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20th Oct 2011, 12:00 AM
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Everyone's a Critic (But mainly Chad)
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Hey everyone, hope you guys are having a great week thusfar.

We've started into the last 25 strips of the book, so expect to see some things getting wrapped up, and some threads getting more of a look to bring us into the next one...

I literally got out of bed to go write this one down when I thought of it... It's not that it's exceptionally well written or anything like that, but I didn't want to forget it, and I sure as heck didn't want to have to write it at 5am (amongst getting ready for work).

In other news, Arkham City is pretty awesome, and I'm enjoying playing it quite a bit. I am constantly worried that I'm going to come across the end of the campaign any moment though, so that's unfortunate.

As for the comic itself, I wanted to accomplish a few things with this strip, and I think that it does the job pretty well. I think that it's developing Chad's character a bit, even if people don't really realize exactly what's going on yet... There's some character development here though, you might recognize it better if you re-read things later (Or you guys might get it right away, that's probably the safer assumption...)

Also, check back in on Saturday if you want to see some more fan art that we got sent. I don't recall which one I'm putting up next (need to check the emails and see which I received first), but there'll be something at some point on Saturday.

Have a great weekend everyone!
User comments:
Emily (Guest) edit delete reply
What is with that guy in the back's head?!
Xenrin edit delete reply
I just can't take Chad seriously in that shirt...
Not that I ever took him seriously. Still...
T.Gatto edit delete reply
Poor Chad, he's not a bad guy, he's just a misunderstood jerk, who should be taken out and beaten.

I for one would love to see him try to do Beth’s job, especially if (as a punishment) he was made to utilize the limbs he made.
Balthasar edit delete reply
T shirt arrived on Monday, and it is awesome, looks like hes knitting flesh =P
Magravan edit delete reply
@Emily - It's too small for his body :D

@MarshmallowGherkin - He can't help it that they don't make shirts in his size there!

@T.Gatto - Well, he is a Four as well, so it would not be a total abomination.. But yeah, that would be entertaining ;)

@Balthasar - Great! Congratulations again :D
Muchacho NL edit delete reply
Muchacho NL
Mag, that security guard in the back is just as buffed up as Chad... so he is getting screwed over by Robert by having to wear a shirt too small.
Magravan edit delete reply
While that is a valid point, the guard's job is Security, so he's going to have an outfit tailored to his size. Chad's a PSO, so he has PSO outfits that fit, but unless he's borrowing a shirt from the other dude, he's not going to fit the regular things...
Emily (Guest) edit delete reply

Didn't he try to rape Sylene just before Beth ate them? Unless he was mentally incompetent at the time, I'd say he is certain a bad guy.
Lemur edit delete reply
Oh, I thought Chad had been cheating on Beth with Sylene.
Nobody (Guest) edit delete reply
@Lemur: Sylene told Phantom how she was turned. While Beth caught them in the act it wasn't consensual. She was saved from Chad only to be turned.
model S edit delete reply
model S
hmh. this is one of the ones i'm not sure how to comment on.

the current train of comments i'll say chad was trying to rape sylene, but beth walked in on then, assumed chad was cheating with her consensually, and killed them both, i bet if she knew it was rape only chad would have died.
aok666 (Guest) edit delete reply
@model S: she was a One at the time. She just wanted braaaaaaaains and only remembered what she'd seen afterwards (once the brains took effect and her mental function improved)
T.Gatto edit delete reply
@Emily et al...

Good points. I'm not sure if Sylene was a victim, or once again jealous of everything Beth has?

In either case If chad was that kind of monster (arguably worse than the zombie kind), then I take back the Sarcastically made "Not a bad guy" comment.

Can the creators weigh in on Sylene's complicity too the affair incident?
Magravan edit delete reply
A lot of people talking to other people and getting answers, so I feel weird addressing everyone personally. Soooo, I wont :)

The gist, based on what's been said so far, is that Chad was getting too interested in Sylene, and Beth happened to come in as a One at an opportune time for Sylene...

Sylene blamed Beth for not keeping Chad interested or whatever else, and focused on that part instead of the fact that Beth in effect saved her.

However, aok666 is exactly right... Beth ate them because she was a One, and hungry. Whether or not Sylene was a willing participant wouldn't have made a difference in whether or not she was Enlightened, but it might have made a considerable difference to the relationship that Beth and Sylene have.

As for Chad, he's definitely made mistakes in the past. Whether or not he improves will be based in part on how the rest of the strips go, and based on his world view, if I feel that he can be capable of choosing a redemption path, or if the events will make him go darker...
aok666 (Guest) edit delete reply
"Exactly" right? Thank you! :-D *blushes with gratitude* I still haven't forgotten your promise about how Chad will eventually do something really unpleasant.
T.Gatto edit delete reply
Going to a Zombie Crawl, Phantom costume is ready. Home made TOGM bag will be in hand!

This is the first time I'm doing my own makeup, so wish me luck.

brains, Brains, BRAINS!
Skrael (I'm the artist)
We demand pictures!! :D
Sleel (Guest) edit delete reply
Personally, I just want Chad to get killed. Slowly and horribly. Maybe forced to eat himself till he's just a head on the ground before someone sets him up under a magnifying glass to burn strips outta him till there is nothing left but smoke wisps. Would take some time. One strip per day as the sun's position changes during course of the year.

Can you tell I really despise him?
Muchacho NL edit delete reply
Muchacho NL
not at all... you hide it very skillfully
Just one problem with eating himself: he's almost completely cyborg because of the limb replacements.
Magravan edit delete reply
@aok666 - Yessir, still in the plans ;)

@T.Gatto - You went as the Phantom! Ehehehehe :D *nerding out*

@Sleel - If you dislike him now, I can't see your opinion of him improving any time soon...

@Muchacho NL - That just makes him more crunchy! But Cyborg implies metallics, doesn't it? Chad's not really metallic...