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26th Dec 2011, 12:00 AM
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Rejection hurts.
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Seriously. If June intentionally upped Chad's pedo cred here, I had nothing to do with it. Well, except the text. I guess read in the right light, that sort of does as well... But that's the joy of ambiguous dialogue... (I may have watched too much Big Bang theory tonight... Marathon on the Comedy Network + Literally seeing less than 10 people today = A LOT of free time on my hands.)

I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday! I'm looking forward to dinner with the family on the 26th... June's been awesome getting things together for it, and it's great that a bunch of family is accomodating my schedule.

In other news, if you missed it, June did some cheesecake yesterday, and we posted Ally Haert's Secret Santa on the 24th. Hope you guys check it out :)

Annnd on that note, have a great week everyone! We're almost to 225... :) Hopefully you guys are at least half as excited to see how this plays out as I am ;) See you on Thursday!
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
User comments:
GUESS WHO (Guest) edit delete reply

*tempted to insert that one video here*
Asheswillfall (Guest) edit delete reply
I love how Katie's hiding in the corner, wonder what quirky think she'll do :)
Beth's mad face is great, loving her hair in this strip too.
I wonder when realization will kick in about her "boyfriend" being injured/possibly dead? It looks like Chad's shirt has shrunk even more
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
Beth plus rage equals HAWT also CHAD you pervert. By Odin's beard that's just wrong.... Jerk.
Barrahir (Guest) edit delete reply
Shiz just got real.
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
Hey June, i just wanted to let you know, we just tried our cheesecake. OH MY GODS!! Best. Cheesecake. Ever. Thank you so much for the recipe.
sp4depir4te (Guest) edit delete reply
do you think zombies would all be christian? i mean when you think about it christ is the only other 5 to ever exist, and he did it way before everyone else.... anyways i know it is late, but merry zombiemas
EnterTheNameHere (Guest) edit delete reply
Hmmm, nice pun here - do 5s get their Enlightment from eating brains?
fingerwitch edit delete reply
I reeeeally hope Beth has something up her sleeve to whip this guy.
aok666 (Guest) edit delete reply
Is Katie going to push the boxes onto Chad? And when is John going to crawl in to Beth?
model S edit delete reply
model S
@fingerwitch: she totally does, remember the arm she scienced the hell out of? i bet it's a SUPER arm, like... an XL20, only the size of a standard female. knowing beth, i'll bet that's what she did.
Magravan edit delete reply
@GUESS WHO - No idea what video you're talking about.

@Asheswillfall - She already knows, but she's got more pressing matters on her mind at the moment.

@model S - Beth Rage is always fun :D

@Barrahir - It certainly seems that way :O

@model S - Glad you liked it! I'll pass that on to her ;)

@sp4depir4te - I don't think that they really have much of a religion beyond a sort of god-king attitude towards Robert... After all, they all became Zombies. Kind of invalidates most of the stuff about an after life...

@EnterTheNameHere - There is only one 5, and he got his Enlightenment from eating brains as well as being on top of the Enlightenment pyramid ;)

@fingerwitch - That would be awkward. ;O

@aok666 - I guess we'll have to see :)

@model S - Haha :) Up her sleeve... Get it? :D
jordanch68 edit delete reply
Please tell me Chad isn't long for this world? :)
Magravan edit delete reply
I have no plans to kill him at this time :)
Asheswillfall (Guest) edit delete reply
let him live, but have a worse punishment than Robert's trophy case
model S edit delete reply
model S
thanks james. i can't seem to post from my new phone right now. also yes. arm, sleeve, hehe... it's funny cause it's a pun.

@june: can i has the version of the christmas image without the present box? pweeeeeze? -zombie eyes- .... wait... that's not right... -puppydog eyes-
Asheswillfall (Guest) edit delete reply
@model S: Wouldn't it be -zombie puppydog eyes-?

someone should draw a pic of that i'd love to see it!
model S edit delete reply
model S
@ahses: perhaps it would be. i don't know. i was gonna say shifty eyes, but that's creepy, not cute.
sp4depir4te (Guest) edit delete reply
@Magravan .... touche sir
bbedlam edit delete reply
It's good to see Beth finally getting angry. She's a redhead. Anger should come naturally to her :) Looking forward to seeing what Beth can do against Chad.
T.Gatto edit delete reply
First Comment (except for all the other ones)!

If RZ really has powers, now would be a good time to show them!

As for Katie, Can't she lay the smack down from those long days (or hours) of work as a karate instructor/pro wrestler?
EnterTheNameHere (Guest) edit delete reply
@bbedlam: "She's a redhead. Anger should come naturally to her :)"

That's we can't be sure of till somebody unwraps the present box(-:
Magravan edit delete reply
@Asheswillfall - We'll certainly see what's going to happen to Chad soon enough :D

@model S - You can, unfortunately it's just empty space :O

@Asheswillfall - Zombie puppydog eyes? Sounds like it could be adorable... Or horrible... Or some combination of the two....

@model S - Yeah, shifty eyes is .. not a good idea when asking for that...

@sp4depir4te - The simplest answer is that outside of the near religious attitude towards Robert is that I am just not delving into religion as a theme at this point...

When we go further out, to more isolated areas, it might be a more relevant topic.

@bbedlam - It's a wig :P One of the things that I wanted to convey over ... pretty much most of Beth's development, really ... is that she's pretty cool and collected most of the time, and being rattled is atypical for her.

That's why I had Chad keep gradually escalating... She's outside the pavis of being a Favourite of Robert by virtue of being a high level 4, and she can't leave the area he's in... So she's kind of like a bug under a glass, and he's going to take advantage to sadistically 'get to her'...

But RZ, as he says here, is personal. Something he's doing for his own issues... of which he will explain soon enough.

@T.Gatto - Normally I'm not one for "First!" posts, but that was good, I liked that :D

As for Katie, I think that Beth put it best... If it gets turned into a physical contest, it's Chad's arena. Katie might have majored in it for a couple days, but Chad's a first class brute every day of his life... And as a 4, he has a lot of resources to put towards improving his ability to do so.

@EnterTheNameHere - At first I thought you were talking about the package that Katie brought, but then I realized that you were talking about the Christmas image.. :P

Skrael (I'm the artist)
JAmes won't let me do the present-less image :D

This is for Muchacho:

model S edit delete reply
model S
but you don't have to post it publically >.> no one else has to see it.
T.Gatto edit delete reply
Nooooooooooo! Someone is making a Zombie movie, about 3 miles from my front door. They are paying good $ for extras, and I CAN'T GET THE TIME OFF WORK to be in it. Just shoot me now!
sp4depir4te (Guest) edit delete reply
@ Magravan fair point that is a touchy kettle-o-fish
Magravan edit delete reply
@model S - She didn't actually draw the nudity and then cover it up o.O

@T.Gatto - Why can't you arrange for time off work?? Are you in a position where no one can cover you, even for 1 day? I think you should point out to your boss that it would be great for your morale, and maybe you could make some concessions or something later...

It's hard to make suggestions when I can't recall if you've ever told me what you do for a day job... :/

@sp4depir4te - I have no problem diving into a kettle of fish if it suits the story I want to tell... But right now, it's just not relevant to their current interests...
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
I know this mag, I'm just being goofy. I'd really like to commission June for a render though, but i don't have the cash. Oh and just so you know, we got a delay on our comic due to me being a whiny bitch about the first page setup.
T.Gatto edit delete reply
I'll give you a hint;
I smell Bacon.

Also it just so happens that THIS PARTICULAR Friday is really busy for me, most days I could have arranged something. ;)
Magravan edit delete reply
@model S - Sometimes you don't get exactly what you want. As a writer with an artist who isn't being paid, you have to be careful that you don't alienate the artist with unreasonable demands...

Also, keep in mind that unless you have a set amount of pages in mind (rather than a 'we'll finish when we stop having stories to tell, or stop feeling like telling them'), it's one thing to try for really good quality from the outset to the end. But with an ongoing story, you should allow your artist room to grow as much as you do, and with experience, he will get better and faster...

But it's still going to be a LOT more work on his part than yours, typically, so be sure to be respectful and appreciative in your requests.

@T.Gatto - Hmmmm... Butcher? Deli Counter? Cook?

A part of me is hoping that you mean police officer, simply so I can ask you questions about what policing is like down there... I am going to be renewing my physical standard in the new year for an application to the OPP.

I was very interested in becoming an officer and then the economy fell apart and most of them went on hiring freezes, so I've been putting it off because I can't justify spending $70 every six months to maintain my PREP standard (everything else is 3 years) for jobs that aren't even available...

I'm starting to work on a plan B, but I'm going to probably renew my entire package when it expires, even though that'll be another $350 or so... Money I can't really afford to spend, but on the other side, it's money I can't really afford not to spend either, until I'm willing to let the dream die...

Annnnd now if you really are a butcher, I'm going to feel like a bit of an ass :D
sp4depir4te (Guest) edit delete reply
Just keep telling your good story... if i say anything stupid no worries about it lol. your story is to good for my input :D