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28th Apr 2011, 12:00 AM
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Credits well spent!
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
And we start Book 3, with a little bit of a reaction to the situation... Obviously Phantom is kind of distraught about the idea of having left the responsibility of the well being of his 'symbol' in the hands of some Twos...

Oh, I lowered the text size on this page, and unless a significant amount of the audience is seriously concerned about it, I think I will leave it like that... The bigger text often required awkward placement and things in order to accomodate the text being as large as it was...

Go back 1 for the Book 3 Title Page(WIP)

Anyway, just keeping it short this time, since Monday's was so long... Have a great weekend :D
User comments:
greengirl77 (Guest) edit delete reply
I r still ;( Poor Thomas/John-one

so it was the Phantom's men who dropped off Thomas in the middle of nowhere, but it still is unclear why his memory was shot...soooo guess next week's will explain more?
bbedlam edit delete reply
Well this certainly didn't go as Phantom intended. I believe in the words of the great philosopher: "D'oh!"

By the way, really nice work on the art. I think this is one of the best pages you've done... very effective storytelling.
Magravan edit delete reply
@greengirl77 - Yes and no... You probably wont have the answer to "Why did John have no memory" served up on a silver platter for a long while to come... You might guess it well before that point due to other clues, but that particular mystery still has some time before it is made completely clear.

And there will be more explanation about the situation, but not necessarily what you're wanting on Monday... Depending on how 152 goes, I may throw in a hint to why everything is not as it appears in 153 :)

@bbedlam - Ahhhhh no, not so much. He planned to basically get Thomas out of the lab and back to his base, set him up as a symbol and use him to rally people against Robert and then overthrow Robert's rule... So yeah, I'd say definitely not according to plan :)
Fortunado1972 (Guest) edit delete reply
Poor Sylene she really would have helped him huh?
I'll admit I had a few minutes of "NNNNOOOoo" when I saw Thomas/John get eaten but after a few hours of thought and re-reading the archives; I realized it was the natural result for him. He was unarmed, in a area that had "starved" ones. I read in some of the earlier comments that they felt the Zombie in the sand to be a deus ex machina, but it would have been unrealistic to think John could have survived an attack of that nature. I still "love" this comic and view it as one of the better written and drawn strips out today. That being said PLEASE don't kill off any other characters I like (Beth, Sylene, R.Z. feel free to kill off Chad.. ) :)
In shorter terms guys Keep up the great work.
MatthewJA (Guest) edit delete reply
Comic number 99999, congrats ;D
Kevin edit delete reply
I've been really busy and haven't been commenting lately, but I still check at every update, and I love the recent plot twist. The writing and art have both been nailing it and I now look forward to TOGM updates more than many of my old mainstay webcomics that I've been reading for 11 years.
Frosty edit delete reply
Awww Dx
Barrahir edit delete reply
At least John seems... happy...
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I hope Beth can clean him up .w.'
Ghost (Guest) edit delete reply
Anyone else notice his head has healed?
Metsfan edit delete reply
I'm very scared and frightened for John guys :(
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
@ghost i said it on the comic where his head actually healed that his head had healed.
Kristy edit delete reply
Haha, that last panel~. Well, I guess there's a perk to a zombie-John... <~<

The art is getting more and more spectacular with every page. *o* Maybe we could do another collab sometime?
Kyo edit delete reply
dun dun dunnnn?
T. Gatto (Guest) edit delete reply
Been reading for about 4 or 5 months, and voting for you almost daily. Love it!
The story keeps getting better.

Do they have TOGM cookbooks (after all even SPAM gets cookbooks)? If so I think you should post a few recipes.

I also think you need some kind of do it yourself TOGM label (for over a can) so that I can print it out and put it over all the food in my cupboard to annoy my lovely wife. If I make one will you post it? Thanks!
Magravan edit delete reply
@Fortunado1972 - Well... That's what she says NOW... Not so sure if she'd found John and realized that he was a human that our story would have turned out the way that it did ;)

@MatthewJA - No idea what you're talking about, but thank you?

@Kevin - Wow, thank you very much... That means a lot to us :)

@Ice the frosty cat - Even in the midst of this storyline, June still manages to find the love :D

@Barrahir - Happiness is relative :)

@Guest - Beth could certain clean him up :)

@Ghost - His head has definitely healed. I think June showed it from that angle to make it clear that it had healed up...

@Metsfan - John'll be juuuust fine, don't worry :)

@model S - Yep :D

@Kristy - A zombie John would definitely find some advantages to the condition... Shame he couldn't really appreciate it ;D

I would love to see another Collab with you that we could post on our wall :D

@Kyo - Uhm... I think we ran out of Dun dun dunnnnn after 150.. Now it's just dun...

@T. Gatto - Wow! Thank you very much for the votes. I'm still hoping that we can get it into the top 100 someday :)

As for cookbooks, I'd say probably, but they wouldn't share it... The ability to make TOGM look and taste like anything other than standard TOGM is something that's worth something in this society...

And we would ABSOLUTELY post a TOGM label for a can if you made one.. (Provided it was Safe for Work, obviously) Now that you mention it, if we can find a template, June might be willing to make one too :)
Kyo edit delete reply
Yeah, but to be fair, I only read that just then. Incidentally, YOU BASTARD

vwyler edit delete reply
The ol' tear-licker. ;)
SirWishbone edit delete reply
... the zombie that ate his brain? Maybe there's a new intelligent zombie running around.
Digby (Guest) edit delete reply
One must remember, Zombies dont regenerate or heal like humans.

They break a leg, they get a new one.

Heads, i imagine do not miraculously heal in a few seconds either, even the one that attacked him had holes in his cheek.. So i expect a little something more here, but lets hope atleast.
Ghost (Guest) edit delete reply
This story twist has taken my totally by surprise, but I like it. To much other fiction goes by the "we can't kill any main characters rule, no matter what Nuke goes off they somehow survive by hiding in a bin made of lead and YouWillsurvivetanium" and I love it. That said what the heck happened to John's eye contacts:S (yeah I'm nitpicking >_>)
Richter (Guest) edit delete reply
To be honest, when I first read the comic with John getting eaten I was very skeptical. However after complaining for a day, I figured what you've done does break away from Mary Sue, and this is definately better than a hero bursting in with guns blazing. Keep up the good work, can't wait for the next one.
Also, tearducts are overrated.
LoneWolf3574 (Guest) edit delete reply
I've got a sneaky suspicion that all is not as it initially appears. It's based on what I read and saw on the first few pages is all I'm going to say right now, but we'll see if I'm right or wrong a bit later.
Thisguy (Guest) edit delete reply
I am going to enjoy seeing what happens next, exploring the and finding out the mysteries. This unforseen direction will certainly give us a good story, which, is quite good, btw. I can see that zombie John the One, will probably be the source of some humor in the future.

BTW, while I find this funny, i'm not sure I get it, is he annoyed that John is ONLY a human, and he wasted men on getting him (infering that humans are little better than livestock) or that the irony of sending twos to get him might have caused them to eat him. Kin
T. Gatto (Guest) edit delete reply

I sent you a few prototype TOGM can labels and a TOGM paper bag. Hope you like them.
Kyo edit delete reply
I don't think calling John a mary-sue makes much sense to begin with. He was the focus of the story, certainly, but I mean every step along the way it became clear that he wasn't this magic prodogy who has all the answers. Maybe he used to be the magic prodogy who had all the answers, but even so that's just a plot device.
Magravan edit delete reply
@Kyo - I most certainly did not kill Johnmas. That's not even a character in this story. And it's crazy. CRAZY!

@vwyler - If I could get away with it, I'd lick her cheek too :D Tears are just an excuse :D

@SirWishbone - There is a new slightly more intelligent zombie wandering around, he's just not in this strip :)

@Digby - That is the standard after they've been zombies for a while, but this is the first person we've actually seen go through the Enlightenment process... Things happen during the process that are atypical during general zombie life ;)

@Ghost - I love the fact that you noticed the lack of contacts. Well done :D Can you say "HINT!"?

@Richter - I don't see him as a Mary Sue, personally. I mean, he hasn't really won every confrontation he's been in... He did beat that One in the warehouse, but he got his butt handed to him by Chad...

A Mary Sue tends to get their way all the time, and achieve their goals through various powers that you may or may not know that they have. If anyone disagrees with them, the Mary Sue character vanquishes them to show that they were right all the time...

Taking the death out of the picture, I still don't see John as a Mary Sue character.

@LoneWolf3574 - I'm curious to know what you think is the case :D

@Thisguy - He's basically realizing that this entire operation has been one colossal screw up.. From sending a Two (which would be more likely to eat a human regardless of his political significance) to the fact that he's been basically dancing to the tune of someone who is not what he expected.

@T. Gatto - I'll have to go check to see where you sent it :D

@Kyo - I agree... He's got certain advantages, but it doesn't make him win all the time... He doesn't like Chad, but that didn't stop Chad from kicking his butt.

Really, he hasn't really used his advantages all that advantageously either ;)
jordanch68 edit delete reply
Nice to know Sylene's true feelings about John. Too bad he'll never realize it...the others in his life will feel the loss but not him, that makes it worse. lol :) At least he got to lick Sylene, she's one up on Beth now. :)

The Phantom should've had a better plan though. But what was John doing in Robert's lab?

And what's up with R.Z. and Beth??? :)
Magravan edit delete reply
The question about Robert's Lab and Beth should be answered in the next comic :)
LoneWolf3574 edit delete reply
@Magravan - If you insist, I got the distinct impression that when John/Thomas was dumped, it wasn't the first time this occurred. I further got the idea that the John/Thomas wasn't the original when he found the bunker with Beth and they discovered the corpse where they found the real brains and gave them to RZ to eat. I just haven't determined if John/Thomas is a clone or something else, but the clone angle makes sense since he can't seem to remember anything from before he was dumped near Beth's clinic AND his DNA (via blood) opened the hatch to the hidden bunker. Who knows how many times this has occurred since it was implied previously (by our beloved Five) that this had happened a few times before.

Of course this is all just speculation at this point, but I can't wait to see what happens later on with Sylene and the Phantom at the nearby buildings we saw John heading toward earlier.
Magravan edit delete reply
When was that implied? I'll have to go back and read it to see why you're reading it that way...
T. Gatto (Guest) edit delete reply
I sent a more finished set of labels to gottogm@gmail.com

I sent an earlier draft to, it just needed re-sized for a standard can
Magravan edit delete reply
Ha :) I just replied to this email :D I intend to post these on the site soon for other people to check out ;) Labels for TOGM that you can put on a can :D
Daem (Guest) edit delete reply
Gahhhh, really want to post my theory, but it seems consistent, and if I've figured out where you're going with this, I don't want to ruin the story for everyone else...
Dr. Holmes (Guest) edit delete reply
DEFINITELY getting my Sherlock on. So many questions I want to ask\(stop reading NOW, people, just in case I ruin the story D: )...

I mean, zombies aren't supposed to heal, period, and if his skull and skin could heal up like that, almost instantly, I can only imagine his nerve cells are going to do the same, which leads me to believe that he was held in Robert's place for a reason. Would also probably explain how a lone human could survive in a zombie wasteland for so long, and why he was locked up, and, if he keeps getting killed, why his memories are shot. Only question I have is, why the regeneration? Robert's invention? Thomas or the currently dead guy's own creation? Chance mutation?

I really wanna see where you take this.
Magravan edit delete reply
@Daem - You could always send it in a PM :)

@Dr. Holmes - I guess that's the first human we've seen converted thusfar, isn't it? :)