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24th Mar 2010, 5:01 PM
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You still haven't dissuaded me...
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Hey, hope you're having a good week!

This was a great image to wake up to... I'm on nights right now, so I get to sleep through the day, and then wake up and work on lettering the comic before it goes up. I think I've found a happy medium with the text sizing and placement. Learned some things tonight that made it go faster, so that's always nice.

As for the home: Wow. The home inspector was awesome, and if you're reading anywhere near Southern Ontario, I'd highly recommend him. His name is Brian Daley, and his website is here. He took his time, made us feel like we could ask anything (and encouraged us to), and was blunt and honest throughout the whole process about what he could tell us, what he couldn't, and the actual use of the information he was giving us. Good news: It's the 'typical' amount of repairs expected for a house this size and age. Bad news: Aluminium wiring throughout, which is bad for insurance purposes. It was genuinely a good experience, and I think that it will make us better home owners for it.

Unfortunately this means our next step is getting an electrician in to survey the wiring so we can see if we can get insurance for the place. A bit more of a delay to finding out if this is the house for us (and it cost us over $400 for the home inspection, so I certainly hope it is!) Thankfully, we've had a lot of help from family, both in the financial and support areas, because our funds are looking awfully sparse in light of all these pre-purchases costs that are coming up.

GBK cameo was missed for the sake of text room, but it's still a great comic. If you enjoy copious amounts of Hello Kitty demise, it does not disappoint! Also, it's doing a great arc right now suggested by Effigy of RPGeneric and I ;) It's also sporting our cameo image as his new comic icon, so that's doubly awesome!

Hope you guys have a great weekend! I'm going to try to get another vote incentive image out of June sometime so we can post the last one ;)
User comments:
Skrael (I'm the artist)
I can't believe how quickly I eeked this comic out. I woke up with a sore hand, possibly because I've been drawing like mad with a few commissions on the go! Probably because I slept on it wrong.

Regardless, I sat down to do my sketches roughly 10 hours ago, and it didn't go so well. Usually I draw everything on paper first, then scan it, ink and colour in photoshop. The process takes roughly 6-8 hours or so per comic.

Because my hand was sore, it was hard to grip the skinny pencil, so I decided to skip it and do the entire work in photoshop. My wacom pen is a lot thicker than a regular pencil, so it wasn't so bad on my hand after all.

I had to use a couple of previous drawings as a basis for my line work (*Slaps my hand* bad artist, bad bad!) but I did what I felt I needed to. Panels 3 and 4 were drawn entirely on their own. Surprisingly, they are the panels that I am most satisfied with the appearance of. Sylene looks gorgeous, don't you think? Let's face it, love her or hate her, everyone wanted to see that sexy drawing of Sylene, right?

I'm no going to dwell on house issues too much, just to say I'm still very happy with our deal, and I have faith in James and my ability to make things work. We always do.

Also, as a follow up on my mom, she seems to be doing better the past couple of days. Here's hoping the good health keeps up!

Now, if only my Pet Society Ms Foxy will make me a rainbow poo ...
alparrott edit delete reply
Thanks for the shoutouts, guys.

As much as I think Sylene looks nice, I'm waiting for Beth to shed a few... inhibitions, I guess you could say.

I mean, if she wants John to notice her, she does.
Magravan edit delete reply
lol ;) I'm guessing it'll be a while before Beth wants him to notice her in any special way ;)
bbedlam edit delete reply
John pictures her as an Ariel-esque kind of mermaid? He needs to get his mind into the gutter :)
Magravan edit delete reply
His original comment was going to be "I was thinking of the disney version..." but June made that abundantly clear in panel 3, so I dropped it ;) He was hoping for the sirens that don't end up killing you :)
Lunaroki (Guest) edit delete reply
As lovely as Sylene is in Panel 3, I really love Beth's expression in Panel 4. Awesome work on this one June! =)
Barrahir (Guest) edit delete reply
This.Is. AWESOME! Great work! KEEP IT UP!

If any1 wonders why I write as guest, its cause I am too lazy to log every damn time.
Magravan edit delete reply
Hey, that's no problem until we get 'Barrahir' who tells everyone to go buy Viagra ;P
ArtistXXY edit delete reply
just out of curiousity... what's a homing beacon
Magravan edit delete reply
A homing beacon is basically a device that emits a certain type of signal in order to help it be found.

Beth is basically saying that Sylene's a huge target ;)