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2nd Jun 2010, 5:00 PM
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She knows!
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Author Notes:
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
June here .. yep, I'm the uploader today. I screwed up royally. I thought James was off work today, so I put off doing the comic until today, presuming he was going to be able to letter it in time. I was wrong-o. But, that was to be only the beginning of my problems.

As I sat down to make the comic, (we'd decided I'd also have to do the lettering on my own) my son's school called to come and pick him up. (R.Z.'s inspiration)

He was being bad on the bus, so the bus took him back to the school. INSTEAD of taking him to my house, which would have been bloody well just as easy. It is an hour's walk to the school, one way. (he goes out of district, and I don't drive, and there is no reasonable bus route) I have to go pick him up though, I mean, he's too young to walk on his own.

I get home, roughly two hours later, soaked from the rain, sit down to draw. An hour into it, computer freezes up! I hadn't saved (stupid of me, I know) and I lost all of my work. By this time it's 6 pm. I reboot my computer. It won't boot again! Ffffffuuuu... (etc.)

We were honestly about to concede that the comic just wouldn't get done. First time we'd miss an update on time. I'm sure James was livid with me.

A couple of frustrating hours later, I have a slight epiphany. I recall a time, many many many years ago when I had the same problem. I seemed to remember that the hard drive was touching the frame of the case, and it caused it to safety off. I could have jiggled it when I was plugging my mp3 player in before my walk to the school, and I had just been adjusting my desk just prior to the lock up. I move the loose hard drive (don't ask why it's loose) to a better spot and viola, MAIN SCREEN TURN ON!

I finally crack down to drawing the comic, and it is 8:30 by now. We update at midnight .. tick tick tick tick.

I will not apologize about all of the obvious mistakes and short cuts made in this comic. I really did the absolute best that I could.

Also, I did not have James' regular comic layout file, so I sort of really did a lame version of it. And the text, speech bubbles and everything else blows. I just didn't know how James did it. never really paid attention, and his instructions were vague/confusing :P

Hey, I did the best I could here :P And the comic is up on time-ish! James will fix it all later!

YATTA! \o/
(anyone else pissed that Heroes got canceled?!)
Magravan edit delete
Hey guys, home now. Sorry things didn't work out normally. Those of you who don't read it right away will hopefully not know what the heck she was talking about because it'll be the same awesomeness that you're used to.. Those of you who do will wonder why the heck we let me letter / bubble the comic ;)

(The reason is that I change the script a lot based on how the art turns out... It's just easier for me to write it without having to go through June for each change..)

It's been a fairly lousy day, but with some highlights. We got some candies from a co-worker today, and the guy I worked with is awesome, I really like working with him. Some lousy stuff happened at work too, but I prefer to focus on the positives. Oh, someone gave me pizza too because I helped his dad without him having to leave his meeting. Score!

And June got the comic done on time. I was definitely not looking forward to making the post that we wouldn't have a TOGM ready on time. It made me really sad... So you have no idea how pleased I am that she came through on it... She's so awesome, and I'm glad to be working with someone who puts in so much effort to make sure that things get done... Good thing I married her!

You're my moon, baby <3

So, everything should be back to normal soon! (Oh yes, the .ai file didn't get to her because Skydrive crapped out. We've been using it to transfer the file when we left our USB stick at a UPS Store ;) )
User comments:
jenffer edit delete reply
happy 100 subs keep up your great stirp i just love reading it
Magravan edit delete reply
@jenffer - Thanks! You're actually 101 :D I'm glad that you enjoy the strip!
Solem Saje edit delete reply
Solem Saje
I assure you that your slavishly devoted audience (me) would have forgiven a delay. To say that the comic is of much lesser quality is a bit much, in my opinion (and as a reader, that makes it more important than yours (just kidding on that last part (I know exactly how it feels to be in that situation (I'll just stop overusing brackets now (honestly.))))).
Magravan edit delete reply
The one thing that I said at the beginning of making this comic was that I wanted to avoid any disruptions to the schedule for one simple reason.. It's a slippery slope once you start missing updates...

Some comics start off missing them for very good reasons, then sort of mediocre reasons, then any reason at all, and then they quit... Which always frustrated the heck out of me... So better to strive to be on time every time, and hopefully this will make a buffer that much more attractive (It wont..)

Also, please save some brackets for the rest of us, <we've got a limited supply> <-- See?!
Two&3/4 (Guest) edit delete reply
Classic censorship, now all I'm wondering is she adding 2 and 2 and getting fish as it were? Or does she actually get it?

I keep imagining that one of the outcomes here is zombie babies. Horny zombie hotties, ONE living human,end of the zombie race imminent: re-population required.
Bow chica bow-bow chicabowow chic-chica
Skrael (I'm the artist)
By the way - I was totally thinking of Raiden from MGS2 when I was drawing John in this one :P
Magravan edit delete reply
@Two&3/4 - Damn right! Gotta love that conveniently placed obstruction! :) As for her adding skills, RAFO :) That's an outcome that I'm hoping to read about in a fan fic someday :)

@June - Hah! Just no cartwheeling around Beth's house, okay?
DreamSanguine edit delete reply
Ahahahaha. xD I remembered the cola can too! Keep 'em coming!
Lunaris_Starchilde edit delete reply
and we have a Kuno Moment in 3...2...
Xenrin edit delete reply
Well I think it still looks good... You must be pretty damn good at these "shortcuts" if they yield satisfactory results in less time. :\

Computers can be jerks sometimes.

(Also: the "MAIN SCREEN TURN ON" line just made my day. Even more than realizing TOGM updated.)
Syaoran (Guest) edit delete reply
You're insane, it looks amazing as always. John's face made me lmao hard core. I needed a good laugh at the moment. (Getting pissy upgrading something in-game.) And this totally gave me that laugh!

And yea, iono, maybe I don't pay enough attention but the comic seems the same as always to me.. o.o
Frosty edit delete reply
Somehow I'm going to guess that with the ambiguous dialouge, she hasn't really figured it out ;D
Barrahir edit delete reply
Somehow I think so too.
alparrott edit delete reply
Magravan edit delete reply
@DreamSanguine - Yeah, that was awesome :) We checked out a youtube video of a guy jumping around and going back into the torture machine :)

@Lunaris_Starchilde - What's a Kuno moment?

@MarshmallowGherkin - We also uploaded it in RGB instead of CMYK, which is what I had been using instead ;) June and her archaic meme references... :D She used to listen to the dance mix!

@Syaoran - Sorry to hear that you were getting pissy, but I'm glad that we helped! ;) Which game are you playing these days?

@Ice the frosty cat & Barra - You guys have no faith in Threes. Part of Monday's dialogue will apply to you too :P

@Alparrott - Stop being so fun to tease!! :D But really, coming from the guy who is all set up and leaving the pay off to our imagination, you're hardly the guy to be calling other people out for teasing :P
JimiRaffety edit delete reply
Well, just got caught up! I've enjoyed it so far, you guys have made a very intriguing concept into a good story. Also, the art is definitely improving with each strip! Can't wait to see what the future holds for TOGM.
bbedlam edit delete reply
I seriously doubt Sylene figured out what John is.... My guess is she thinks he's a male prostitute or something. Possibly a chippendale's dancer?
Tom Day edit delete reply
Tom Day
I love the strategic placement of the hands in this entry... reminds me of Austin Powers! You two just keep getting better!
Arden edit delete reply
Well, I thought I was already subscribed to TOGM - I'm not just subscribing cos he has no pants on - honest.

No, really...
Two&3/4 (Guest) edit delete reply
Ya see, what gets me is that she never confirmed or denied that zombies can get erections. My guess is they cant. They also probably don't produce testosterone and pheromones in high levels or possibly even at all. That being said, combine her hunger with her dormant libido being shocked awake...I'm very surprised that she hasn't melted his popsicle by now - or eaten his brain one.

As to the dance and purple's question-
I doubt very much that he was standing at attention at the time being a bit weirded out by the whole situation. So, purple never saw him acting human. Maybe she thinks he's a 4. Intact genitalia kinda seems like something pretty nice to have-working or not. It's soft tissue and a mucous membrane so its delicate when compared to a leg.

Aside from all that-
This is an awesome comic and I hope it keeps going for a long time.
Magravan edit delete reply
@JimiRaffety - Thank you, I'm glad you enjoying it ;D

@bbedlam - He can't be a male prostitute, Beth hasn't paid him anything ;)

@Tom Day - Haha! I loved that part, it was great :)

@Arden - Haha, his milkshake works again ;)

@Two&3/4 - Actually, Beth has outright said "Zombies don't get erections" :) As for eating his brain or taking care of his business, I think that she realizes that either case has the distinct possibility of turning him into a One. He makes life interesting, so she's overcome her urges thusfar :)

And thank you, I hope that we can keep doing it. I've really enjoyed becoming more involved with the webcomic community ;)
Barrahir edit delete reply
A zombie overcoming her hunger for brains, for the sake of a guy.

A vampire overcoming his thirst for blood, for the sake of a girl.

Anyone seeing a pattern here?
Magravan edit delete reply
Of course! Now that you've pointed it out, we're clearly a Twilight rip off... I'll get June to start adding sparklies around all the zombies soon :)

I just want to say, sorry if you like Twilight, but "I can't drink your blood because I love you" is the lamest line ever. That would be like me saying "I can't cut you apart and sell your organs on the black market because I love you." Yeah.. It's kind of a given. That's part of what caring about someone is, and it shouldn't be that big of an admission... Definitely not a defining moment...

If that's not what they actually say, I blame people who have actually read the book / watched the movie feeding me bad information.
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
I noticed the resemblance, too, but thought, "Nah, they wouldn't be *that* obvious..." :P
MatthewJA edit delete reply
"and viola"

Heh. This amuses me.
jordanch68 edit delete reply
Kinda begs the question, just what types of relationships do Zombies have? I guess it would really depend on their status and upgrades? Hmm..*ponders*.
Beta Maxis (Guest) edit delete reply
Oh God, did she see an erection? Hope not, 'cause if she knows, I bet she's a blabbermouth.