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12th Jan 2010, 9:57 AM
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Thanks for 5000!! :D
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Woohoo!! Thanks for your patronage!! :D I dragged this one out of June's archives to show that she pencil sketches beforehand, and because it introduces a character you'll see very soon!

This is Sylene, Beth's neighbour. Her name comes from an Aes Sedai character I played on The True Source Neverwinter Nights mod. I think it was loosely based on Lanfear's Cyndane or something like that. I really need to get The Gathering Storm... Especially because I'm such a fan of Brandon Sanderson...

She's a Three who will be something of an antagonist to Beth, and VERY interested in John.

Hope you guys like the preview, and we'll see you again soon! :D
User comments:
2gcomic edit delete reply
Nice! Now for 10000!
Strangely, I didn't make a 5000 visitor celebration.
Effigy_Power edit delete reply
Holy Toledo! She's almost too adorable. ^_^

I totally didn't make anything for 10,000 hits myself... I feel lazy.
Magravan edit delete reply
To be honest, 2g, it was more of an excuse to show a preview of Sylene :D

I just happened to be looking, saw it was 5000+ unique view,s and said to June "Hey, we could put up that Sylene picture!" and she said "How about we use the *REDACTED* one?" and I said "How about we put up that Sylene one?" and we put up that Sylene one ;D

*note: Events may not have gone -exactly- as stated :D
Barrahir edit delete reply
<3 the look on her face :D Happy 5k views!
Blatz_ztalB edit delete reply
Super Congrats! That's amazing! :D
Magravan edit delete reply
Thanks Blatz! Thank you for your subscription too :D
jordanch68 edit delete reply
Sylene is Ms. 5000! :)