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30th May 2010, 5:00 PM
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So hot it'll melt your popsicle
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
I was going to include the lyrics from California Gurls, because it's just so .. perfectly awkward for the strip, which sums up how this felt.

This, by the way, is my concession to June who said "Guys get to check out Sylene and Beth all the time, we need something for the girls!"

Unfortunately, this technically means I have to flag it with a Nudity flag now ;) Waste of the flag, if you ask me ;P

As I'm writing this, (And hoping it uploads properly), I'm about to head off for a shower before the JoCo concert! Sooo looking forward to this! I'm excited!

So, either "You're Welcome," or "I'm so sorry! She MADE me do it!!" for this strip, depending on how you feel about it ;) Either way, I thought it was funny how John starts out a little embarrassed and is rocking out at the end, and Sylene's entrance :D

See you on Thursday!
Magravan edit delete
JoCo concert was AWESOME!! The starting band / comedy group (Paul & Storm) were hilarious. Literally had me laughing so hard I teared up.. They did a bunch of songs / skits, and then JoCo came on and did a bunch of songs alone / with Paul and Storm.

I am sooooo happy that June noticed that they had a concert date in Toronto... We bought 2 T-shirts there.. One is Re: Your Brains in a memo format, and the other is Dejected Arrr with a pirate on it, which is mine. June wanted me to get a "Minion" t-shirt, which would have put me on the bottom rung of their evil organizational ladder, but I had a tiny shoulder Ackbar saying "It's a trap!" ;)

(Both Dejected Arr and Minion were Paul and Storm's gear. I wasn't even aware that they'd be there or anything, and definitely hadn't planned to buy it, but they were so good I couldn't resist.

JoCo was phenomenal, did a lot of my favourite songs, and I couldn't resist singing along with some of them... Just.. Awesome. I can definitely see why people enjoy the concert scene so much...

Afterwards, when they had finished, we stuck around and they all came out. I got to shake hands with Paul and JoCo, and we presented him with a poster (and got him to sign ours!) and then we took a picture with him, which we will probably post!

Also, of note, we saw Lar from Least I Could Do / Looking for Group at the concert. He's so distinctive in his appearance that I said "Is that Lar?!" to June while he walked past. His companion that I can only assume is his wife razzed him about people noticing him, but he said if JoCo knew who he was, he'd be really impressed :)

Just absolutely amazing night. I'm so pleased that we got to do it... Still totally psyched ;D

Oh, we have a new voting incentive up, I think. Which is a copy of the poster that we presented to JoCo! We actually have one extra, and might make a small contest out of it, if people are interested?
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
I'm still really excited about EVERYTHING!
It was an amazing show. I found myself clapping and shouting and laughing. It was so amazing. Paul and Storm put on an excellent opening performance. They are definitely true showmen. I didn't know much of them before, but I am raving about them now!

Jonathan Coulton was even better than I could have imagined in person. That man can sing! And I really love when artists connect with their audiences and interact with them. We were not disappointed in the slightest. We did not get any photos because we were told it was not allowed in the theatre, so that was really too bad. But AFTER, we stuck around and got to say hello to the guys and tell Jonathan about the comic! It was great. We gave him a copy of our poster, and had him sign a copy of ours. I jokingly told James that we should sign his copy :P Any way, here is the picture:


Picture's a bit grainy (ok a lot) my camera sucks!

We also got two t-shirts. Mine has the lyrics of Re: Your Brains (I put it on during the show, and is in the picture) James got a Paul and Storm one, it says "Dejected Arr" (You had to be there :P )

James is wearing the zombie "Think Positive" shirt that we got from TCAF when we met Jeph Jaques form QC. :P

Any way, we had an awesome time!!
User comments:
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
His butt

It jiggles
Ferix edit delete reply
Lol, that was me, forgot to log in, also

His butt

It STILL jiggles
DreamSanguine edit delete reply
Ahaha Sylene's timing couldn't have been better! I'm amused Beth doesn't seem to have noticed! xD Ahahaha
Barrahir edit delete reply
I have been left speechless.
Aerix Spades (Guest) edit delete reply
Teh expression on Beth's face in teh last panel iz pwice-less, nyahahahaha! XD
alparrott edit delete reply
Oh man, she's totally wanting it XD
Brodnik (Guest) edit delete reply
Okay this is weirdind me out. Supposedly Beth's a zombie and thus has no heartbeat right? So with that said is there a particular reason she's able to blush or is it just good ol' movie magic?
Magravan edit delete reply
@Ferix - When you're working it like John's working it, it can't help but jiggle ;)

@DreamSanguine - Beth's kind of ... preoccupied..

@Barrahir - In a good way, I hope ;D

@Aerix Spades - Yes, yes it is..

@Alparrott - She just might start shambling around saying Peeeenis at this rate..

@Brodnik - In continuity, we'll call it an 'upgrade' of the Fours. But June will probably draw a non-four with it at some point, at which point we'll have to admit its artistic license and hope for the best?
Barrahir edit delete reply
Deeeeeefinately in a good way.
bbedlam edit delete reply
Love Beth's pose in the final panel, and leave it to Sylene to come stealing in through the window.

Now that you've got the nudity flag, time to have some good ol' Sylene/Beth action though, right?



Magravan edit delete reply
@Barrahir - Good! *tells his minions to release Barra's family*

@bbedlam - Haha! Who knows... I'm not making any claims anymore :P Edit: Nevermind! The flag says "Frontal Nudity!" :P We got around the flag! Woohoo :D
Blatz_ztalB edit delete reply
Forgive my ignorance, who is Jonathan Coulton? :p
Magravan edit delete reply
You could check Re: Your Brains which was a big influence on TOGM's backstory.

Still Alive which is the ending song to Portal.

Or this which is a fantastic cover, and a song I reeeeallly wish he had done at the concert, because it makes me laugh at the absurdity.

He's a fantastic singer with a VERY good mentality about how to interact with fans, and sings about nerdy songs... ;) There's more, he allows people to put up works using his music so long as they credit him..

I don't know, I can't think of anyone's concert I'd rather see... They were awesome :D
Two&3/4 (Guest) edit delete reply
A society where the zombie chicks want you for your your brain and what in your pants. I am both frightened and aroused. Thankyou.
Tom Day edit delete reply
Tom Day
This is getting RACY! Loving the story and artwork... and let me tell ya how jealous I am that you met Jonathan Coulton!!!
Magravan edit delete reply
@Two&3/4 - Always a pleasure ;) At least they are still interested in your brain :)

@Tom Day - I'm still floored that most of the people left! I mean, it was late-ish, but if the guy that you just paid money to come see is going to be hanging out afterwards, why wouldn't you stick around?
Stealth edit delete reply
Just to clarify - is John really meant to be particularly attractive, or is Beth just desperate, given the info from page 6? :P
Magravan edit delete reply
Given a choice between the two, I'd say closer to desperate than super attractive :)
Sleel (Guest) edit delete reply
Love the finger twirl
Magravan edit delete reply
I -may- have posed for reference for some of those pictures :D
ArtistXXY edit delete reply
so... in panel 4 did john notice the blinds were moving... because he was doing some hand signal (to beth)
Skrael (I'm the artist)
Actually Mag, I drew all of these from memory ..no references needed :)
Magravan edit delete reply
@ArtistXXY - Uhhh... no... That's... kind of how I dance ;)

@Skrael - lol.. The show was that good, huh?
Richard Justice (Guest) edit delete reply
.... And then they fornicated?

jk lol Though the expression on Beth's face is freaking hilarious~
Magravan edit delete reply
Ha! That could end poorly, I think :)
Skrael (I'm the artist)
LOL this strip has certainly gotten a lot of responses *temples fingers* exxxxcellent ...
Xenrin edit delete reply
You and your evil geniousness! >:{]
It's not fair! I can't lure people into such traps as you do; for stickmen are not good at strip-dances!

Fate has dealt unjustly!
Skrael (I'm the artist)
@MG you made me giggle out loud :P
Magravan edit delete reply
Technically this was foreshadowed a fair bit :) To the point where June told me I better get on with it because my glacial pace was too slow ;)
Xenrin edit delete reply
@Skrael: Sorry, but GOL just doesn't do the same as LOL... :\

@Magravan: Foreshadow'd a bit? She's wanted this since, like, comic 7! :P
Skrael (I'm the artist)
@MG .. you obviously haven't heard me giggle, have you? Cutest sound I will ever make, IMO. :P "heee heee heee heee heee hee hee hee hee!" (and so on) Ask Mags. I always seem to crack him up.
Magravan edit delete reply
@MG - A fair bit :) On the plus side, now we can move onto something else for a while ;)

@Skrael - It does :D
Barrahir edit delete reply
I think you just discovered how to make this comic a looo' more popular, eh? :D
Solem Saje edit delete reply
Solem Saje
Oh my. The parade of depraved redheads (say that three times fast) continues!

And the last human alive is a party animal? At least the last of the species has chosen to give a good showing. (Pun not intended.)
Magravan edit delete reply
@Barrahir - It certainly is a provocative subject, apparently... And we're still managing a Pg-13 rating, so that's good :)

@Solem Saje - Hey, if you've got to do it, do it well ;)
Frosty edit delete reply
Not quite sure how it happened but I'm now only seven places behind you guys on TWC o.O
Magravan edit delete reply
A new month and a very dedicated group of voters, I would suspect :) Congrats, I hope it gets you some extra visitors, Ice! And as I haven't voted for you yet, let me get you even closer or maybe ahead :D
Mike (Guest) edit delete reply
So, umm, hey, why can Beth, a zombie, blush? No blood flowing, right?
Magravan edit delete reply
You asked this already, same answer :) Enhancements :D
CyberSkull edit delete reply
Last panel… SO GOOD! XD
jordanch68 edit delete reply
Yes, this arc (especially the last panel) is awesome. I get the feeling they'll have to explore that in more detail at some point. Beth's expression in the last panel...she's got it bad! lol :)
Beta Maxis (Guest) edit delete reply
Oh my God that is AWKWARD. Sylene's like Charlie's stalker on Two And A Half Men!
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
This is yet another page where the comments are off from the avatars, by the way. It only happens with user comments and not the author notes at the top, if that helps.