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16th Feb 2011, 7:00 PM
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To the Beth-mobile!
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
So no punchline... People have been telling me that trying to force a punchline into every (or at least most) strips sometimes ruins it. So this is me just trying without one...

I don't have much else to say except that we can't find our cat :( We're not sure if she got out (Or when she would have...), but she hasn't been seen all day :( We called the animal control and hope that the fact that she's chipped will mean that she finds her way back home... She doesn't have a collar on, but mainly because we don't let her go outside...

Right now we've got a box with a sweater and a can of catfood set up out front of our house... Hopefully it doesn't get eaten by a Raccoon or something...

(If you only check on update days, go back for a spectacular collaboration between June and Kristy from Wake the Sleepers.)
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
no kitty in the house makes me so sad:(

It also made me blatantly copy and paste in panel 3. Sorry. Play that my kitty comes home soon. She is my best friend!
User comments:
MatthewJA edit delete reply
Do tell: Why is there waste? Why is the waste there? What is it?
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
so there's no punchline, but you still ended on a strong line that leaves a lot of questions. That's just as powerful as a silly joke!

And I love John's srs bns faic in that last panel! I love how quick he went from Mr. Apathy in the door to Mr. Let's-Do-This throwing on his jacket to rescue R.Z.!
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
"Why are we going over so many bumps?!?"
...What, I have good memory? :P
moizmad edit delete reply
Hope the cat comes back.
Magravan edit delete reply
@MatthewJA - The Waste is the name that is given to the areas outside of cities that are basically untended deserts or otherwise fairly unpleasant areas to be... It's a combination of remnants of war and neglect...

@Guest - I think that his attitude is sort of the same that I figure the readers would have... R.Z. comes across as resilient with what we've seen so far... But Beth reminds him that if they are trying for brains, it doesn't matter if they aren't there to find once the head is broken open... I think that John's taken to R.Z. fairly quickly, and I think that John is going to be just as fast to go to his defense as Beth...

@ranger_brian_new - Except that one was called "He only had himself to blame" :) I was doing the Cellblock Tango theme for a few titles.. :)

@moizmad - Me too... We're going to put up signs tomorrow...
redder edit delete reply
good luck getting your cat back im sure everything will be fine :)
Metsfan edit delete reply
I like the facial expressions in this one, nice art! I agree, sometimes a punchline can get in the way of a solid story. I think it's a matter of knowing when to have that comic relief in your story. You guys are really funny though so for the love of god don't take them out completely ;)

(I hope your cat comes home!)
MasterofWeirdness edit delete reply
Nice comic! I really hope your cat comes back! I love cats...
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
i pray to the allfather for kitty's safe return.

also beth's face in panel 1 is awesome. that looks about like me when i have a freakout over something... minus all the sexy.
snoog (Guest) edit delete reply
Hi hope you find your cat soon.
I've missed this comment I've been so busy at work I haven't had time to comment in ages.
I really like the idea of the waste and it totally adds new depth to the story. Just because their dead it doesn't mean the you can't still die, it's really interesting to see the story get darker and more serious, although don't stop the jokes their funny.
Magravan edit delete reply
@redder - Thank you ;)

@Metsfan - Definitely not going to remove it entirely.. It's always intended to be the light hearted look at the zombie apocalypse ;)

@MasterofWeirdness - Thank you, so do we :)

@model S - R.Z. is one of the few things that can actually get Beth unhinged... And thank you :) We'll take whatever help we can get :D

@Snoog - Me too... It's chipped, so long as someone takes her in and calls the right authorities, it should be fine...

The reason the Waste exists is because the population is much smaller than it is currently, so I wanted to show that some areas had fallen into disrepair.

The last scene, a Two with a Stop sign in place of a hand but still relatively happy shows a sort of buffer. You'd expect her to have her hand replaced in the city, and you'd expect her to be less friendly in the Waste...
adamisgr8 edit delete reply
With my cat I called for her for 10 minutes until she finally meowed...

Everyone was probably filming me walking around my garden XD

Either way, your cat will come back, we have faith!
Magravan edit delete reply
Our place doesn't really have a lot of places that she could be outside... And we checked all of them....
bbedlam edit delete reply
Aww, I really hope the cat turns up. We had a day when we couldn't find ours but it turned out he'd accidentally shut himself in one of the bathroom cabinets and made himself at home on the towels. Hopefully you'll have equal luck... I know how terrible it is when pets go missing.

As for the comic: I like it. It's true that you don't need a punchline every time. Drama and comedy tend to work as a good balance for one another. However: when we first saw John discover the hidden lab, it appeared to be pretty close to Beth's house (or I misread it that way)... but apparently that area must be pretty close to the wastes if RZ was able to wander there so quickly. Which begs the question: if they're that close to a dangerous area, why is Beth living there in the first place?
Magravan edit delete reply
I'm going to look through the whole house, but I am kind of shocked at the idea that our cat would have been able to not call out when we went around shaking the treat bag... She's pretty anxious for it most times....

As for the bunker, it is close to Beth's house, and the Waste is far away... The fact that there is still a happy Two should show that it's not as deep in the waste as they have been suggesting would be the case about R.Z...

Beth doesn't actually live that close to the waste either, I think that we're going to say that the timeline is being slightly skewed due to the fact that I'm showing some things out of turn :)
Chis (Guest) edit delete reply
Wow! I love her hair. Really beautiful. :o)
Magravan edit delete reply
Thanks :) Is that compared to before, or just in general?
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
i'm still trying to figure out if doing beth would zombify john, and by extention any other human. >.>

i mean what?
Magravan edit delete reply
Without serious precautions, yes :)
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
hmmh. this poses a problem to my fantsies involving her.... i mean umh HEY LOOK A DISTRACTION!! -points- ...-stands there- huh.... umh... i got distracted too...
Magravan edit delete reply
Just need one of those biohazard suits ;)
D_Man (Guest) edit delete reply
I hope you find your cat *crosses fingers* (I know what that worry is like).
I don't know if it's just me, but does Jhon's sudden impulse to help seem more like he's trying to impress Beth than anything else.
Kevin edit delete reply
I didn't even notice the copying in panel 3 until I read your author's note. There's no shame in it. I've done it myself on occasion.

Hope you find your kitty soon!
Jamming (Guest) edit delete reply
Depending upon the area you are in the range runs between 45% to 75% that a missing cat finds a new home. It will seek out another human group because it identifies humans as food bringers (servants). However, make sure you visit the animal shelters in your area, both publicly supported like animal control shelters and then like humane society shelters. Also you should at least call any other cat rescue groups and leave them a picture if you have a good one at each place. Other places are veterinarians and then the last place is whoever is the trash service in your area. The last is because they see animals waiting for the trash cans to be opened and also the trashmen ride through your neighborhoods and see a lot of things.

Remember indoor only cats have a much better lifetime with less chances at disease and other serious issues (like zombie attack).

Hopes this helps.
Magravan edit delete reply
@D_Man - John's already pretty protective of R.Z. I think...

@Kevin - Thanks ;)

Oh, I meant to put up your guest comic, but it obviously wouldn't fit our site... So I'm going to have to get June to chop it up first and make it a vertical design :D

@Jamming - She is an indoor only cat... which is why she doesn't have her collar on..
Brain eater (Guest) edit delete reply
Ha, remembered when John was in the back of the truck and Beth was going around the same block over and over
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
hey just a thought, why don't you post up the SZC test at some point and we can see what we all register as. that might be fun.