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31st Oct 2011, 12:00 AM
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Happy Hallowe'en! This ... obviously has nothing to do with Hallowe'en... I'm not sure if June has plans to do a Hallowe'en image, but I'm sure she's just enjoying the fact that she has a Monday off for the first time in a while :)

I've plotted the general idea from now until 225, so at least it's not blindly forging ahead for the next little while... I've got to write the specific strips, but at least now I have notes that list the characters and a rough idea what the strip is about. Admittedly, some are more vague than others, but it's a good step, I think.

I was trying to convey the fact that the TOGM factory is not a thing that they casually want to go after... Theo is offering other suggestions in hopes that he can spare himself the potential troubles...

I think that my hope as an author is that I've set up things well enough that people can appreciate that the Phantom is willing to take a risk in order to achieve the objective of improving Thomas and helping Sylene's friend...

Anyway, have a great night trick or treating, giving out candy or whatever else you're doing! Enjoy the week, everyone!
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
Grah! I totally drew Sylene wrong in this one... Too skinny to boot

Also, Happy Halloween!
User comments:
MatthewJA edit delete reply

Thisguy (Guest) edit delete reply
Yeah, i'm sure you realise that conveying the fact that the factory is a fortress is undermined by Katie who has just snuck right into the heart of the place... Will Katie continue to be an amusing side character with no real contribution to the plot, of will she actually prove to be of importance, is the question I found myself asking as soon as phantom said that thing about secruity. Oh well, either way, time will tell, keep up the good work.
Thisguy (Guest) edit delete reply
Dam, how did the doublepost happen? Must of hit post again while it was still loading, weird...
Magravan edit delete reply
@MatthewJA - It's weird, usually she's better at drawing the girls, but I really liked her work on Phantom on this one and felt that Sylene wasn't up to her usual standard..

@Thisguy - I'm of the opinion that a halfway competent security guard would make the best infiltrator of their own establishment ;) You know the weaknesses in your own security (mostly due to frustration about it!) and things like still being in the database allow them access to things that they wouldn't be able to get into otherwise...

As for Katie, I don't think she's going to be a main character, but she's going to have relevance to the plot... I deleted the second post as well :)
model S edit delete reply
model S
best. face. ever. there needs to be more faces like that for the phantom. also sylene looks fine to me. i'm having a pretty good halloween. i won 3rd place in a costume contest! GO ME! how about you guys any halloween plans for the TOGM family?
Magravan edit delete reply
I took my youngest around, the eldest went out with her boyfriend, and June gave out candy at our house..
cinnamonbrandy edit delete reply
yeah - I'm not having a bad hair day - it's just that my usual illustrator has to be in a meeting, and her stand-in sucks at real-time interactive hair animation.
aok666 (Guest) edit delete reply
Sylene looks fine. Maybe a bit old-style but absolutely fine.
Magravan edit delete reply
@cinnamonbrandy - Ha, the good part about TOGM is when their hair is a little off, it's a non-issue ;)

@aok666 - Well thank you :)
T.Gatto edit delete reply
He's the worst opponent Robert has to worry about?!?

Just give up now, maybe Hell let you sit on a shelf, as a head, for a year or so then forgive you.
Magravan edit delete reply
Haha... Technically he was never the worst enemy that Robert had to worry about ;)
model S edit delete reply
model S
sounds like you had fun then ^^ great togm for halloween!
Magravan edit delete reply
We sure did! Great fun was had by all, and we got a ridiculous amount of kids along for the trick or treating, which was a very pleasant surprise... A fair number of our friends got less than 20 people, so having given out somewhere well over 100 was pretty awesome ;)

We had a great night tonight too, so it was a really good few days off for me :D

What did you do for Hallowe'en? And what did you win 3rd prize as?
the_brigand (Guest) edit delete reply
thisguy makes a good point, the Phantom needs more men like Katie, erm, wo-men...in fact his rinky-dinky operation seems to have only improved since adding Sylene, right?
Magravan edit delete reply
Well, that's debatable ;) I think that if he'd gotten Thomas, that things would have turned out FAR different, but he's basically been making it up as he went ever since the start of this comic :)
D_Man edit delete reply
I think you just wanted an excuse to bring out the rocker hair again :D
Beta Maxis (Guest) edit delete reply
NOW he's being intentionally funny...I hope.