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23rd Jan 2012, 1:00 AM
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Gotta have faith.
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Hey everyone, hope you had a great weekend :D

I have to say, I'm enjoying the fact that I don't feel rushed. There's still some desire to move on, but they don't have to go save someone or go rescue this, that or the other thing.

It means that I'm going to have the freedom to let them learn more about the factory, and maybe explain how the limbs are created / TOGM is made in the first place. It also gives them the freedom to deal with emotions that were sort of put on hold while they were busy chasing whatever goals they had.

Update: Due to some crazy generousity all around, they've got enough to buy the vest! Thanks to everyone who donated! I took down the donation button, just to avoid confusion.

Okay, serious part of the note now. I am putting up a donation button on the site. I attended an 'Indoor Yard Sale' for my cousin Cody who has Cystic Fibrosis, and they are trying to raise money to get him a special vest to help in his daily treatments. The vest itself costs something like $7000.

So I told my mom that I would put a donation link on the comic and if anyone donated anything, we'd put it towards getting his vest.

Please don't take this as something you have to do, or something that you are being guilted into. If they get the vest and we have exactly $0 to contribute, I'm perfectly fine with that. You guys are already super supportive with comments and votes and all kinds of things like videos and labels and pictures... You don't have to do anything more to earn my appreciation and respect.

But if you want to donate to help a good kid get a piece of medical gear that's going to make his life better, the option is there.

If we do get any donations, I'll see if June would be willing to make an image and if the donors add their names to the donation, we can put the names on the image and present it to him. (Also, if I ever get pins or something, I can send them out as thank yous)

Sorry for the length... I'm not good at fundraising, so it brings out the unsure, meandering James. Have a great week everyone!
User comments:
bbedlam edit delete reply
I like R.Z.'s blind faith in Beth and her ability to fix everything. Hopefully that faith will be rewarded.
Hythlodeus edit delete reply
blind childish faith is always cute.
connorduh edit delete reply
Ooh, I almost forgot about zombie John!

And best of luck to your cousin Cody!
Magravan edit delete reply
@bbedlam - To some degree, but to fix everything? That's a pretty tall order ;)

@Hythlodeus - It's cute but sad... Because you know that one day the world is going to destroy that... I get the feeling that a major portion of RZ's arc this time around is going to be pretty sad from our perspective.

@connorduh - Thank you! I can't believe that people are donating already. You guys never cease to amaze me.
Thisguy (Guest) edit delete reply
Well, admitably, RZ DID see john alive and well (even though he thinks he's a zombie) not that long ago. So RZ knows that the real John is alright... apart from being beaten by Chad. While everyone else thinks that John is zombiefied due to the fact that fake john, aka, Thomas, aka roberts best friend, got zombiefied... While Robert currently thinks that John is Thomas, aka fake john. Thats about right, isnt it? Another thing John and Thomas have in common, silent h's. Keep up the good work, and where's katie?
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
If i had any money I'd donate, i know what it's like to know someone with a shitty medical condition that makes their life that much harder, hell, i have my own shitty condition i deal with (of course .mine comes with a few positives)
model S (Guest) edit delete reply
It is really hard to comment on my phone, i wasn't done. -yells at phone- as i was saying: i don't know how obvious it is, but I'm autistic. I don't know much about cystic fibrosis, but from what i know of medical words it sounds painful. Tell your cousin he's got a penniless nut praying he gets cured.
PhilC edit delete reply
Finding out what TOGM really is, oooh. "TOGM is people!" No, that's what it's supposed to be but can't because there aren't enough people left. "TOGM is zombies!" No, that doesn't make sense. "TOGM is ... alien vampire robots from outer space!" Am I getting warmer?
I hope your cousin gets his vest!
Magravan edit delete reply
@Thisguy - Nearly right ;) And Katie is floating around nearby.

@model S - We're not trying to make anyone feel guilty for not donating. To be honest, we didn't really have much money to make a sizeable donation either...

And yes, I have some experience with autism, so I thought you might have it. Possibly Asperger's syndrome?

CF is basically a lung thing with other complications. You get filled up with stuff that you have to drain, otherwise you can't breath properly, I believe.

@PhilC - You are getting something... I'm not sure warmer is the word I would use :)

Not sure if you can see this, but it was sort of similar to the idea that I had for my guest strip :D
PhilC edit delete reply
Awww, that's rather sweet! And awesome! Though, in my thing they'd soon have to dodge strafing quad-barrel laser fire from a passing Millennium Falcon, cause the gunner's rather trigger happy! Then they'd jump on a crew-served turbolaser battery and return fire and...
Whoops, carried away for a bit there...
aok666 (Guest) edit delete reply
@model S: I hadn't noticed - even though my sister has Asperger's Syndrome, but then I'm probably so used to it that it registers as "normal", plus my sister is young and not especially high-functioning (though not seriously impaired). If it comes to that, I'm not sure whether or not I have some kind of autistic spectrum disorder myself (put it this way, I come across as pretty hyperactive, impulsive and tangential to most people...) so that could have something to do with it!

@Magravan: my computer is possibly harbouring something awful so I daren't input financial details right now, otherwise I would donate whatever I could :-(
Magravan edit delete reply
@PhilC - Nothing like crazy laser fire to punctuate a touching moment like that ;)

@aok666 - I don't want anyone to feel bad about not being able to donate, regardless of the reason... I appreciate the thought though :)
T.Gatto edit delete reply
OK before I start, Beth and Sylene look seriously hot in this strip!

OK will anybody believe RZ that John is not the drooling Idiot at the Phantom's hideout, or will he once again try to effect a solo rescue?

BTW anybody gonna try to help the headless (or bodiless) security guard?

model S edit delete reply
model S
it's not that i feel bad about not donating, it's something i think is worthwhile, and a good cause to donate for, i just don't have the money to help.

that sounds painful.
Magravan edit delete reply
@T.Gatto - Yes, the Security guard will be helped ;)

@model S - Well, I appreciate the thought! :D It's okay though, between everyone else who was helping, they've got enough now ;D
Jamming (Guest) edit delete reply
Finally Chad got his "just rewards" and all the pieces are falling into place. The Inter-tubes finally decided to let me send a donation. Durn Pay-pal!!!

We get told all the time in our News that the "great" Canadian Health Care System pays for everything. I'm not making any accusations but why are they not paying for something that makes him feel like he is not being constantly smothered? Or is there something about this that I'm missing?
Magravan edit delete reply
My understanding of the situation is that the vest is something that helps make the process go faster, and he doesn't have to sit rigidly in place or something.

And our healthcare system is pretty great, but it doesn't cover everything... A lot of medication isn't covered either... Even with OHIP and my work's drug benefit, I still have to pay a fair amount of cash for some medications...
Tuntable James (Guest) edit delete reply
Enjoying the comic a lot. Best wishes to Cody, as an asthmatic, I have some idea what it feels like.
@aok666 - Never put money through Mocro$oft Windows. Get youself a 'live' linux disk from a magazine. Never get caught. ( as long as you watch for false wifi points ).