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26th Apr 2012, 12:00 AM
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Cleanliness is next to ... nevermind.
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Hey everyone, hope you're having a good week!

I. Hate. Thought Bubbles. I really do. I just ... don't like doing them, at all. Anyway, I'm not sure if the leap that the Phantom's people got a coded message makes it obvious that Sully left to send it or not... So if this had you confused, I apologize.

Still no word either way on the job application, but since they'd send me something either way, that doesn't necessarily mean bad news.

Edit: Nevermind, dropped from the process. Disappointing, but I'm choosing to focus on what's ahead rather than dwelling on what's behind :)

Have a great weekend!
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
Thomas' handwriting looks like a child scribbled with green crayon! For shame!
User comments:
asheswillfall (Guest) edit delete reply
and now to make a mess of it again, that's the only reason to clean things is to have fun tearing it up again :)
So.... Thomas knew all along that there was a John. Interesting
MatthewJA edit delete reply
his handwriting

it is a unique blend of "jagged line" and "serif"
aok666 (Guest) edit delete reply
"You ever *tried* writing anything in blood? It's totally impractical." (pilot episode of Being Human UK TV series)

Remember I said that there's this artist who paints in blood, and he says it's a nightmare to work with because even with anticoagulants it smudges and clumps and rehydrates at a touch? Green Goo could well be very similar, so go easy on Thomas' handwriting.
And @John: look in the recycling/wastepaper basket, then in whatever you've filed paperwork in.
PhilC edit delete reply
If Thomas weren't so wordy, he'd have gotten some useful info on that one sheet of paper.
Of course, John could still be Thomas, just with amnesia, and the Thomas we saw getting zombified could still actually be the decoy. Or maybe they're both decoys!
Lunaroki edit delete reply
I just voted and there's no vote incentive preview image. It said to let you know if that was the case, so, letting you know.

*giggles @ John tearing apart the room he just cleaned up* Not the most efficient search strategy perhaps. And I can just imagine Robert coming back and scolding him for not having tidied up at all since he left. XD
T.Gatto edit delete reply
I always figured there were multiple John/Thomas clones running around.
I figured they had to clone someone's brain to make TOGM.
Guess I'll see eventually.

BTW love the TOGM Hoodie, where can I get one?

Kao Condettori (Guest) edit delete reply
I feel like that every time I clean my room.... Find half of something I need and can't find the other half... Start tearing the room apart again XD
Magravan edit delete reply
@asheswillfall - I'm glad you think it's interesting ;)

@MatthewJA - Yes. That's the name of the font. Jagged Line Serif. :)

@aok666 - Yeah! Poor guy's not using a nice pen with good ink! Be happy it's legible at all!

@PhilC - If he needs a huge amount of space to write, appreciate the cleverness in using zombie blood as invisible ink! :P

Will the real Thomas please stand up? :)

@Lunaroki - I switched the link and it seems to be working now... I had initially used a Dropbox link, and then I accidentally put the link with an extra space at the start which apparently breaks it. Buuuut, it's fixed now, and we know what we're doing, so we should be able to do it better in the future :)

@T.Gatto - Haha, you sure you want to wear a hoodie? That's classic criminal behaviour right there! ... Or so I've been led to believe by certain tv personalities ;)

@Kao Condeettori - Yeah, I've done this >_>
Cyrian (Guest) edit delete reply
You know, that is more or less the reason my room looks bad most of the time.
Magravan edit delete reply
Some people just function better with everything spread out where they can see it :)
dkkauwe (Guest) edit delete reply
this is interesting
Peter Palmiotti edit delete reply
Peter Palmiotti
Since TOGM is returning with an all new ending I decided to reread the last bit to refresh my memory!

And can I just add I'm excited!!!