be doing the draw soon ;D
taltamir (Guest) edit delete reply
@Jrade: you completely missed every single one of my points. I don't mean it as an insult, but your counter arguments don't address my points, but arguments I never made...

First: I am not saying that the brain doesn't contain energy... I am saying that zombies need energy (to avoid violating thermodynamics) and ANY energy they get from human brains they can ALSO get from any other meat source.
Eating a turky provides you with the exact same fat and protein as eating a human brain. My problem is that they are LIMITED To human brains.

Slime molds are completely different structure and are fairly sedentary. A zombie is not a slime mold and possess capabilities and structure that makes blood-flow necessary. Without living muscle cells and bloodflow, a working digestive system, working internal organs, and so on they will be unable to walk.
taltamir (Guest) edit delete reply
@Magravan: You don't really OWE us an explanation, I am fine with it being just "fantasy" and I am sure most are.
But if you want to make one, go ahead, I bet it will be interesting.
Magravan edit delete reply
It's not just a case of owing you an explanation... Just that a part of the story that I'm telling is John investigating the whole thing... And there is an explanation in place, even though I've only given brief glimpses here and there ;)
huntsecker edit delete reply
i heard about this site while i was reading The Pocalypse
Magravan edit delete reply
The one downside of doing an ad campaign (where I just set values and let PW decide where to utilize my money) is that I don't get to see where all the various places people come from, or how they get here anymore... I remember seeing one person had come from a forum about hentai games or something like that.. It was one of the enjoyable things ;) Now I have to ask people occasionally, and then wonder if they came from a PW ad, or word of mouth :)

Anyway, thank you for your indulgence :D
huntsecker edit delete reply
ahh, i have adblocker so i actually found out about this site in the comments as they were discussing other zombie comics
Magravan edit delete reply
Oh that's funny! Someone was talking about our comic in comments? See, that's the kind of thing I love to go check out :D
Magravan edit delete reply
And no more entries for the shirt will be accepted :) I'm going to make a list and throw it in some internet randomizer and let everyone know who won ;)
Magravan edit delete reply
And the winner is: Jrade who can thank my co-worker and lucky number 13 :)

There is also a backup if Jrade doesn't work out, but I wont announce it unless it becomes necessary to avoid raising hopes unnecessarily.
Hagelander (Guest) edit delete reply
"There is also a backup if Jrade doesn't work out, but I wont announce it unless it becomes necessary to avoid raising hopes unnecessarily."

I think that is one of the most evil sentences you've written so far, and you probably didn't want it to be evil

"yhea you lost, but there is a small chance you have won anyway but i'm not going to tell you"

congratz to jrade
Magravan edit delete reply
Well, let's just say that you've got a 1:20ish chance of being the backup, which is unlikely to get anything anyways because Jrade is probably going to give me his address and not live in the North Pole. :P

That seems nicer than saying "You're the backup, but if he gives me his address, you get NOTHING!" ... So suffice to say that everyone other than Jrade is extremely unlikely to have won, and can just assume that they didn't ;)
Hagelander (Guest) edit delete reply
hmm, and now you resort to using LOGIC!?
nah just kidding ;)

tell me when the shirts go up for sale and i'll see if I can afford to buy one :p
Magravan edit delete reply
Shirts are available through the store link ;) I think that the cheapest they go for is like $12US, which is us taking the bare minimum in 'royalties'... But if you want, I think they are having sales so if they have another 50% off, I can let people know...