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16th Mar 2011, 6:00 PM
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Selective Memory
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Update for you! I hope you're having a great week...

I think that we're definitely seeing some improvement on the art lately, and this highlights it, I think. I was very impressed with the little changes that the characters went through recently...

Giving an amnesiac the keys to your car might not have been the best idea, but you have to admit, John certainly doesn't behave like one typically... So John thinks he might have already been there... Flash of memory of convenient excuse?

And most importantly, can he actually drive? Tune in next time! Same TOGM Website, Same TOGM time... That came out way less impressive than I had hoped for.

Ahhhh well, have a great weekend everyone :D
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
I'd like to say that Beth's butt in panel 1 was a fan service, but in all honesty, it was a me service.

I may have drawn Beth a little too boobalicious on this one.. Her chest is supposed to be squeezed up by the bottom of the car window frame there .. so it's hard to tell. either way, nice cleavage is nice to look at.

I don't have much to say except that I get an ergonomic arm for the cintiq this week, and it's awesome! Also, I got all of my school work done except for one assignment. After that, two exams, and then I get to apply to graduate! how exciting!

Also, Thanks Love for the compliments on the art work <3 <3 <3 <3
User comments:
DSW edit delete reply
Skrael loves butts and boobs :D
Kevin edit delete reply
You really could have stopped after panel 1, yet you gave us an entire comic in addition. Fan service with a smile.
MatthewJA edit delete reply
*clicks on TOGM*
"Oh. Well, Skrael seems happy today."
bbedlam edit delete reply
Yep, definitely a good page for fans of Beth... really showing off her assets so to speak. And yeah,giving John the keys to the car may not be a great idea, but much like Beth, I find it easy to forget about his amnesia. Nice to see it brought up as a mention again.
Fragmented edit delete reply
I'm agreeing with Kevin here.

I was going to comment on her bust size, but you covered it, so I'm a happy banana. Good work you two, I love it!
Jrade edit delete reply
...I was going to comment on John's strong jawline in the third panel...

...but that's would seem out of place, now...

Francisco (Guest) edit delete reply
Well, research has shown that you have multiple memories for different things. For example, you have learned memory, short-term memory, long-term memory, etc. If you take a person with amnesia in their short-term memory (so they can't remember anything since they became an amnesiac), you can teach them a new skill because that goes into learned memory. However, the person doesn't remember learning it.
bnortondavies edit delete reply
This is brilliant work!
ScottanimoBay edit delete reply
i always wondered if amnesia effected your memory of actions.
Barra (Guest) edit delete reply
Dat ass.
Jamming edit delete reply
What was I going to say? Amnesia?

If you adjust down Beth's Boobs isn't
that Mammary Loss?
Onecanofsprite edit delete reply
There's two symptoms of amnesia.

1) Forgetting everything.

And I've forgotten the other.
the_brigand (Guest) edit delete reply
Her butt SHOULD have a fansite.

Heh, Beth having a Sylene moment.
fahrquad (Guest) edit delete reply
Never thought I would find a zombie HAWT.
moizmad edit delete reply
I think Beth is being showcased for the contests 4th round, and I think she just won!
DensetsuEX edit delete reply
I hope he did forget how to drive.
It'd be awesome.
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
-drools at beth- mmmmh delicious beth. i think this comic is mostly model S service. everyone knows i like them redheads. also almost done with my TOGM 34. i decided due to popular demand to redraw it and add sylene groping and unexpecting beth! (sadly sylene has pants on.)
redder edit delete reply
... if i was 2D and drawn i would so...cough ahhem..
awsome artwork in every panel :)
i was just batching an old batman for the first time the other day or i wouldnt have gotten thet "same TOGM website same TOGM time" thing :p
J2383 edit delete reply
I don't think there is such a thing as too boobalicious(within reason). Additionally, I don't care is the booty-shot was a Skrael service, the fandom was serviced as well.

Or something like that. What I'm trying to say here is that I rather enjoyed the TnA today.
Magravan edit delete reply
@DSW - She certainly does :D Not her favourite parts, but she certainly does enjoy :D

@Kevin - Hahaha :) Yeah, it helps when the artist enjoys drawing it ;)

@MatthewJA - Definitely :D

@bbedlam - Yeah, I am trying to throw that in a bit so people don't forget it... I'm glad you caught it :D

@Fragmented - Yeah, I'm happy with it :D

@Jrade - The things you notice.. :D

@Francisco - Yes indeed. I took some Psychology, so it is the reason why I was comfortable with making a character who was lacking only a very specific portion of his memory.

@bnortondavies - Glad you enjoyed it :)

@ScottanimoBay - I think it is a very loose term for a varied effect... I think that there are some people who lose long term but short term is okay, and some people who lose short term, but long term is okay...

@Barra - Meme time!

@Jamming - I'm sure it'll happen from time to time :)

@Onecanofsprite - That's great haha :D

@the_brigand - We'd need a club president, I think :D

@fahrquad - That's why people have accused of us being Twilight for Zombies.. :P

@moizmad - Hahaha! That's the trick, put the fan service as part of the update so that I can get around June not having time for extra drawing right now... :D Nah, she just wanted to draw sexy Beth with the Cintiq :D

@DensetsuEX - I'll save you R.Z. don't worry! Oh.. crap, which is the brakes again? No... Nooo!! *thump thump* Beth's never going to forgive me for this! Screw it, I'm driving to Mexico!! *crashes into the building*"

@model S - Glad you enjoyed it :D

@redder - Even though you got it, it was still bad ;)

@J2383 - I think we've come to an acceptable understanding ;D

Joobaloob56 (Guest) edit delete reply
Nice ass shot.
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
Yeah, the art is awesome, continues to get better. ;)
I tend not to think of things such as amnesia. Because me being me the writer, I like to think of dozens of explanations, ties into his other half (no not that *points down* 'other half', *points at Thomas* THAT other half, thank you very much :P), things like that.
Kata edit delete reply
I find panel 1 extremely fascinating :D
redder edit delete reply
yeh it was....:p
Magravan edit delete reply
@Joobaloob56 - I thought it was really well drawn ;D Beth gives a good subject, I guess :D

@ranger_brian_new - I do think the art is improving, definitely. As for the amnesia... Well, it is what it is :D

@Kata - It's... kind of ... hypnotic... :D

@redder - Sorry... did you... say something? ;)
tristan Darkthunder (Guest) edit delete reply
John should take advantage of all her advances, more than likely she is doing this on purpose.

"nail her dude"
Magravan edit delete reply
There are complications... Namely that she's a zombie :D
redder edit delete reply
ywh im sure necrophelia is still ilegal.... or somethin like that......it is one sexy dead ass though :P
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
@kata, The description is in the word. Fa-ass-inating and Fant-ass-tic(t). Don't forget that Beth knows that he is not a zombie. She found out when he was dumped out at the repair clinic. I think the comment was something along the lines of 'You're so warm' She must be feeling something though because of how uncomfortable both of them got about her using the DNA from her sheets to get into the bunker. Living people are always sloughing off dead skin cells which contain DNA.

More interesting to me is the map comment. That means at some point he saw a map. where things including helping hands were called out specifically. As far as I know, other spacial-ly aware people don't think in a 2d map form, as if from above. For myself and the other person I talked to it was more like points in a multi-dimensional elastic mesh that are interconnected. The distance between points isn't particular just their relationship.
idd (Guest) edit delete reply
Odd I thought I picked idd for a name above. I imagine that zombie love has the same complications that vampire love does.
Magravan edit delete reply
@redder - Well, it's not that so much as it is if there is something in the zombies that is contagious, sex would definitely present a problem...

@Guest - I agree, that is certainly how most people would picture it... John certainly is strange sometimes :)

@idd - Not really.. Vampire love's complications are what? You might get turned into a vampire if they want you to become one? If you DO get turned into a vampire, generally speaking you retain the same level of attractiveness, intelligence and otherwise...

John being turned into a zombie probably wouldn't be a choice that either of them get to make, it's just something that could accidentally happen... If John got turned into a zombie, he'd become a One. And since there aren't enough people to get him to even a Three anymore, he'd probably lose a large portion of his personality as well as be unable to do a lot of the things that he can do naturally...

With aspects of humanity being looked at with such a degree of appreciation, John has a lot going for him. He's basically more human than any of them will ever pull off (obviously), which gives him a value that he would lose the moment he became a One..

So... Vampire love, while questionable, perhaps, lacks a number of the problems that this particular relationship involves ;)
redder edit delete reply
@magravan: i say hooray for condoms...:)....
Skrael (I'm the artist)
I doubt that condoms exist any more ... and the ones that used to have expired. Why would a zombie manufacture a condom?
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Dammit once again i have an answer and im proved wrong lol ......it happens alot
Magravan edit delete reply
Would you do it with someone you knew had AIDS so long as you had a condom on?

That's an awful lot riding on it ;)
redder edit delete reply
the guest was me on ma phone btw
also a good point there .....maybe il be quiet :S
Lessum (Guest) edit delete reply
Beth's ass looks great...and John looks hot in panel 3...just sayin...