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7th Apr 2010, 5:00 PM
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I bet it's delicious!
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Hey everybody!

No cameos this time, so I expect our visitors this weekend to drop considerably :P Don't ask me what a squigy fleshbag is. I'm thinking maybe a British version of the HK droid from Knights of the Old Republic? Saying it, that is. Not being it. It just seemed amusing to have Beth sort of ... uncomfortable with certain parts of John's physiology ;)

On a completely non-comic related note, May is going to be AWESOME! We're not even halfway through April yet and I'm already psyched. TCAF, if anyone is in the reasonable vicinity of Toronto, is a free comic convention held in Toronto where some pretty cool people are going to be. That, probably, would be enough to make May rock. But! And this is a pretty important one... If you took the awesomeness that is TCAF, and then topped it with a sweet, sweet helping of Jonathon Coulton concert, you'd have the makings of a pretty damn awesome month. So we did!! If you haven't read it in the past, his song "Re: Your Brains" was the first inspiration for this comic, and you may recognize the character Bob from the song as a version of Robert. Anyways, super psyched. REALLY hoping that he mingles with the crowd, since it doesn't seem to be a super massive venue. We got good tickets together, so that's awesome!

We were going to go see Wicked, and if I can scrounge the money up somewhere, we will probably try to do that as well.

So anyways, May is going to rock. April, you'd better start picking up the slack if you expect to be remembered at all next year! (The month, not to any girls named April... I'm sure you'll be remembered next year.)

And then June ends on the note of us getting our new house. (Again, the month. I'm not killing my wife for insurance money when we get our new house... *shifty eyes* Amongst other more important factors, we'd be out an artist for TOGM!) So things are picking up. We're going to actually get a decent summer this year, it seems. Good times ahead!
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
I am pooped! I just spent like 7 or so hours working on AngryRob's commission .. but I think it's coming out well! Now to uncross my eyes and un-cramp my hand! (I could use a neck rub too!)

This comic was drawn with two things that I wanted to concentrate on. I wanted to really sit down and draw hands as best as I could. I think I did pretty durned good, if yo look at my other hand drawings! Secondly, I wanted to learn how to draw the characters on different facial angles, so I purposely made Beth angling her head differently than I am used to.

Some of you may notice a slight variation in Beth's hairstyle. I tried a new technique where I'm using a circle as a guide for her upper scalp instead of just winging it. I think it helped a lot. And not drawing that extra Ariel-esque swoosh in her hair looks nicer IMO.

I may write some more tomorrow, but I am truly pooped!

I hope that you are all doing well!

Here is an alternate Panel 4! For fun!
User comments:
Xenrin edit delete reply
Facial expressions = WIN

(Esp. in Panel 5)
...Though the alt version was pretty great too.
Sandy (Guest) edit delete reply
Really liking this comic! Got me hooked...
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I totally missed the 'am' in 'I am pooped!'...
made me literally go O.O
anyways I agree. The facial expressions were awesome in this one xD
Effigy_Power edit delete reply
HK references can never be wrong.

PS: I also read "I pooped" first... maybe use exhausted next time to clear that up, lol. ^_^
bbedlam edit delete reply
I also thought you said "I just pooped" ... oh the hilarity of reading things waaayyy too early.

I can safely say John is my favorite squigy fleshbag in TOGM. I may start calling other people squigy fleshbags...
PixieSingsBass (Guest) edit delete reply
Hey! Joe's got a copy of that song on his iTunes! LOL The first time he played it for me, I thought of TOGM and you guys! Small world! Lovin' the comic folks, gret job!
Xila31 edit delete reply
It was ectoplasmic residue. Duh... all undead things have that.... or was that just ghosts?
Magravan edit delete reply
@MarshmallowGherkin - He needs more Dragon Spirit Power!! in his regular daily life...

@Sandy - I'm glad you're enjoying it!

@Guest - Haha ;) I'm sure she's pooped once or twice before too ;)

@Effigy - That's a code I can live by... HK references for everyone!

@bbedlam - That's why we post waaaay too early :) Everything's funnier when you're overtired ;) This comic will likely up the rate of squigy fleshbag comments in my local area as well.. :D

@PixieSingsBass - Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it ;) As for the song, I listen to it far more often than I probably should ;)

@Xila31 - I can't believe that with such a simple name I managed to make 4 typos before I got it right... :/ Anyways.. *coughs* Yes, John has to worry about not getting slimed, and he definitely better not be crossing any streams :D
Skrael (I'm the artist)
You guys are terrible. I am pretty sure that I never poop!
Effigy_Power edit delete reply
Everyone knows women don't poop.
Syaoran (Guest) edit delete reply
OH GOD JONATHON COULTON CONCERT!? You've just made me jealous of not living in Canada, that's an accomplishment. >_>

Anyways, the comic keeps getting better and better, I'm just too lazy to comment often lol. Love panel 5, John's expression made me laugh.

Anyways, glad to see things are looking up for ya, can't wait for Monday's comic lol.
Skrael (I'm the artist)
Sya (Pron. SAY-YA)! Nice to hear from you!! :) I'm glad you're enjoying the comic, and I'm flattered that you think that it keeps getting better and better .. I think that I've been working hard to improve my art. I don't fancy myself as a comic illustrator, so this has been a real challenge for me. Good thing that I love challenges! :)

Hope you are doing well, as well as the few ToP'ers that you keep in contact with. Say hi for me!
Magravan edit delete reply
I'm glad to know that you are still reading and still enjoying the comic, Sya :) I have to admit, there are times when I wonder if we are shedding a lot of people who are just not enjoying the storyline... You probably meant the art, but I'll take the ambiguity for what it's worth :D
Dodom edit delete reply
Say... where do the replacement limbs come from? (I think they keep the Ones around for that)
Magravan edit delete reply
They come from TOGM Corp's Limb Subsidiary ;)
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
It'd be totally awesome if that alternate panel was real. :P
binn05 (Guest) edit delete reply
I had to say it: Your alternate panel is awesome!