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5th May 2011, 12:00 AM
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Super Powered Standoff
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Well that certainly was unexpected.. Interesting car, wouldn't you say?
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)

User comments:
Syaoran edit delete reply
What is this I don't even! Your plot twists, they blow my mind. I approve, I like unpredictability in my reading material.
Kristy edit delete reply
Haha, yes. Yes you do, R.Z. :D
greengirl77 (Guest) edit delete reply
Hungry zombies attack other zombies? I <3 RZ by the way.
D_Man edit delete reply
moizmad edit delete reply
That is a new font there I'm thinking?
Onecanofsprite edit delete reply
MatthewJA edit delete reply
vwyler edit delete reply
I wonder if any zombie got the license number of that car. ;)
Jrade edit delete reply
Hmm. I am, uh...


This is awesome. I apparently enjoy being confused.

Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Kyo edit delete reply
dun dun dunnnnn
Zomburai edit delete reply
I have to give that car credit... it really handles well in sand!

That last panel is priceless.
Zomburai edit delete reply
double post... somehow?
Thisguy (Guest) edit delete reply
"I like trains"

Seemingly pointless to the plot, but amusing, lol
the_brigand (Guest) edit delete reply
soooo, um, how many Zombies does Thomas have to kill before Robert drops down to a 4?
Ghost (Guest) edit delete reply
*ponders* Wasn't that Beth's car.....
T. Gatto (Guest) edit delete reply
What a coincidence, my 5-year-old has super powers too!
At least he tells me that he does. ;)
the_brigand (Guest) edit delete reply
one of my favorite superhero movies 'mystery men' had a classic superhero Invisible-Boy, who could only turn invisible if he was naked and nobody else was watching. :)
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Blue shirt versus gray shirt!
Magravan edit delete reply
@Syaoran - Well, I'm going to be dialing back the unpredictability now, I think.. These were events that will make more sense with more context, but they made for a few unexpected punches :D

@Kristy - I don't think that he's got the super power that he thinks that he does ;)

@greengirl77 - Yep. In one of the cases of "Our Zombies Are Different", when hungry enough, they are prone to attacking anyone and anything... An example of this would be a One attacking Beth's car in a previous comic.. She wasn't going for the human inside the car, she was actually going for the car.

Needless to say, it didn't go well for her ;) And I love him too ;) I'll always have a soft spot for him, I think...

@D_Man - No! I refuse!

@moizmad - Nope, this is the same font that 1s and 2s have used since the outset of the comic. If you find an instance where that is not the case, it means I screwed up :)

@Onecanofsprite - Zooooombies! I was tempted to add *thump thump* after the Vroooom :)

@MatthewJA - Not flawless, no ;)

@vwyler - I know of at least one zombie who knows the license plate :D

@Jrade - I think that the pieces are there to figure it out, but I can see why people haven't yet ;)

@Guest - Uhhhh... What? :)

@Kyo - You're cut off. No more letter Ns for you.

@Zomburai - Pfft, that's what you think! He was aiming for the wall!

Double Post Maaaagic.

@Thisguy - Your comment? I agree :) This strip? You couldn't be more wrong ;) This strip is so relevant to the plot in ways that you may not realize, but are certainly there to see if you are keeping track... ;)

@the_brigand - A lot. Robert is VERY far into Fivehood. If you started taking out the 3s and 4s, it might go a little faster, but it would still take quite a few zombies before he'd become a 4.

@Ghost - It sure looks familiar, but that would mean...

@T. Gatto - Mine too.. And the Force... And mind control... and Magic... and so on... :D

@the_brigand - I was literally shocked to find out that it was a genuine power :)

@Guest - Nooo my ruse is unraveling! :P
Spinnerlink edit delete reply
It must be a ZOMBIE car! John acidently killed it before!
jordanch68 edit delete reply
If some Ones need getting run over...who ya gonna call? Sylene! ;) Helping out her boyfriend I see :) tehehe :) I wonder is John back in the trunk though or is the trunk reserved for naughty humans? :)
T. Gatto (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm guessing John/Thomas (or whatever his name really is) is a clone.
He's alive and well, but more than 1 of him escaped.
He is also, also somehow, connected to the TOGM ingredients I think.
Kyo edit delete reply
But mooom. Come o

that is so ufair
Not T. Gatto (I promise) (Guest) edit delete reply
I'll say it for Kyo

"dun dun dunnnnn"
Sooty (Guest) edit delete reply
after reading the blue shirt vs grey shirt comment i went back through and saw what happened, lol didn't even realise
Ghost (Guest) edit delete reply
didn't notice the shirt but it was the eye contacts that was bugging me.
the_brigand (Guest) edit delete reply
I like the 'Clone' hypothesis.
Magravan edit delete reply
@Spinnerlink - Or did he?

@Jordanch68 - She certainly would be the ideal person to bring in for some One crunching ... But sometimes you gotta take what you're given ;D

@T. Gatto - Interesting theories, I guess we'll see how it pans out ;D

@Kyo - It certainly is.

@Not T. Gatto (Though I wonder if it really is, despite assurances to the contrary!) - Curse you, bypassing it with an easily found loophole!

@Sooty - Kinda tricksy like that :D

@Ghost - We were wondering if anyone was going to pick up on it :D

@the_brigand - Well, I have some problems with some of the variations of the Clone theory ;)
Kyo edit delete reply
I assure you ot T. Gatto is ot me.
Magravan edit delete reply
Well good.. then... Although, I guess it could be one of 7 billion people, and yet I'm still skeptical that it's the one person it claims not to be... Hmmmmm.
T. Gatto (or Not T.Gatto) (Guest) edit delete reply
In retrospect, maybe it was me, but then again I haven't been quite myself lately.

I guess I'm only a 2 today.
Magravan edit delete reply
@T. Gatto - I knew it! ... mostly.

@Kyo - That's ... messed up.
Kyo edit delete reply
I was talking to a friend & his girlfriend, and somehow (don't ask me how) I ended up mentioning she's a six, and my friend responded with "she's at least a seven today" in reference to that. His girlfriend did not know about that. She did not appreciate this comment.
Magravan edit delete reply
You mentioned that she was a Six within Earshot? Wow :)
Kyo edit delete reply
I'm not very good at being nice to people sometimes
Fortunado1972 (Guest) edit delete reply
I just realized this but; Did Robert get a "Flash when RZ(ee) ate Ole' Corpsy's brain? He obviously knew when the one ate Thomas'(?) brain.. The lack of contacts, different colored shirt,and Beth's car appearing, and another re-read of the archives make me hope that "our" Thomas is somehow still un-chomped (BTW Kudos on creating a comic that I've had to re-read 4 times to grasp nuances I hope you'll keep it up!)
Magravan edit delete reply
No, he didn't. Suffice to say that R.Z. didn't benefit much in the Enlightment factor from Corpsey's brain goo... :)

And thank you, that's probably the highest compliment that I can get as a writer :)

I'm hoping that as the story continues, that it'll have some value to re-read when the seeds I've planted start to grow :)
Jormungand (Guest) edit delete reply
Wow, I finally got what everyone meant by the whole "Gray vs. Blue" thing. Gotta say I am more confused now, thanks :P All joking aside, this is one of my favorite stories so far, thank you and keep 'em coming :)
Magravan edit delete reply
I'm finding the process very interesting... I thought "My god, they're going to figure it out right away..." and even June was saying "Don't put in toooo many hints!"

And it seems that after what I thought was a pretty glaring hint, that it's not as clear as I thought it would be :)
Robert Falconer (Guest) edit delete reply
Is that the first black guy in nearly two years of this strip?
Magravan edit delete reply
It might have been... The comic is pretty ethnocentric. I didn't ever specify a cultural background for any character in the script, so it was left to what Skrael wanted to draw...