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2nd Dec 2009, 7:00 PM
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I Can't Believe It's Not Brains!!
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
If you guys saw how eagerly I await these new comics going up, you'd pity me. It's sad, really. I go to Comicfury's front page and just wait... Refresh... Damn. Refresh... Damn. Refresh... Damn. Refresh... WOOHOO!! If you have a small portion of my enthusiasm, we're doing GREAT! :D

This was actually one of the original names that I was considering for the comic, so I figured I'd work it in as a joke somehow. Played around with the punchline, didn't get it perfect, but got it 'postable'. Apologies for resorting to a lawyer joke so early on... I assure you it wont happen again for at least ... 7 comics. Minimum. I believe.

OH! If you only check back every couple of days, do yourself a favour and go back a couple strips.. We posted some bonus images, some fan art and all that good stuff in between our normal updates.. For the most part, that's the plan. Of course, having said that, I will mention that we are going to be breaking that rule soon.

June, in her infinite awesomeness, decided that the Category system was too unclear. In order to rectify this, she has decided that the pamphlet that Beth was holding will be posted in it's entirety. This will mark a break in our continuity posts probably in the next week or two. In return for not giving you the typically scheduled comic, you will receive a new "category" every day from Monday to Friday. That's 5 for the price of 2! Well... 5-ish for the price of 2... Since it isn't a full comic... Just .. you know...

Annnnyways. We're seriously considering T-shirt ideas, and have had several people mention now that either they'd like a shirt like the Bunneh one, or that we should start making shirts or something with our designs on them... So anyone with information about how to do this is welcome to reply here or with an email to Gottogm@gmail.com. We're looking for either a method to do it ourselves (while creating a quality product), or a company with a proven track record of quality. I'd rather have people in shirts that they like that we don't make a nickle of profit on than a bunch of people cursing us for crappy t-shirts, so quality > profit.

I hope that people are enjoying the ride as much as we are, and we'll see you either on Monday or whenever we have something else nifty to post... June is getting a bunch of requests for her artwork these days, or we would have made an offer of extra comics as a reward for getting to and staying about 100 on voting site... Maybe in January?
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
Hi guys!
I don't really have a lot to say. I've been drawing almost the entire past three days and I am pooped!
The flyer drawings are coming along, I should have them all done and ready for words tomorrow at some point.
What else, what else. Oh doesn't Beth look cute in a pony tail? I'm going to have fun playing with her hair!
User comments:
Monkeyman edit delete reply
Hmm...I wish the text bubbles were more obvious...I keep reading the left ones first.
But hey I've done the same a thousand times.
johlin edit delete reply
Yeah, I agree about the bubbles. But then if they were in the middle, you couldn't see RZ, huh?
Magravan edit delete reply
Priority is top > bottom, left > right.. If one is on top, read the top one first, regardless of which side it is on. If it is equal in height, read the left one first. :) Sorry for the confusion though, it's hard to place the bubbles sometimes due to the artwork ;)

I will see about fixing them and uploading something a little clearer :)
Effigy_Power edit delete reply
Nice nice...
As for T-Shirts or any merchandise, Zazzle (www.zazzle.com) seems very nice. Friends of mine had stuff made there and were very satisfied.
Magravan edit delete reply
If you think the comic is a 2, please let us know why? Was it the poor bubble placement, or just not terribly amusing? Or something else entirely?
Magravan edit delete reply
Just curious if anyone who had troubles with the original bubble placement finds this one any better?
Li'lpixie (Guest) edit delete reply
I was gonna suggest Zazzle, too. I've been a contributor there for a year or two and have bought a bunch of stuff. It's good quality and the artists get a percentage of the sales.
2gcomic edit delete reply
I read it just fine.
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
It's kinda hard to believe anyone would have ever (seriously, at least) rated your comic 2. Maybe in comparison to the later comics thanks to evolution of both art and storytelling, but only thanks to those factors as this was a 5 when it was made and the comics which are better than that are things which would be rated 6 or higher if there was anything better than five. :P