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24th Jan 2010, 7:00 PM
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Signs point to yes.
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Hello! (If you're one of the "Monday and Thursday" checkers, go back one. Great fan art from a very talented artist)

I spent this past week dealing with the annoyances of domain names and misunderstanding how name servers work and all that fun stuff. We ditched our efforts to get togm.com because despite Whois saying that it was run by Askmysite, and our paying to transfer it, that's not actually what the service entails. We have to buy it off them, and then pay more to get it transferred. Of course, they waited until I told them to take a hike before they explained it.

We then registered greymeat.com, since no one had it (Can't imagine why..), and I've spent the past little while trying to figure out how to make it so that instead of togm.webcomic.ws, it would say greymeat.com. Sadly, this is not to be. I could wipe out the entire thing with a masked forward, but then it would say www.greymeat.com regardless of what page you were on. Ultimately, I decided that I would just set it up as a forward that starts at Greymeat.com and ends at togm.webcomic.ws or some variation. Life goes on ;)

As for the comic itself, Beth's getting frustrated with his behaviour... This was one of the comics where I felt a bit trapped by the comedy side of the strip. I wanted Beth to get angry with him, but I also wanted a funny end... Needless to say, his levity is going to cost him. Guys, if you're ever in this situation, either be funnier that John, or keep quiet. :)

I'm actually missing Sylene already.. She was very full of life (or a reasonable facsimile of) and perky.. It'll be at least a half dozen comics before we see her again though, if not more.

I hope you guys enjoyed this comic, and I encourage those of you who aren't also comic artists on Comicfury to check it out. There are a lot of great people on the site, and some very good comics. I've been reading through a lot more of them lately, and I'm really enjoying it.

It's been a long day, so I'm signing off for now .. See you on Thursday!
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
I hate panels 1 and 2. I mean really loathe how I've drawn them. 3 and 4, ok. I spent hours, and hours, spanning over two days trying to get John's face right in panel two. I redrew it a few times. I managed to get it "slightly better", but I still absolutely hate it. When, when,when, will I be able to draw as I want to?

As you can see, I am an incredibly impatient person™. In a world of instant gratification, I am one of the worst. I expect instant results, and I expect them, well, instantly.

I must remind myself that part of learning how to be a good artist is learning how to sit back and allow oneself the time
to grow and develop. I'm not going to become amazing overnight. I'm not going to become amazing in a month, possibly even in a year.

Mistakes are meant to be made, as a learning tool, a steeping stone towards the ultimate goal. RIGHT? RIGHT?! Good. :)

Keep telling myself that. Glad we had this little chat. Tea?
User comments:
Sarge edit delete reply
I think you drew John's face perfect in the 2nd panel... his expression is priceless xD

and as much as Sylene was a bit... umm... overeager? I'm actually missing her too :P
DreamSanguine edit delete reply
I can't wait to see more! Looking forward to when you guys start updating 5 a week :D

Effigy_Power edit delete reply
It's good to be critical of oneself, but part of growing in experience in any field is also to be not too self-critical, because that inhibits growth just as much as being overly happy with everything.
I don't see a single thing wrong with any panel on this one, neither in writing nor in drawing... and I think you two are a bit too harsh on yourselves. ^_^
I love John's rubberface in Panel 1 is all I can say. And why Sylene is a ton of fun (hey, didn't call her June this time), John and Beth are perfectly capable of driving the story forward all by themselves.
Just keep doing what you're doing, guys.
Barrahir edit delete reply
In fact, I love John's face in panel 1 the most. Its just priceless. But on the last panel it looks weird :O

Also, I'd say Greymeat.com was not made is because "Grey" is more commonly used as "GrAy" (both are correct), and people probably used Graymeat

Anyway, its awesome :) and don't criticize yourself too much, it never helps. Seriously.
Chasm (Guest) edit delete reply
Excellent comic, a nice read with lovely artwork *disagree with artists criticism of herself...*
Skrael (I'm the artist)
@Everyone Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.. they mean a lot to me :)
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
YAY!! I loved it reading it so far!! great ideas!!
Magravan edit delete reply
Thank you unnamed Guest :) We love to hear people are enjoying it so far, even more when they give some clue as to who they are :D
Barrahir edit delete reply
you may be surprised, but I have actually seen people whose names are "Guest". Real name. Yeah.
Magravan edit delete reply
I apologize to Guest, should that be their actual name, for assuming that they were using a vague identifier. On the off chance that they are not the 2 or 3 people whose parents thought Guest was a good name, feel free to be something other than Guest :)

Maybe we should put Gray meat into the tags as well, in case people are using that spelling.
Barrahir (Guest) edit delete reply
Yeah, I'm on a different computer right now, and 1st time I tried to turn on this server, I wrote Graymeat.com. It was empty. Idk, always used Gray instead Grey. But when I checked the other day, turns out both are correct
Magravan edit delete reply
Grey is Canadian / British, Gray is American..
Skrael (I'm the artist)
Yeah us Canadians are wacky people.

Grey, colour, favour, behaviour, centre, theatre, travelling, cheque, plough, EH! (The list goes on ... yes I Googled this)

We're merely showing our proud Canadian heritage by naming the comic The Other GREY Meat ;)
Cyborg_572 edit delete reply
You know... to get the domain name actually replaced all you have to do is go bug Kyo with the right info...
Magravan edit delete reply
I will make a note to Kyo, but he's doing exams at the moment, and I don't mind waiting until he's done :) Thank you though :)
dc (Guest) edit delete reply
i fail at humour, could you explain the last part?

I'm also tired, but... I'm pretty sure i just fail. :)
Magravan edit delete reply
Ack! I didn't even realize that this one was dependent on a previous comic...

Sylene basically asked for 3 sweaters in a previous comic because John was getting one..