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5th Dec 2011, 1:00 AM
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His hands are tied.
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
And herein lies the problem... You have a 'sure-fire' means of stopping intruders, but it's not working... And you've been told, as a tenet of society that you will not be responsible for the death of another... What do you do when you meet someone who doesn't follow those rules?

Oh, and it looks like someone has found his way into TOGM... Hopefully he recognizes himself :D

For those of you that care about the whole internet thing, I received an apology from one of the supervisors. Unfortunately, according to him, they have a 'policy'. So while the guy could have been less of an idiot about it, the major problem stems from the fact that the person who arranged it on the phone went beyond her authority, I suppose.

So I'm irritated at the bureaucracy which has once again spread the blame over enough people to mean that I don't feel right tearing into any one person...

And now the new modem that they couriered out to try to fix the problem is sporadic at best... Now they want to send another tech out, but I wont be available to deal with them, and the idea of allowing another tech into our house without me here to deal with them seems like asking for trouble.

So anyway, it was poorly resolved, and I had to accept an apology from the supervisor as a resolution because bureaucracy sucks. But, provided I can get this modem working properly without any more serious problems, at least it is resolved.
User comments:
FenBisher edit delete reply
Bleargh... I hate the way humans have evolved to the point of needing this corrupt society and all its really there is to bend over the little guys... *inserts other generic arguments as to why humans suck*

Iceburgh (Guest) edit delete reply
I work tech support myself, and have to deal with it from the tech's point of view. It's never a good thing when a situation like that crops up. Part of my job is to make sure that it doesn't, but when it does, I usually wind up with the fallout from it. Yeah, not being there when the tech is is asking for trouble, since he'll likely have questions that need answered and so forth. At least with what I do, the supes have our backs, and we have the customer's backs within our policies.
model S edit delete reply
model S
... haha!! the phantom's face is awesome.
MatthewJA edit delete reply
That face

It looks

Ghost286 edit delete reply
Sec jerk reminds me of a butch Robert for some reason...
Muchacho NL edit delete reply
Muchacho NL
Wow, VERY nicely done, Skrael.
Especially the false sense of security :D

Yes, Mag... I recognised the goatie, then was 90% sure at the sideway look, then scrolled down for confirmation.
T.Gatto edit delete reply
So, the Phantom actually has a plan that could work, and doesn't involve putting Sylene in a sack!

Now that is unprecedented!
DrJustFrigginKillThatGuy (Guest) edit delete reply
...seriously...SELIOUSLY!?!? dude asking owyeah you and what army is bound to get your ass swarmed by a mob! BASIC RULES OF MOVIE MAN!!!!! its like wearing goon cloths, it means you will die in rains of fire and explosions without ever saying annything..wel YAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHH but that aint a word *try the dictionary it aint there*
model S edit delete reply
model S
@dr.J: wrong rule the goon clothes is the rule where you fail spectacularly at what your told to do and get hurt or killed by the hero, since the hero isn't here that rule is false, however the redshirt rule still applies. redshirt rule states that anyone wearing a red shirt (or in this case security uniform) that isn't main cast WILL die. ((or get beheaded))
Dave (Guest) edit delete reply
I love Phantom's smirk in the last panel. :D
Magravan edit delete reply
@FenBisher - There are a lot of positive things in how our societies has evolved as well. I know that sometimes it's easy to focus on the negative, but there is a lot of good being done out there as well.

@Iceburgh - The problem came from the fact that it was a situation where Customer Care got involved in order to rectify a problem that had been plaguing us since August. At that point, the expectation on my part is that they have made me go out of my way to deal with overage charges that we shouldn't be charged, and now they should go out of their way to give us the services that we are already paying for.

My problem was that the communication between the company and the tech was less than ideal, the customer care person apparently offered me something that she didn't have the authority to do, and the tech himself was less than ideal in his behaviour towards my wife...

I'm almost certain that if I'd been at the door, he'd have resolved it properly, which is what really cheeses me off.

@model S - June certainly has been having fun with his faces lately ;)

@MatthewJA - Which face?

@Ghost286 - lol .. Well, they are based on two different people, so who can say? :)

@Muchacho NL - I'm glad you recognized it ;) Thanks for signing up for the contest :)

@T.Gatto - To be fair, it's only so far as "We're going to go what we want, and you can't stop us, nyah, nyah." with no real contingency plan in place ;)

@DrJustFrigginKillThatGuy - Yeah, I think that if I ever say it in real life, I await the ominous clap of thunder ;)

@model S - Ahhhh, I don't think that rule is really going to apply either :)
model S edit delete reply
model S
@mag: regardless as to if it's going to apply, the "redshirt rule" is what he meant, not the "cannonfodder" or "henchman" law. i'm such a nerd and know all the rules, i'm on TVtropes WAY too often.

i'm happy your tech support issue got... sort of... resolved.honestly, i'd still blame the tech, because regardless of what he was told, he was still rude to june, period, that part is pretty black and white, he didn't have to be rude, he could have stayed polite and curtious as he's supposed to.
aok666 (Guest) edit delete reply
Why does that badge say "Maximum Security Clearance: A for Aeroplane"? Also, if he's Security Chief he won't die/end up on Trophy Case Duty.
Speaking of which... where's Alexander? Haven't seen him since the foil fell off.
aok666 (Guest) edit delete reply
PS I took that actual exam I was revising for today - if I get 60% (a 2:1) I suppose that makes me a Three. A First (fat chance), 70%, would equal Four; a 2:2 (50%) would make me a Two and anything below 50% would make me jump off the five-storey-high walkway above the car park.
Magravan edit delete reply
@model S - On TvTropes way too often, huh? Sounds like a good person to help us get tropes for the TOGM page ;)

As for the tech, part of his attitude was based on lacking information from the company, as well as having to push a policy with someone who had been told differently by the customer care person...

There's enough ambiguity there that I wouldn't feel justified in campaigning to get the guy fired. Sooo, I'm accepting that it was probably a systematic failure on their part, a little bit here, a little bit there.

I got an apology from the supervisor, so at least I made a disruption in their day, so hopefully it isn't completely swept under the rug (it probably was).

@aok666 - I think it says "A for Awesome ;) June and her silliness ;) Alexander wont be having much involvement in what goes on here. I might try to show what he's doing in a panel or two at some point, but I can't justify an entire strip for him.

I think I'm going to try to lessen the amount I focus on the side characters so I can have more time with the important people in the story... But he is going to have other things going on soon after the end of Book 2 :)

I hope your exam makes you a 4... If you Aced it, you can be a 6 :D
Magravan edit delete reply
Oh, and I think that it says Muchacho in there somewhere as well :) I suggested that June show a blown up version of it, but I think it's just one of those little things that she puts in for the heck of it ;)
Muchacho NL edit delete reply
Muchacho NL
That be me.... Awesome :)
model S edit delete reply
model S
sure, i'll start working on it when i get a chance, probably after friday. OH! that reminds me mag, my brother is taking off next symester to work on the comic that you convinced me to finally do something about. i just thought you'd be excited to hear that it's finally getting somewhere. ((actually he's taking off due to financial problems we're having right now, but we're going to work on the comic because he's taking off))

on a completely seprate note, if that's what you really look like muchacho, you don't look bad at all, not to make you uncomfortable or anything but you're kinda cute actually ^^
Magravan edit delete reply
@Muchacho NL - I'm starting to wonder if he tampered with his badge...

@model S - I'm glad to know that he's not taking the next semester off just for the comic... That would be wasteful... It's nice that he's going to work on the comic in his spare time though. Hopefully everything works out for you :)

Also, stop creeping out the other readers :P
Muchacho NL edit delete reply
Muchacho NL
If I could've tampered with it, I would have tampered with it... so it would be totally in-character for him to tamper with it :p

And, model S... thanks... I guess. :p

Mag... model S would only creep me out if he's male and starts asking for my Facebook page to stalk me :p :p
aok666 (Guest) edit delete reply
Couple of random thoughts (because I needed something to think about when writing up masses of notes on blood groups):
1) Why does nobody in TOGMverse have a surname? With the exception of John, who a) doesn't actually know his real name, if he has one; b) did put John Human on that silly thing saying he swore he'd never seen Green Goop. Oh, and possibly RZ stands for a first name and a last name.
2) Beth to RZ, just prior to finding John burying Ol' Corpsey: "I'm sorry Chad's not a better... person. You were always too good for him."
My theory, based mainly on that and partly on your confirmation ages ago that RZ knew Chad and Beth pre-Enlightenment:
a) RZ is Chad's son from a previous relationship. (Beth would probably have said if she actually was his mum when John asked.)
b) Beth has been looking after RZ since he was very young, and he's always been like an adopted son to her (especially since Chad didn't take much interest in him), so she made certain to seek him out and take him back when things calmed down post-Enlightenment. (Presumably he was at school when it all kicked off, otherwise Beth would have taken him down along with Chad and Sylene.)
c) Twos don't remember everything about their past (even Threes don't remember absolutely everything, you've said so). RZ doesn't remember that Chad is his father, and since Chad is so appallingly foul to RZ Beth has decided not to reveal this horrifying fact. Presumably there will be a moment in the future along the lines of "RZ, that jerk IS your father!" "NOOOOO!" >RZ beats Chad's head to second death with an action figure cameo<
d) Just a random idea here: maybe Chad killed RZ's biological mother or drove her to suicide. It's in-character for him.

Any rubbish in this post can be blamed on the fact that it's 1am and I just spent three hours writing (and drawing diagrams) about blood groups. Which are VERY dull. Do zombies have Green-Goop groups?
Magravan edit delete reply
@Muchacho NL - Apparently Robert's Security Guards are not big on protocol anyway :)

@aok666 - Wow... That must be soooome boring...

R.Z. doesn't involve a Surname, I will say that much. Also, Ol' Corpsey was Dr. Murphy, I believe, so he had a last name ;)
MatthewJA edit delete reply
Which face do you think? :D
aok666 (Guest) edit delete reply
More thoughts:
1) Robert knew when Thomas died, because he got a power-up via the pyramid-scheme chain. Those brains from Dr Murphy (Ol' Corpsey) gave R.Z. a powerup, so why didn't Robert assume when he got his share of Corpsey Brainpower that Thomas had died?
2) Does TOGM make good crispy batter for fishfingers and fritters and things?
Magravan edit delete reply
@MatthewJA - I assume Sylene's? :)

@aok666 - The amount of boost that R.Z. got from it was very small... There wasn't much at all from it... It he was at 2.95 before, he'd probably be at 2.951 or something ;)

As for the second point... Whatever floats your boat :) TOGM would not make good anything in my opinion ;)
model S edit delete reply
model S
@muchacho: haha i was thinking about doing that in my last post but decided that'd be way too creepy, even as a joke.

@aok: holy hell that's alot of wild mass guessing.

@mag: i'm just happy he's being resopnsible about this and going through the proper channels to withdraw from the art institute properly, so he doesn't get kicked out.

@aok v2: the power up from ol' corpsey is diffrent, as he was dead, and not zombified, thomas on the otherhand was zombified, thus giving a permanant boost to everyone above him. think of it this way robert knows when a zombie is created or deleted, he felt a new zombie created, and since the only (known) human is thomasthat means thomas died and became a zombie, the boost from the brains RZ got wasn't enough to really affect anything, it didn't even change his speach patterns enough to be noticable. and yes, yes it does make delicious crispy batter.

((note that these are not guarenteed, just educated guesses based on what i've noticed. hopefully i'm somewhat accurate))
aok666 (Guest) edit delete reply
Wild mass guessing? Cheeky swine, I thought hard about that lot! (I had to keep my brain engaged or I'd start reading TOGM archives and not get my stupid notes done - next Physiology lecture is 98 slides, so I'll probably end up working out the next hundred strips by that point including the twist where Beth uses her limb-making equipment to immobilise Chad.)
Also, RZ is now just 1 SZCT point short of a 3, so depending on how many brains a Two needs to become a Three... maybe from 2.9 to 2.95 (assuming a normal brain is 0.2 but Ol' Corpsey had decayed to 25% normal potency)? Also, it's the brain-gain that Robert feels. It passes up the ranks, remember?
And I didn't say tasty batter. Just proper crispy batter. It's mostly in the texture - makes cheap fishcakes/fishfingers edible (ever eaten the filling without the batter? It tastes of either nothing or a good equivalent to TOGM - and I prefer no taste). Also makes banana fritters awesome.
I wonder if you get letter-shaped TOGM, like spaghetti letters? Would be popular with Twos.
@Magravan: WHY wasn't there much power left in Ol Corpsey (Dr Murphy)? It was a brain, brains are brains, they die so fast (a matter of seconds, probably less in the case of one with a bullet put through it - is there a hole in the bunker wall from the bullet? And will the investigators smell BRAAAAAIIIIINS and go wild?) that it shouldn't matter how long they've been decorating the walls for...
Hey nobody's done the creepy Phantom "sure you don't want the wig?" face meme!
And you haven't got Skrael to do the picture of Phantom wearing the wig and playing in a band yet. You promised!

(I've done it again, haven't I? And I haven't even eaten real chocolate today, just chocolate mousse!)
model S edit delete reply
model S
aok, "wild mass guessing" is a TV trope, it's where fans guess at future plotlines without any proof, and while yours are well thought out and plausible, it still count under WMG.
aok666 (Guest) edit delete reply
I haz proof.
1) That line I quoted. "I'm sorry Chad's not a better... person. You were always too good for him."
2) Actual confirmation from Magravan in a comment way back that RZ did know Chad and Beth pre-zombocalypse.
Magravan edit delete reply
@model S - Me too! I hope that things work out for him in the end... Money is a crappy reason to have to leave :/

Also, you'd have to eat a fair amount of brains as a Two to become a Three... Just because it didn't change his speech patterns doesn't mean that it had zero effect...

@aok666 - Well, the mass guessing is certainly accurate ;) The wild, maybe not so much :)

Banana Fritters sound delicious :D

Why wasn't there much brain power left in Ol Corpsey? Because -REDACTED-, and if it -REDACTED-, then I'd -REDACTED-... And no one wants that.

As for getting Skrael to do art, I have to accept that she has a lot of stuff on her plate, and I'm grateful that the comic is up on time. Anything else is bonus ;)

@model S - Maybe Educated Wild Mass Guessing ;)

@aok666 - Me and my big mouth, saying things that readers then remember and come back to haunt me with .. ;P
model S edit delete reply
model S
that's not enough, but the reason i'm calling it wild mass guessing, is so i can put your theories up under the togm TVtropes page, while you have that one tidbit, it's not enough to make it not qualify, it's still just a guess as to their relationship, it's like beth could have been the neiborhood drunk and chad was ashamed of her and RZ is actually a midget that supplied beth with booze. while more than likely not true, both the things you said still apply, beth would think RZ is too good for chad cause he was ashamed of her and RZ was her friend, and that would be pre-enlightenment, so it still fits. so... still it's wild mass guessing.

@mag: stop posting at the same time as me! it's going to confuse people! i never said it had zero effect, i said it wasn't enough to even change his speach patterns to any noticible degree, that's all. as for my brother yea we hope things work out too. thanks for the vote of confidence! it really means alot to both of us that you're in our corner.
Magravan edit delete reply
Sorry aok, whatever relationship you were hinting at is trumped by a moonshine bootlegging midget :) NEW BACKSTORY, GO!

My point about the speech patterns are that they are not a good measure, since it really only happens at 2->3 and 4->5... He could have been a 2.5 and gone to a 2.99 which would have been quite the jump, but still not changed speech patterns...

And I'm happy that what little support I can offer is helpful... Are there plans for him to start going again later on? Or are you guys just taking it as it comes and see what next year looks like?
aok666 (Guest) edit delete reply
Does "redacted" mean "I haven't the foggiest"? You could just have said "because the chemical and structural breakdown by bacteria and natural decay processes had removed some of the features which lead to mindpower gain in zombies"...
And banana fritters are indeed delicious. Takeaways overcharge for them though, so it's better to make them at home. The stuff inside fishfingers, however, is usually pollack - I cooked a pollack fillet once and I swear it must have been TOGM in disguise. :-(*) I had to throw it out, the smell alone made me feel sick.
@model S: speech patterns change dramatically when a Two crosses the borderline to a Three. A 2.1 could go up to 2.95 and sound the same, but if a 2.95 became a 3.0 their voice would change to SundayComics. Ditto if a Four became a Five. It's a discrete variable not a continuous one. (I.e. it's not a sliding scale.)
Millie ETE edit delete reply
Millie ETE
blimey aok - were your lectures this year really that boring :o XD surely next semester they'll be better?

aok666 (Guest) edit delete reply
@Millie ETE: yes, the notes really were that boring. Blood grouping is extremely dull and tedious (much like me, so I don't know why we don't get along)...
Magravan edit delete reply
@aok666 - Redacted is what they do to certain documents that involve protected or classified information that they have to make available to people without the proper clearance to know that information.

In this particular case, Redacted means "I'm not saying because it would be too spoilery" :)