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17th Oct 2011, 12:00 AM
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What can't brown do for you?
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Lots of stuff to get through today, sorry in advance...

Firstly, if you didn't check things out on Saturday, we have started putting up some fan art on Saturdays, something I intend to keep doing for a while. I'm going to start migrating older fan art / bonus images over to other sections on the site... So check back one to see Fubar's awesome Katie.

Secondly, wow. 200 strips... This is 2 years of our lives that have been affected (or even shaped at times!) by the comic. There are a lot of times where we just ... trudge through, get the next comic up... It's not always ideal, it's not always the best cirumstances or situation, but we do it because it's what we've been doing for two years now... Occasionally, you take a mental step back and just stand in awe that we've been taking this journey for two years...

And some of you have been with us for a while, others for a short time. The fact that this thing that started as a "Hey... could we really do a webcomic?" has a couple thousand regular readers blows my mind.

So thank you, thank you so much. You guys make this thing worthwhile, and we're so appreciative of your comments, your votes, your help and support. Thank you for being here with us as we hit this milestone.

The comic itself... I'm happy with it, overall, I think. We discussed beforehand what would work for this strip... Something that was suitably interesting visually, while not forcing something that wasn't ready to happen yet... I can't say that this is the only strip that we could have done, but I can say that I'm happy that this is what we chose to go with...

Katie's life experiences have obviously been varied and extensive, and I liked that we were able to show that she has enjoyed a varied life... She's an interesting character, and I'm looking forward to showing you guys more of her in the future.

With all that said, my thoughts are with friends who have experienced loss lately, and I finally beat that stupid mini game in FFX.

I have to be back up in 5 hours for work, and June's still not quite done with me for the evening, so I'm going to wrap up now. I hope you guys enjoyed the strip.

Have a great week.
User comments:
Balthasar edit delete reply
Congratulations on strip 200 XD
CarlRedifi edit delete reply
Grats on #200 :D lets hope for another 200!
TanSpectra (Guest) edit delete reply
Yep congrats from me as well :)
aok666 (Guest) edit delete reply
Congrats on 200 *dances round the room* *digs out birthday candle from last week's cake and lights it*
Zombie retinas are still individual?!? (Also I always thought those things were iris scanners, though that's no good for zombies whose irides are identical.)
I have no idea which minigame you mean, but you could try the pacman/maze thing at the end of CDX next (look it up - use the overseas site not the BBC page). Prepare to be frustrated and swearing at the screen.
aok666 (Guest) edit delete reply
PS I thought that Katie only spent one day in each job?
MuriYo edit delete reply
she's awesome! X'd
Thisguy (Guest) edit delete reply
Well, whatever it is that keeps Katie looking for new jobs, guess it's not her inability to learn and preform tasks, though the phrase 'jill of all trades..." may be applied here.
T.Gatto edit delete reply
How long did Katie spend as a Ninja?

It seems the new guard is as vigilent as she was.

Congrats on 200 Strips!

model S edit delete reply
model S
wow. her "training" really came in handy. where the hell is she taking it though? to beth?

also 'gratz on 200. here's to 200 more!
D_Man edit delete reply
congrats on 200 :)
Also a week as a yoga instructor plus a day as a limbo champion.
the_brigand (Guest) edit delete reply
the benefits of padding your resume.

grats on the 200!
you just dinged level awesome.
Magravan edit delete reply
@Balthasaar - Thank you! We were pretty excited for this milestone :)

@CarlRedifi - I certainly hope so, it'll just be a matter of convincing June :D

@TanSpectra - And thank you for that :D

@aok666 - Maybe something in the contact.. I have to admit, I'm not really sure how it works :) And Katie spends more than 1 day at some jobs.. ;)

As for the minigame, I was referring to the chocobo racing to get Caldabog in Final Fantasy X...

@MuriYo - I'm glad you're enjoying her, I find her pretty fun :D

@Thisguy - That's a great observation :) I'm really glad you caught that.

@T.Gatto - She spends EVERY MOMENT as a Ninja. Everything else is just window dressing :D

@model S - Who knows?

@D_Man - If they had limbo competitions.. :D

@the_brigand - Yeah, it's nice when it works out that way :D

T.Gatto edit delete reply
I wonder is Katie the Phantom's agent, and she only appears to be incompetent?

She would need to change jobs often to be wherever the Phantom wanted her to be.

She is certainly a cut ahead of the Sack Patrol in the skills department.
bbedlam edit delete reply
Katie reminds me just a bit of Parker from Leverage on this page. This is an awesome compliment if you're not familiar with the tv show.
Magravan edit delete reply
@T.Gatto - Hmmmm, maybe she is?

@bbedlam - I'll accept that you say that it's a compliment, and that's good enough for me :D
matt (Guest) edit delete reply
fannart dont count unless its done by you and is related to the story also here to around 200 yeah
A_ponderer (Guest) edit delete reply
Why does she go OVER the last laser beam? Wouldn't it be easier to go UNDER that one?
Muchacho NL edit delete reply
Muchacho NL
@Magravan Always. Expect. Ninjas.
Magravan edit delete reply
@matt - If we do it, it wouldn't really be fanart, would it?

@A_ponderer - Because that would be for someone who hadn't spent time as a yoga instructor!

@Muchacho NL - I like that comic :D
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
hmmm guess youre right but is still doesnt count unless its related to the story
Magravan edit delete reply
@Guest - Doesn't count as what? I think I might be missing the point that you are making...

The fan art will be relevant in that it will be our characters done by other artists... I doubt that I'm always going to have a piece of fan art on hand that relates to the character during the current portion of the storyline like it happened to be this time though...

But Saturdays are not an update day... If you don't enjoy the fan art, then you just don't have to check on Saturday, and you'll still get the full story without missing anything vital (unless we decide to add a third day at some point, which might be Saturday, depending... But that would come with plenty of announcement beforehand and probably some announcement during / after as well...)

And if you're doing an archive binge and not interested in the fanart / bonus images and such, ideally I'll be taking a bunch of them out soon... Unless Kyo can set me up with a toggle that allows the reader to skip certain strips if at all possible. That way, it's less extra stuff that people have to go through while reading the story to detract from the experience.

Anyway, if I've completely missed your point, please feel free to let me know what you meant. I appreciate that you are taking the time to let me know your opinion though, thank you for that.