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2nd May 2011, 12:00 AM
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Robert Rage!
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
I debated coming right out and announcing what I feel is obvious here... I think that the connection here is pretty blatant, but I guess we'll see ;)

Unfortunately, we didn't get into the top 100 for last month, so we wont be doing 3x a week this month. That being said, if we manage to make it for any portion of May, we'll do an equal portion of June as 3x a month.

I actually wasted some of my allotted upload time playing charades for the next strip for June so that she's got a clearer idea of what I have in mind... So I'm going to cut it off here so I can make sure it's uploaded on time :D

Anyway, Thursday has a REALLY big clue to what's going on, but it's not going to be completely obvious. It'll be up to you guys to see if you figure it out... I promise no red herring for that strip though :)
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
I had a hay day drawing this one. Robert is so fun. I think he looks goofy in panel 3b, but oh well. I really enjoyed panel 4B, with the soft shading and detailed irises. Oh, if I only had time to draw the entire thing like that. Maybe one day?

Also, I started a blog. It's for talking about drawing the comic stuff. I might actually use it too!

Here's a link: Skrael's Blog!

That tiny bit of green at the bottom of Robert's shirt in Panel 4 is just a mistake, it's not relevant. It's just a small area of colour that I missed filling in, and I will correct it soon!
User comments:
Lunaris_Starchilde (Guest) edit delete reply
Kristy edit delete reply
That just blew my mind.
Syaoran edit delete reply
I saw the connection, but best friend? Holy biscuit. I want more of this plot line nao. xD
bbedlam edit delete reply
Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you can't make lemonade. You make zombies instead. BUt he should be looking on the bright side.. he still has a remote-controled redhead, so there's a silver lining, right? :)
DerrickMichael5 edit delete reply
My mind has been exploding for like 2 weeks straight now!
smbhax edit delete reply
(Possibly a couple small lettering errors I noticed recently:
- First bubble on this page: "thusfar" should be "thus far"
- Second panel on the previous page: second and third bubble are connected, but shouldn't be?)
Onecanofsprite edit delete reply
vwyler edit delete reply
Take a chill pill, James Dean Castro. ;)

Beth's so heavy in front, she's leaning in that first panel, and taking Alex with her! =0
Lunaris_Starchilde (Guest) edit delete reply
I know this has nothing to do with the comic, but I thought I'd just get this out. Just heard the good news about bin laden... America! **** Yeah!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhnUgAaea4M
D_Man (Guest) edit delete reply
Booourns this s&#$y comp at work wont load the comic. Now I have to wait till I get home on wed to see it =(
snoog (Guest) edit delete reply
Yeag Lunaris I agree but they say someone else will take his plade soon.

Anyway interesting development here wonder if Robert is just his friend though? For some reason he looks like he could be John's father to me
snoog (Guest) edit delete reply
Lunaris I agree it a relief that bin laden is gone,but there will be someone among his follows waiting to take his place. Time will tell

As for the comic. Great although for some reason I'd guess Robert is a blood relative of John not just a friend they've got similar hair.
snoog (Guest) edit delete reply
I forgot I have to navigate away from this page to see my comments so I just said the same thing twice albeit slightly differntly heh my bad.
By the way I followed a link to another comic the other day but I can't find it now. boy with blue hair tiger lady any idea half life or something it was called
Krimson (Guest) edit delete reply
dident tom + bunker guy make a comment about Bob being a nutcase! i think they did :P
Skrael (I'm the artist)
Snoog: That comic was called TwoKinds. And it's a pretty awesome comic :D

Aegil the Ugly (Guest) edit delete reply
You currently have links to three ranking systems. Which one are you using as a guide for "making it into the top 100"?
Frosty edit delete reply
Butt Hunter edit delete reply
Butt Hunter
T. Gatto (Guest) edit delete reply
You mentioned in your about section that you had 3 possible endings in mind, depending on how long the strip lasts.

Can you give us any insite as to how far along we are at this point?

Also, when the strip does come to close, will you give us any insite into how it might have ended if you chose another time point to finish?

Or you could just keep it going forever' I'll stick with you!
Kyo edit delete reply
Magravan edit delete reply
@Lunaris_Starchilde - We'll have the Ones along to collect it up shortly ;)

@Kristy - I just hope that if people go back and look, they see some foreshadowing there ;) I didn't pull this portion of the script out of my backside, it's all been planned for a while :)

@Syaoran - Well, we're going to see what R.Z.'s doing soon, but we're pretty much down to three primary plotlines at the moment, so we'll get back to it eventually.. I'm guessing I'm going to slow down the pace eventually though, so we'll see a couple pages in one plotline before moving to the next soon ;)

@bbedlam - I believe that Cave Johnson has the appropriate response for life's lemons ;)

@DerrickMicheal5 - That's the interactive part of the comic... We explode the minds, then the Ones come and get some of it, and then they can rise up!

@smbhax - You're right about the second and third bubbles in the last one... I didn't know about Thus far.. I thought that it worked as one word... Thanks for letting me know!

@Onecanofsprite - I DON'T KNOW?

@vwyler - Now if anyone ever decides to look for James Dean Castro, we're going to have the top result on Google :D

@Lunaris_Starchilde - One of my friends posted "And you want to go up against Obama in the 2012 election? Good luck with that" ;)

I am glad for people who are getting some relief from it, but I agree with a later poster who says that someone else will take his place...

@D_Man - That's not good! What's wrong with that computer that it wont load the comic?

@Snoog - I can safely say that Robert is not a blood relative... However, we have seen foreshadowing that they knew each other in the past earlier in the comic.

@Krimson - Haha :D Yessir, they certainly did :D Time changes opinions though ;)

@Aegil the Ugly - Hmmm.. That's a valid point.. The Top Webcomics one.. I've been trying to get June to make a picture for the vote link to make it clearer.

@Ice the frosty cat - Is that a Canadian joke? :P

@Jacob Gristwood - That... looks creepy for some reason...

@T. Gatto - I'm going to hold off on telling any of the endings, because I can still use portions of the first ending, and we're not as far into the story as I'd like in order to use the second ending and feel satisfied with it.

As for how far we are, I feel like we're just getting started in some respects... I mean, we've still got characters that we haven't even had a chance to get to, and a bunch of characters that need some more time to grow...

Beyond that, we've got several overarching themes for books that we've barely touched on, so the overall framework still has considerable room for expansion...

And once I feel that I've told all the stories that this region has to tell, I can open up another part of the world...

So in that respect, if nothing else gets in the way of it, I could see this comic going above 1000 strips... In that respect, I feel like we're just starting ;)

But honestly, at this point, we're doing fine... So far as I know, neither of us are particularly desperate to stop making the comic (or she's hiding it pretty well).

@Kyo - lol... I think that's been your comment for the past 3 strips :P
Aegil the Ugly (Guest) edit delete reply
I guess I have appreciate your willingness to to introduce such a dramatic twist in the story line. Very few authors are willing to take this kind of risk today. They would prefer to to just regurgitate their version of the same thing everybody else is doing. I stand humbled.
Magravan edit delete reply
I think that when people figure it out, it's going to be a let down now :)
DreamSanguine edit delete reply
I wish could you update everydaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
jordanch68 edit delete reply
*insert dramatic chipmunk here*

Kyo edit delete reply
oh wait I get it now, Rob's gonna make him all better
Magravan edit delete reply
@DreamSanguine - I don't think we're going to go much more than 3 times a week unless we can find a way for June to make money on it. The comic will never be my full time job, but for June to commit to more than 3 days a week, we'd basically have to write off her ability to get any sort of job...

Obviously that's not something we can do until we win the lottery :)

@Jordanch68 - Simon seemed like the most dramatic chipmunk to me ;)

@Kyo - I think Robert's going to be preoccupied for a while...
greengirl77 (Guest) edit delete reply
emo zombie?
Xenrin edit delete reply
Or, was that the plot? Nevermind.

Eh, what's this? #99 on TWC? When did that happen...
Magravan edit delete reply
@greengirl77 - Robert?

@MarshmallowGherkin - :O Wow... If that keeps up, we're going to be busier next month... if you hadn't pointed it out though, I doubt I would have noticed.. :)
LoneWolf3574 edit delete reply
Well that completely blew my mind (pun intended) AND my theory out of the water. That's very M. Night Shyamalan twisty, love it.

BTW, the way I understood Robert in an earlier strip was that every time Thomas was cloned, each one managed to escape or be faulty in some manner thus thwarting him at every turn. So he clenched his fist and teeth appearing to curse Thomas. Obviously I was wrong in this assumption, :D.
greengirl77 (Guest) edit delete reply
@magravan--yep. The way I see it, the end of humanity is the beginning of emo zombies. :O dun dun dun! I probably have no idea what I am talking about.
D_Man (Guest) edit delete reply
Finally got to my comp at home and read this. Don't know what was wrong with the comp at work but probably due to it being out of date and in desperate need of updates that my company wont allow us to do.

Anyways who keeps their best friend locked up in a lab? Or a better question did John ask to be locked up?
Magravan edit delete reply
@LoneWolf3574 - I'm still curious which strip gave you that idea... I know that Robert was pissed off that Thomas had escaped, and was causing troubles... I don't know what gave you the idea of clones having escaped multiple times ;)

@greengirl77 - The guy just found out that his best friend was killed, and it was because these people hid him away... Robert wanted him back, doesn't mean that it wasn't for Thomas' own protection... :D

@D_Man - Ahhhh, I hate that ... My boss wont let me use Firefox at work (He had a bad experience with it once, I guess) and I'm stuck using IE.. I mean, I'm glad to have access to the internet from work, but it still makes me feel kind of dirty to use it.. At home, the only thing I use IE for are sites that refuse to allow Firefox to load it properly or for that brief period on a fresh install before I've finished downloading Firefox :)

And I guess we'll have to find out what kind of person keeps their best friend in a lab.. That sounds like a worthy point of interest ;D
jordanch68 edit delete reply
@Magravan - More dramatic than a chipmunk? That's impossible. :)

I think John's pet status will be unchanged for awhile. :) And Beth is really gonna be pissed when she finds out...now that would be more dramatic than a chipmunk! ;)
jordanch68 edit delete reply
I think guests need to sign up! :)

BTW I gave the site a shout out on my Facebook. :)
Magravan edit delete reply
Thank you for the shout out! :D All the voting and the readers who tell their friends help us to build our audience, which we really appreciate :D

As for John's status, I think it'll be updated soon ;)
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
i... i... -head explodes in a firey deathsplosion, killing all the ones around me-
Magravan edit delete reply
They were weak, things are better off without those Ones ;P

The rest of them will benefit though.. *adds another tick to the brain explosion column*
MatthewJA edit delete reply
...I don't follow :P
D_Man edit delete reply
I think Robert will now be trying to find a way (maybe with the help of Beth) to fix John or at the least make him a 4.
drivinallnight edit delete reply
Robert thinks his best friend was intent on destroying him?? And how does he know he is dead?? Or is this not about John/Thomas??
MatthewJA edit delete reply
He knows he's dead because he's the five.
Any more brains and he could interpret the universe. :P
Magravan edit delete reply
@MatthewJA - Not surprised... :P

@D_Man - Who knows what they'll get up to :D

@drivinallnight - Robert feels the increase, as minute as it would be to him compared to the vast number of zombies under him... But he knows that he is briefly one step closer to becoming a Six...

And since it could only be one person who got their brain eaten...

@MatthewJA - Indeed!
DreamSanguine edit delete reply
@Mag: I'll be praying that you do. :]
Magravan edit delete reply
I suppose that requires that we start playing the lottery... ;)
Beta Maxis (Guest) edit delete reply
Every time I comment "Holy s**t" on something, soon after I find I should have saved it for a b=BIGGER shock. Sooooo, 'Holy effin s**t?'