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16th Jan 2012, 1:00 AM
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He says that now...
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Hey everyone! I hope you guys had a great weekend!

We debated on whether or not we had to waste a panel or two showing them walking through the tunnel, but as evidenced here, we just jumped ahead. They went silently through the tunnel, nothing interesting happened.

Choosing which portion of the story to start on is always a bit of a struggle. I thought that Beth had her time though, so as much as I am looking forward to writing that scene, I thought that it would be best to lead with this one.

Well, that about does it, have a great week everyone!
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
*shrugs* Iunno...!
User comments:
model S edit delete reply
model S
-snickers- i love panel 2, -waits for t, matt, or sprite to make a yaoi joke-

great art june but i gotta ask why the mutes colors this time?
asheswillfall (Guest) edit delete reply
Good artwork on John's face, he might be alive but he doesn't look like it, probably feels half dead from Chad.
Skrael (I'm the artist)
Ashes: Thanks :D

Model S: The lights aren't on :D
Onecanofsprite edit delete reply
We NEED to make panel 2 become an exploitable. Seriously, that face is just amazing.
neon5162 edit delete reply
panel 2 dress em in a snazy green tux put a bit more red in his hair and ya gotta pic for saint patrick's day
idk somethink bout his face just screems leprican to me it might just be that its midnight here but eh lol
Thisguy (Guest) edit delete reply
I need to reorder my comics folder, totally forgot to check thursdayss, which was awesome. Eh, been busy since i started my new job, can no longer spend all day reading webcomics, which makes the time when I can all the better :)
Anyway, how long till the 5 finds out that John is a... whatever he is that is not Thomas. And i'm assuming that on the previous page, beths supprising display of strengh is due to having replaced her own arms with super strong replacements which she was working on previously. Anyway, Cool, all the zombie heroes are together now! So, is Katie a main (or at least secondary) character now? Quite interesting as I think she just started as a minor... dunno, i'd have to reread the archives.
Xenrin edit delete reply
Haha, I would say that...
Magravan edit delete reply
@model S - If this is a Yaoi story, we waited an awful long time to get to the point ;)

@asheswillfall -Yeah, he's certainly feeling a lot closer to death than life at the moment...

@Onecanofsprite - An exploitable?

@neon5162 - And a little pipe... It's allll about the pipe.

@Thisguy - Katie is a secondary character, for sure. She's always been intended to be more than just a cheap gag character, even if her particular set of quirks do often make her rather amusing ;)

And yes, you got the source of Beth's super strength perfectly ;)

@MarshmallowGherkin - Well that's good to know ;) Karl's his own dude, any similarity is coincidence :D
aok666 (Guest) edit delete reply
And I thought Karl was the weird one out of that pair! (He's going to be keeping at least a metre from Chuck for a few weeks, I'm guessing.) We do know that Thomas was Robert's best friend though (Robert himself said so) - so it's not a totally unprecedented assumption on Chuck's part.
(Got to wonder if the actual Phantom knew Robert from before.)

I only wanted Beth and R.Z. to slightly squash Chad's head, the way he did with Unnamed Security Guard #1... is that too much to ask?
sp4depir4te (Guest) edit delete reply
if it was a lovers spat all i can say is... still a better love story then twilight.
Magravan edit delete reply
@aok666 - He didn't squish it so much as tore it off ;) Beth crushed his body, causing roughly the same thing...

@sp4depir4te - Hah! Is that a meme now?
T.Gatto edit delete reply
I thought Robert had a thing for Beth, now I wonder.

Strangely enough the Human is the one who looks the most like a zombie.
CarlRedifi edit delete reply
Haha, another great comic from the TOGM team, cant wait to see where this is going!
Magravan edit delete reply
@T.Gatto - That's part of the theme of the whole story... The zombies are more human than the human ;)

I mean, when you have a zombie chiding a human for murder, you know that things are pretty messed up ;)

@CarlRedifi - Me too! ... Now if I can just figure out what to write... :D
PhilC edit delete reply
The usual zombie message is "we are no better than zombies." Now it's "we are worse than zombies"! You really hit an existential nerve there! Zombies are the only folks left you can hate without feeling guilty. At least they used to be!
banelilith (Guest) edit delete reply
This page made my day. Even if Robert has some sort of unhealthy obsession/love with Thomas/John. At least he will be well cared for and get maybe some medical treatment. Ha, maybe Chad will even be punished for messing with Robert's ....uhm friend. XD
Muchacho NL edit delete reply
Muchacho NL
Why does the song "Return to Sender" from Elvis Presley keep popping up in my head?

I wriiiiite I'm sorry but my zombies keep coming back! :P
asheswillfall (Guest) edit delete reply
Is John going to die? Is Robert going to eat his brain?
If he does, imagine the hell Robert would rain down upon Chad when he finds out it was his fault John is dead!
asheswillfall (Guest) edit delete reply
@Mag Was it Robert who caused the PSO's to take off like that because he knew John was in the building?
Magravan edit delete reply
@PhilC - That was definitely one of the things I wanted to look at through this comic... In a normalized society of zombies, does the human become the monster?

@banelilith - Well, on the plus side, Robert knows he's human, so at least he can help him mend up...

@Muchacho NL - I... have no idea. Mainly because I'm not sure if I've ever heard the song.

@asheswillfall - Robert would be pretty pissed if he found out Chad had beat him up, definitely. And .. No. They took off like that because they aren't paid to be front-line grunts against a major attack against the factory... Like Chuck said, Robert pays people to do that for him...

No, they ran because of the veritable army outside the place. They just managed to successfully spin it into them doing something noble when they happened upon John...

Sort of like deserters trying to buy their freedom by taking down a Heretic (thank you Final Fantasy Tactics!) ;)
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
It was triggered by lover's spat.

Part of the lyrics:
"She wrote upon it: Return to sender.
Address unknown.
No such person, no such zone.
We had a quarrel, a lover's spat.
I write I'm sorry but my letter keeps coming back."

Magravan edit delete reply
In that case, I think it'd be time to move on ;)
Muchacho NL (Guest) edit delete reply
Guest was me :S
BHurricane69 edit delete reply
hmmmmm..... I have my wonderings.....but I'll keep them to myself, for now...