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23rd Oct 2011, 1:18 PM
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Fanart by Frosty of Mitadake Saga!
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
I know! It's a day late. I went out golfing with my family and completely forgot to upload it on Saturday. So you get Sunday Fanart, compliments of Frosty.

Mitadake Saga is based off of the Mitadake High game, which I've played a few times with Frosty. The gist of the game is that there is a murderer in a high school, and you have to survive (or kill everyone, depending on whether or not you're playing as the murderer). I think there's also a professional Manga which I think inspired the game, called Death Note or something.. I read part of it a long while ago, so forgive my lack of information about it.

Taking off this basic idea, Frosty's story follows several students in a high school where one of them has chosen (for reasons that become apparent) to start taking out their various classmates (and no, it's not because of bullying..)

Reading like something of a mystery / game of Clue, you gradually learn more and more and make guesses at whodunnit. I know Frosty doesn't like the original story as much as he enjoys his second chapter, Duo, but I think that the first was enjoyable, and given that you don't have to wait for the next piece of the puzzle, it is a satisfying story.

Anyway, sorry for being a day late! I might see if I can set the next one up now without interfering with the regular uploads.

Oh, and side note, my mom got her first Hole in One at golf. She was the only person out of the four of us to ever get a hole in one at real golf, and apparently they heard us from a few holes down as we were cheering for her. Thank goodness it wasn't the PGA or we'd all have been ejected for carrying on ;)

See you tonight with the next real strip!
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T.Gatto edit delete reply
What's she so Happy About?

Maybe she just realized no brains = no responsibility?

Cool picture!
Magravan edit delete reply
She's escaping from the Phantom, obviously :)