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9th Nov 2009, 2:00 AM
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Standing up for Humanity!
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
I actually looked up synonyms for boner on the internet.. I admit it. I took the most amusing reference that I found on it's own :) If you are debating on whether or not to continue reading, please check out the next comic. It was the last of our 'preview' comics for a reason :)

This comic is important because it sets up the world view. It isn't that humans are rare, or the last fighting remnant of a nearly dead civilization or anything. Zombies won, humans lost. Humans are non-existant, so far as everyone knows...

Which is going to make life very interesting for John if word gets out he's sporting some very un-zombie-like 'attachments'. I changed the title of this comic from something else. I thought Standing up for humanity was more amusing ;)

Also, we got into the top 500 of the Web Comic List. You guys are awesome, thank you for voting :)
Stick around for the next comic! Coming soon, to a Thursday near you!

Just promoting a fellow webcomic artist who has managed to publish! ... because he needs it.. From us. Clearly.
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
Beth has a fine ass, wouldn't you say? I draw what I can't have, lol. She is getting easier to draw. More key points in her face are coming together to become her "look". John remains an illustrative mongrel. Sorry about his chameleon looks, folks. Here is a tip: Beth is the curvaceous redhead. John's the other one. Got it?

I wanted to draw John gesturing with his hands a little better in the last panel, but him doing a thumbs up sign like the Fonz was the best that I could come up with. James was amused with his facial expression.

I was tempted to draw in the "stiffy" but then this comic wouldn't be suited for children ... wait .. I guess it's not any way. Enjoy!
User comments:
Skrael (I'm the artist)
By the way, I love James' title for this one, pure genius :)
Lessum (Guest) edit delete reply
LOL June....with Beth its all about the TnA
Love it!
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
That's because June is pervy :D
Xila31 edit delete reply
Hmmmm... talking zombies that are not losing their skin. Interesting.