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11th Jul 2010, 5:00 PM
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Picky Eater.
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
Woooo! Monday Morning TOGM! Yum yum..

This one I completely rewrote after seeing June's drawings. Same general idea, Beth's letting him fend for himself and tending to Chad's needs instead, but rather than have her threaten to drop R.Z. on him from a window like a medieval castle dropping boiling oil, we have this instead.

On other notes, we're putting up some fan art that we've had available for a while, but my lack of a stable computer has made it difficult to put up. I just asked June to help today, and she pulled it off pretty quick... So yeah, stupid me for waiting. Sorry guys!

Hope you guys have a great week!
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
Apologies for the artwork on this one. It was not going well.
User comments:
alparrott edit delete reply
stopppppp teasing meeeeeeee
Frosty edit delete reply
I love the dialouge in this one for some reason :D
snoog (Guest) edit delete reply
Hey haven't commented in a while been busy. So what's I remember you saying book 1 was going to end so it this goodbye to Beth? Will John have to fend for himself? Can't wait to find out. Also can't believe I never picked up on this till now virtually every story I've ever read where a man is taking in to a home the woman's called beth. Of course normaly their sweet nurturing etc. Not that this Beth doesn't have her kind side but she certainly is tough let's hope she stands up to her husband we all know why she still tolerates sylene if Chad finds out that Sylene and beth like John the poor guy will be dead.
bbedlam edit delete reply
Well if Beth is going to be with the annoying Chad, it seems that John's only recourse will be to go stay with Sylene for a while. If only to aggravate Beth in retaliation.
Magravan edit delete reply
@Alparrott - Never! This is what I live for :D

@Ice the frosty cat - Thank you ;) I liked it better than the original one... Even though the mental image of R.Z. being used like boiling oil is funny to me...

@Snoog - No worries about being busy, we're just happy that you let us know you're still here... That's the one problem with this medium, we never know if we've lost a reader, they are just busy, or in a lot of cases, if they are even out there...

I'm curious why you think she puts up with Sylene though ;)

@bbedlam - That, and her house is the only other place where he might feel safe... That's the reason he should tell Beth, if he knows what's good for him :D
Magravan edit delete reply
Oh wow! I just noticed that TOGM is tied for first (but listed in the #1 slot anyways?) on Comicfury. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who subscribed to the comic, I hope you guys are still enjoying it!
Zephirot93 edit delete reply
I just can't believe I missed this for so much time. I went through your entire archive today :P And definitely subscribing too! Or maybe I am already but I don't really know?

Anyways, the whole first 20 or so strips I was saying to myself: "Damn, let's get to the sex scene already"

Guess I'll just have to keep waiting :P

EDIT: As I suspected, I had been subscribed for a while now, but hadn't really sitted and read them all.
Magravan edit delete reply
Hahaha :) Yeah, you've been subscribed for a while... I do that sometimes too, subscribe to something because I want to remember to look back at it later, and then I don't get back to it for a while...

As for the sex scene.. Yeah, they still haven't managed to come up with a safe sex plan :D Maybe John'll get a Hazmat suit (I've been bugging June to make a shirt image like that hehe)
snoog (Guest) edit delete reply
Hi guess I wasn't clear. I meant that if chad still has influence over beth he might intimidate her into helping out sylene either that or sylene takes advantage in exchange for not flirting with chad anymore although given her infatuation with john I don't think she could be bought that easily.

You know now I've had to explain it I have to admit it did seem to make more sense in my head but sounds off when I spell it out. My trouble is I over anylize. Bye for now.
Magravan edit delete reply
Oh, I see :) You are right about a portion, and wrong about a portion :)
ArtistXXY edit delete reply
huh? why is Colen Doran's "A Distant Soil" advertised here? i mean isn't she a pro... so...
Magravan edit delete reply
The value of the slot is based on the number of page views... We've also had Least I Could Do advertise here.. It's not that they are readers of our comic, necessarily... Just that they happen to see a good value for their pennies. ;)
jordanch68 edit delete reply
Poor John, can't do much right recently. :(