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22nd Dec 2010, 6:00 PM
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Sorry for the lack of an author's note last time... I wrote out a big long one and had it get eaten by the internet connection woes. I also couldn't load flash or .png files... Then suddenly it worked again.. Weird.

Anyway, both the question of how Beth got in and what John was doing will be in the next comic, but for now, we've got R.Z.'s mastery hackery going on... What exactly is Sylene doing on the monitor? YOU DON'T KNOW!... but you will know. Next comic or the one after it.

I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but for the longest time, we had the right border cut off. It was weird, and I had chalked it up to a problem between the programs when making it.. But Jrade's guest comic also had it, so it prompted me to look again, and I realized that I had defined the comic space as 770, whereas it's usually 774 when I save it. So... Enjoy the missing 4 pixels down the right side that you've been missing all this time.... No, go ahead... I'll wait. :D

Well.. this is the last update before Christmas, and I'm not sure what we're doing (if anything) for a Christmas image this year. June's been working on keeping up, and I've learned not to speak for her (most times) with regards to whether or not she's going to go above and beyond. I guess we'll see how she feels and how much free time she has.

So have a Merry Christmas, or any other holiday you might be celebrating this year :) We'll be here on Monday, but I suspect many of you will be too busy to check in :D Have a great weekend!!
User comments:
Frosty edit delete reply
I don't think John will care how. All he'll care about is that it's there.
If you know what I mean ;D
-3- edit delete reply
Leave it to the kids...

But that author note reminds me - Skrael, you have mail.
Butt Hunter edit delete reply
Butt Hunter
Good job you fixed that, the rightmost column of 4 pixels is the best bit! :P
Xenrin edit delete reply
@Magravan: Aha! So it wasn't just my woefully small computer monitor that was causing those precious pixels to be trapped in the electronic nether-realms.
It's good to see them again. :D

Sorry I haven't been commenting. I've hardly found any time to go through my huge selection of comics I follow...
So, I will finish with: "R.Z's super-l337 subconscious hacking abilities prove that he's a 3!" xD
Jrade edit delete reply
Yay! I helped!

Merry Christmas and whatnot. Enjoy it, and don't stress too much!
Onecanofsprite edit delete reply
This strangely reminds me of the part in Dirk Gently's Hollistic Detective Agency where he asks this random kid to hack into an email account.

[Watch it here, it's great:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00wqfl2/Dirk_Gently/ ]
hagelander (Guest) edit delete reply
wait, sylene?
not beth?
good for john :p

now i think about it, don't RZ and beth have trackers, so the cops can find them?
I doubt the fort is unbustable if they know where it is
Jrade edit delete reply
@ Onecanofsprite - I read DGHDA, but I never knew BBC made a series of it! Thanks for pointing it out!

@ hagelander - Uh-oh. You're right.

Maybe the tracker-disabling that the Phantom uses (which John was involved with, right?) is an automatic system, and is installed in the fort?

That's the only loophole I can think of...short of certain major plot twists.
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
And it'd seem the conspiracy theorists for the "RZ is really a three!" continue to get evidence; surely, no two could do that! :P
Jamming (Guest) edit delete reply
+1 Hacking and +5 Luck, is my bet.
I am glad that you are all still here,
it makes my life better knowing I am
not alone in being Cra-zee. ;)
the_brigand (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm glad it's universal, I'm an advanced computer user and my son still manages to find hotkeys for things I never even imagined existed...and Heck Yes I Care how he did it!!!
Kevin edit delete reply
Merry Christmas, guys.

It's really impressive how good kids are with computers. I've watched 4 year-olds operate them and navigate to their favorite games on websites without any assistance from their parents. This is also somewhat frightening. Before we know it, kids are going to actually have computers installed inside their bodies and I'm going to be completely obsolete. More so than I already am, I mean.
hagelanders (Guest) edit delete reply
i'd think "cooking" is the only thing parents actualy do these days

seeing how the tv/pc are both the babysitter and the toys
and it seems most kids don't get any . . . ehm, damn i don't know the english word but it's the one about teaching values and stuf.
kids these days have become a bunch of one-and-a-halves
Lunaroki edit delete reply
Our CAT finds hotkeys for stuff I never knew existed, and can never figure out how to get back to again either!

@hagelanders - The English word for that is "up-bringin'". At least in the colloquial verbiage. ^-^
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
Wow, Luna, I thought that was just mine. :P
(They also really like to make "music" on the piano...)
snoog (Guest) edit delete reply
It's obvious those brains R.Z. ate did make him smarter beth just put to much pressure on him with that test (even if she was nice) it worked here because he wasn't trying it was natural.

Anyway hope everyone has a great chrismas.
I can't wait all my family's coming up.
Merry chrismas.
snoog (Guest) edit delete reply
I just had a thougth can't believe I've never posted this before.
I think I can guess why Beth cares so much for R.Z. and why she won't tell John. When she was a zombie she killed his parents and they're either dead in the old-fashioned way or they don't know him any more in their zombie state.
I know it's random but it just came to me after I left my last comment and I had to get it down.
Ok seriously Merry chrismas. Bye
MatthewJA edit delete reply
You're wrong about RZ -
He cannot be a three.
You'll see everyday
There's a dead giveaway -
He doesn't speak in SundayComicsBB!
snoog (Guest) edit delete reply
mathewja. Sorry I respect your opinion but I disagree
Skrael (I'm the artist)
Merry Christmas everyone!

I would have loved to do a Christmas image this year, but I have to skip it. With the illness and all that, I just did not have any time. :/ Of course I am adhering to my Secret Santa recipient though, don't worry!
MatthewJA edit delete reply
But... he doesn't use SundayComicsBB!
Magravan edit delete reply
@Ice the frosty cat - If it were Sylene stripping, I'd agree with you ;)

@-3- - It's true!

@Jacob Gristwood - I know! To be honest, I'm surprised that we retained any readers considering how much TOGM goodness they were missing out on... If you count 4 pixels wide by 1672 long and multiply it by 115 strips, that is like ... 769,120 pixels that people were missing out on. That's a heck of a lot of pixels!

@MarshmallowGherkin - It's funny how we all invented reasons that weren't "Magravan can't code websites" to explain it :D

@Jrade - We'll do our best :D

@Onecanofsprite - I've never heard of it before, but I will check it out soon :D

@hagelander - Well, that would assume that they have a reason to be tracking Beth or R.Z. :)

@Jrade - It might work in theory, but only if they stayed in there... Otherwise you'd see a blip that appears and then disappears...

@ranger_brian_new - We have conspiracy theorists? That's awesome :D

@Jamming - Yeah, +5 Luck is a good point... Maybe more ;)

@the_brigand - Same here... Between the cat and the kids, I'm constantly finding functions I didn't even know existed accessed by hotkeys I wasn't even aware were on the keyboard :D

@Kevin - Thank you ;) And I look forward to the rise of our cyborgian Overlords ;)

@hagelanders - You know what's funny? They probably said the same thing about our generation ;)

@Lunaroki - For some reason every time I think of the word up-bringin', I'm also picturing someone waving a slipper....

@ranger_brian_new - Yep, our cat plays our piano and the electronic keyboard as well :)

@snoog - Sounds like you're in for a great Christmas :) I'm glad to see that people are wondering about Beth's relationship to R.Z. and why it's a sore point with her...

@MatthewJA - Haha :) Font as proof, I like it :D Even if he becomes a Three though, I might let him keep it, just because I like him talking with the most Zombie-ish voice of the main cast :D He seems the type who would still choose to talk like that :D

@Skrael - I understand <3
Remus (Guest) edit delete reply
Ha! it's true! kids today are more techno advanced than their parents, But at least I was raised by to be a hard working (mostly)and responsible (for the most part) person by both of my old school parents.
sssgreen77 (Guest) edit delete reply
see, I think RZ was her kid, but she ate his brain and didn't realize it until afterward. Now she takes care of him because she realizes what she did to her own kid. Would family ties really be considered in the Enlightenment?
Also, I thought "discipline" I play WoW, I see how little goes into some kids today. every. single. day. No respect!
sssgreen77 (Guest) edit delete reply
also, happy whatever you celebrate! Also, yay it is going to be the new year!
Magravan edit delete reply
@Remus - I think I'm still more technologically advanced than my kids :D

I've got some pretty hard working and responsible parents too, so that's always nice :)

@sssgreen77 - Is it wrong to enjoy the theorizing on my storyline? I love it :D

And I think that WoW brings out some of the worst in a lot of people... ;)

As for the new year, it's basically just an opportunity to screw up paperwork by doing January 1st, 2010... DAMNIT! I just got used to writing 2010! Really, I think I need to move to Pluto or something. That way, at least I can enjoy some time with the right date ;)
MatthewJA edit delete reply
The only reason that you have any subs anymore after that catastrophe with the four pixels thing is....
Well, I think you know.
Skrael (I'm the artist)
Is the answer BOOBIES?
hagelander (Guest) edit delete reply
isnt that always the awnser
MatthewJA edit delete reply
Quite possibly.
Magravan edit delete reply
She likes what she likes, what can I say? :P You haven't even begun to see what she intends to do with the characters in these 'bonus images' .....
Skrael (I'm the artist)
Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies ....
bnortondavies edit delete reply
Obviously I have seen you guys on here for a while but I put off reading you until I could start from the beginning. Well Merry Christmas me, just made the time for it and I'm so glad I did. Sorry to be late to the party on this but you guys are amazing. Great story and beautiful art, it's brilliant. My only problem now is that I have to WAIT for the next installment!
Skrael (I'm the artist)
@bnortondavies We're so glad that you are enjoying it, and that you decided to give us a chance! :)
luvlyjubblies edit delete reply
In oztralia, its about 5.30am. i have to work. First thing i do is log in and see an update. That makes he a happy christmas camper:) nice work, and merry christmas:).
luvlyjubblies edit delete reply
oh yeah, its 5.30 christmas day! go double time rates!
Magravan edit delete reply
That's great, glad you enjoyed luvlyjubblies :)
snoog (Guest) edit delete reply
Hey happy chrismas. Hope ur having fun I am. Got an I-book just putting it on my computer. By the way I'm a bit confused what does mathew JA mean sunday comics? You don't update then. I'm probaly being thick here. I'm sure it will make sense when you explain it.
Magravan edit delete reply
SundayComicsBB is the font that 3s and 4s use in TOGM :) Whereas 1s and 2s use MouthBreatherBB :)

(You can check the Blambot link on the right, they are free to use for independent comic creators)
Violet (Guest) edit delete reply
Hmm...I hereby counterspeculate that Beth didn't eat R.Z.'s or his parents' brains, as I had it in my head that she'd enlightened Sylene and Chad and no one else. Unless /they/ were his parents...which would make a lot of the comic's relationships incredibly awkward. o_0;
Magravan edit delete reply
Yeah, that would be kind of weird for R.Z. to have a crush on his pre-enlightenment mom...
taltamir (Guest) edit delete reply
I got it! He got to eat the brains of the guy they found in the bunker, he must have gotten his memories too! that's how he knows to operate the surveillance systems
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
That...actually makes a lot of sense. :P
A bit too similar to certain vampires if they actively know everything, but if it's a subconscious knowledge, then I can buy that. :P
Magravan edit delete reply
@taltamir - :O You do see how he was slamming his hands down on the keyboard, right? Pretty sure that wasn't in the operators manual :D

@ranger_brian_new - What vampires know stuff by eating brains? Those are my kind of vampires!