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17th Feb 2010, 7:00 PM
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Blech Night.
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Welcome to the Thursday edition of TOGM!

Lots of stuff going on with us, applications for mortgages, applications for new jobs, all that fun stuff. Woot for grown up stuff!

This one started out with much less text, but I thought I would explain why John is choosing to fight, rather than choosing to run. Hopefully my weirdo thought bubbles aren't weirding anyone out too much.

We've had a few questions that I've been happy to answer, and we're on TvTropes now... If there's a site that I could lose hours on, it's that one... So lots of stuff happening. If you do read these comments, I just want to say I'm sorry that we can't update more often, and that I realize that the story is kind of slow, but I hope that people realize we are storybuilding for something that can grow organically for a long time.

Anyways, questions or comments that you don't feel like doing here, feel free to use gottogm@gmail.com :)

Have a good weekend!
User comments:
Caylynn edit delete reply
Lol, I'm starting to feel pretty bad for that 1.
Linden edit delete reply
Poor thing. I'm not even sure if he is aware of John's brain. Such undeserved abuse. v_v
Magravan edit delete reply
Mission accomplished ;)
2gcomic edit delete reply
If you ask me, that zombie wasn't very threatening. :P
Guy Incognito edit delete reply
Guy Incognito
Right. We'll call it a draw then!
Effigy_Power edit delete reply
Running away, eh? You yellow bastard!

Haven't you people learned never to invoke Python? You know some of us can't stop with the quotes then.
For that alone I shall taunt you a second time.

VIPER edit delete reply
"What are you going to to, bleed on me?" - Arthur, King of the Britons

effigy_power is right, you just had to bring up monty python didn't you :P

i think it would have been much cooler if he got zombie juice splattered all over him... still funny though
alparrott edit delete reply
I just watched that movie the other night, too....

"Go away, before I taunt you a second time!"
Magravan edit delete reply
@2g - Intentional ;)

@Guy - Nah, he's going for the win!

@Effigy - That's half the fun!

@Viper - Bleed on me is actually more of a threat when it's a zombie and you might have a scratch somewhere...

@Al - Good taste :)
ArtistXXY edit delete reply
i don't get it.-__-
nice perspective though
Magravan edit delete reply
Well, there is the nod to Monty Python's Holy Grail and the Black Night who was getting various body parts chopped off but kept coming back for more...

Ignoring that aspect, it's the idea that the zombie is still saying Brains and trying to get up to come after him some more... After having been hit in the head with a can and getting 'disarmed'... *groan*
Peter Palmiotti edit delete reply
Peter Palmiotti
Enjoying it so far, I like the universe you've created.
Beta Maxis (Guest) edit delete reply
Yeah individual zombies were never really threatening, and he should have bashed the zombie's face with that arm, or is that the Mortal Kombat talking?
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
Add that to my to-do list:
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