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26th Dec 2010, 6:00 PM
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Choose your words carefully.
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Hey guys! I put up a short note to start with because I just finished it at upload time! I did a night shift today, and I was zoooonked. So I had a lot of trouble getting up to letter the comic and upload it :D June pretty much had to hover over me to get me to wake up... Sorry Love <3

I think this comic represents one of those times where I am doing poorly in continuity. Perhaps this one should have come before R.Z. playing on the computer, because it sort of feels awkward that they would just spontaneously have a conversation after the big "SYLENE?!" moment in the last one. But on it's own, I really liked this one. I think June's drawings were really good, and I think the writing turned out better for my changes this time :)

So did everyone have a great holiday? We did pretty good here... R.Z.'s inspiration got a slew of Star Wars stuff, Droideka, various Battle Droids, Clone troopers, R2D2 and C3P0... We also got him a shark attack thing from Animal Planet, since he seems to be on a shark kick lately :D

The other two went out today to spend the money that they asked for, since apparently they've reached the age where they are too cool to accept our efforts at deciding what's good for them, and instead want to buy things like Eninem CDs, phone cards for their friends and Halo Lego Sets... (We could have gotten the Halo Lego Set, darn it!)

Unfortunately, due to work, I missed out on turkey dinner at home, but thankfully I got to enjoy one with June's parents on Christmas Eve... I think that in the future, if I'm scheduled on Christmas and someone else is willing to work it for me, I will take it off. As much as I enjoy holiday pay, I don't enjoy missing out on these things. I'm grateful that they put off presents until I got home from work, which wasn't until the afternoon...

Anyway, hope you guys are enjoying yourselves! See you on Thursday where we'll get back to the monitors!
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
Sorry, I slept through the making author comments, oops! I was super tired!

First I was like :], then she was like :D then I was like .8, and she was like D8 ...
User comments:
CVB (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm with John.

Macey edit delete reply
Always think *before* you speak.
Magravan edit delete reply
@CVB - In being horrified at her choice of words? :)

@Macey - Every time I hear that now, I think of the webcomic "Think before you think" ;)
bbedlam edit delete reply
Well now we know how Beth got down there, and that makes some sense. Of course she had to make things all awkward with her turn of phrase... and once again she seems too intent on making her denial, so maybe something else happened that we don't actually know about.

But we still need to know what John saw on the video about Sylene! It had to be something pretty interesting because Sylene is always good for a chuckle.
MatthewJA edit delete reply
Well SOMETHING had to happen, or else John AND Beth wouldn't instantly flick their minds to that...
Jamming (Guest) edit delete reply
is "engage Brain before putting Mouth into gear."
Magravan edit delete reply
@bbedlam - Beth making things awkward for John? That's a new angle, we should see how that works out :P

@MatthewJA - Well, there is that ;)

@Jamming - Titles don't show up :D
3.4 (Guest) edit delete reply
Epic Lol is effect.
hagelander (Guest) edit delete reply
there is this thing comic artists are allowed to do from time to time, it's called a retcon
in a month or so, when nobody notices, you switch this comic with the previous one BAM! continuity fixed

dna from a hair, that was on the sheets and thus, not on the pillow . . .
Jrade edit delete reply
Some people have a filter between brain and mouth.

Apparently, Beth needs a new part replacement...
Magravan edit delete reply
@3.4 - Defcon Funny?

@hagelander - I was always under the impression that retcons were viewed somewhere between comic suicide and comic .. ebola... ;)

@Jrade - It sounded fairly innocuous until John had his reaction ;)
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
hehehe... i have nothing funny to say here but i love the art and facial expressions. it really steals the cake. the writing is great, but the art just makes this so much funnier. great work you two!
Zephirot93 edit delete reply
Is it just me, or Beth's boobs are purposedly drawn bigger every time?

Hff, I hadn't commented in a while, but I read every strip ;D Keep up the good work!
hagelander (Guest) edit delete reply
the trick to retconning is making sure the readers don't notice (obviously no examples here) or making a joke about it (like in 8bit)
moizmad edit delete reply
Beth's new nick-name...Busty!
greengirl77 (Guest) edit delete reply
hehe I literally laughed out loud at this. I think people down the street were awakened by my laughter.
greengirl77 (Guest) edit delete reply
I apparently have a clone. sssgreen77 O.O that or I typed an old screen name :O
Jamming (Guest) edit delete reply
I figured that out and I could not edit, so I may get close to actually signing up. One more password to record and put into the vault. (Sigh) Guess I should of figured it wouldn't be easy for me to really like another comic, all artists must suffer so I am sharing mine with you...

Jamming edit delete reply
Here is an example of my suffering for art but I am a writer not...Doh! Artist. Writers are sort of Artists, so I am sufferring for the Artist, the Writer and Myself. OW...my head hurts.

Skrael, where you just 1D8 or 2D8?
Magravan edit delete reply
@model S - That's okay, thanks for commenting anyways :D We'll take compliments as easily as we'll take funny commentary :D

@Zephirot93 - I think that sometimes they are more apparent than others, but she's always had a fair generous chest ;)

@hagelander - Oh.. Well... I've certainly made an exceptional start to that, don't you think? :)

@moizmad - Hooters McBoob :D She's always had big boobs, it's one of her core design features (and one of the perky perks of being a 4) :D

@greengirl77 - Yay! It's nice when one of the joke strips gets a good reaction :D As for your clone, we'll have it shot, no worries ;D

@Jamming - Hey cool, you signed up :D Hope you enjoy some other comics that CF has to offer as well :D

Also, neither of us has any clue what your question about d8s is about :D

Blackwolf359 (Guest) edit delete reply
Thats a bit of an a awkward situation...Probably one of the funniest ones I've seen in a while lol.
ArtistXXY edit delete reply
Why does she need DNA? For what?
Kevin edit delete reply
Congratulations on 150 comics! If you were a comic published by Marvel, this would feature a holo-foil cardstock cover, a $5.99 cover price, and be worth .99 according to Wizard Magazine as soon as it was taken from the stand.

Fortunately, TOGM is not printed by Marvel and you replace the high cover price with a great story and endearing characters for free.
Magravan edit delete reply
@Blackwolf359 - Awkward is something that John and Beth do well together... ;)

@ArtistXXY - The door opens by DNA matching.

@Kevin - Except that like 43 of them aren't actually comics :D

I think that Marvel has gotten a lot right, but they've also gotten a lot wrong... I hope to emulate their quality, and avoid their pitfalls.. eventually. ;)
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
you guys have been doing great with the comic, i'm proud to be a 4! (totally not a 4 but i can pretend...)
Albear (Guest) edit delete reply
Classic, dirty minds the both of them :D

poor John, i wouldnt like to be shouted at by Beth when she's making that face in the last panel :D
hagelander (Guest) edit delete reply
this 1 comic is better then most this stuff from marvel, they are 2 bussy with monni3z 4 my taste
(in soviet russia, my jokez still suck)
Magravan edit delete reply
@model S - That's okay, I wouldn't be a 4 either ;)

@Albear - Classic, just not classy :D

@hagelander - lol ;) Making a living doing comics does require them to consider the money side :)

hagelander (Guest) edit delete reply
there is a diffrence between "a living" and "driving around in a golden hummer"
Magravan edit delete reply
Well, there is that... ;)
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
so true hagelander. SO very true.
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
'Grats on 150 pages. (A little ways from 150 comics. :P But you'll get there, eventually.) Seems like quite the achievment to me. ;)
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
My holidays are still going 'til New Years. (For most, that'd be "Yay!"
...For me, stuck on dial-up, that's, "Come on, let it be over with, already!!!" :P)

Anyway, I sense a conspiracy: Skrael was never sick in the first place! It was just a facade, put on so she could improve her artwork! :P I mean, this has to be the best comic art-wise yet! :D
Magravan edit delete reply
I think she might have worked extra hard on this one to make up for having missed out on the previous week :D