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15th Jan 2011, 6:32 PM
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Fair Trade?
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Author Notes:
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
I don't know why I drew this, I just felt like it. :)
User comments:
Zephirot93 edit delete reply
I say he should totally go for it. I surely would :P
DSW edit delete reply
I can see TOGM fans awkwardly nodding and muttering how they would too.
-3- edit delete reply
I think she's gonna have to lose the top before it's a fair trade.

But John might not be as greedy.
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
Most people would. :P
Steve (Guest) edit delete reply
Though I could imagine John might just trade. :)
Violet Black (Guest) edit delete reply
taltamir (Guest) edit delete reply
Check the angles, he is serving her his brain :P
Magravan edit delete reply
It's a trap!
Curator (Guest) edit delete reply
ROFLMAO @Magravan,lol...
Jamming edit delete reply
What a way to go. If you are going to go at least you have some good mammories.
You might not remammber, because the storage media will be missing.
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
i know i would, as long as i could be a 3... that way i remember those awsome redhead lady lumps and .... i'm gonna stop now.