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21st Jun 2012, 12:00 AM
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Can't seem to let it go
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Hey everyone, hope you're having a great week!

C'mon John, stop living in the past! That's so old news. Get with the now!

Also, did anyone else thing that John's not very good at letting the megalomaniac monologue in peace?

In other news, we had our basement faucet that wouldn't stop running hot water.. I went to Home Depot thinking that I'd have to do some pipe cutting, some work with the blowtorch and generally, a pretty crazy job to get it sorted out... Turns out the dude gave me a $2 washer. PROBLEM SOLVED! And they were awesome about me having the Guide Dog in there too.

We also had a review done by The Dead Future which does a bunch of different short comics. I found a couple I enjoyed, and a couple that unfortunately were difficult to read. Still, while occasionally NSFW, I was happy I checked it out.

Have a great weekend everyone!
User comments:
T.Gatto edit delete reply
Talk about irony.

The predator has killed the prey, and can no longer sustain itself, even after an abundant source of food is developed.

The surviving prey often resemble monsters more than the enlightened predators.

It seems the Zomiies need a cure for the Zombie disease/curse as much as the humans did. :)
Magravan edit delete reply
I think that's one of the interesting parts of the typical zombie story... The dehumanization of the survivors as they are forced to do more and more awful things in the name of survival...

We've sort of flipped it on its head here, because now Robert is doing more and more terrible things to avoid extinction / de-Enlightenment.
the_brigand (Guest) edit delete reply
doesn't ol'Bob ever get tired of having the same conversation with Thomas?
"You killed all of us!"
"Yeah, but I said I'm sorry."
Or does Thomas keep fighting new and interesting things to be outraged about every time he clones himself?
Muchacho NL edit delete reply
Muchacho NL
clones himself?
I've must have missed an exit on the conspiracy theory highway I suppose...
Feartheswans edit delete reply
Oh John, its Only Extinction, why hold a grudge?

Thomas seems to have been quite intelligent, I wonder if he orchestrated the fighting between the Zombies just to drive them to extinction

You know how Palpatine orchestrated the Rebel war to drive the Jedi to extinction after the Jedi drove the Sith to near extinction.
Asheswillfall (Guest) edit delete reply
When a near extinction happens, you're supposed to leave at least a breeding pair and some random kid. That way you still have a food source...
Magravan edit delete reply
@the_brigand - I'm guessing that this was a point that Thomas brought up a few times in the past.

@Muchacho NL - So many theories :)

@Feartheswans - Exactly! You can't focus on the present when you're living in the past man... Let it go...

@Asheswillfall - Yeah, I'm guessing that was the plan... And there's a bunch of Twos somewhere who are having trouble feeling bad about it :)
aok666 (Guest) edit delete reply
"tasted true enlightment so briefly and had it snatched from me"
So... if Robert ate John's brain - or the brains of many Johns (i.e. Thomas clones with TOGM-based brains), would he be able to regain "true enlightenment"? And I'm guessing that "true enlightenment" was his aim when he induced the zombocalypse?

Incidentally, in the Discworld books, the dwarfs (who mainly live underground, since they're traditionally a mining race) use the word "enlightened" as we would say "blinded by the light" (since it's very dark in a mine). Their word for what a human means by "enlightened" is, naturally, "endarkened"...
Magravan edit delete reply
Those are certainly some interesting questions :) We'll actually be answering part of it before the end of the chapter, I think :)

As for Discworld, I was just reading Mort recently.. Unfortunately I was exhausted when I did so, so I kept passing out with the book in my hand, but it was enjoyable so far :)
aok666 (Guest) edit delete reply
Mort's a good one :-) Discworld zombies appear occasionally from Reaper Man onwards - and from Jingo onwards, there's one in the City Watch (their equivalent of the police force).