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14th Jul 2010, 5:00 PM
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Wow, that's cold.
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Author Notes:
Magravan edit delete
What a prick.

Okay, apparently I went off and made an entire post of completely awesome and relevant points. Sadly, the relevance was to a future comic that hasn't come out yet. Oops. Soooo.. Ahem. Yeah, Chad's a jerk.

I love that June drew R.Z. like that, I wanted to show that his behaviour is having an effect on R.Z. and this captures it quite elegantly. He's definitely an elitist about the Categorization system, and apparently Twos don't warrant common courtesy.

Finally, in another totally relevant statement that isn't completely inappropriate to make at this point in the comic, we've made several more T-shirt designs public. If you're interested, the store link is in the upper right hand corner ( Feel free to check them out even if you've got no interest in buying them, some are kind of cute :) )

See you next week!
Skrael (I'm the artist) edit delete
Skrael (I'm the artist)
I had hella fun drawing this one!

R.Z. is probably my favourite character to draw. And I happen to think that he looks especially cute in his blue jammies in panel 2.

Chad's a jerk .. and if you can't tell, he's playing some sort of game console. I don't care if Beth's place didn't have aTV in it before, Chad's a HUGE guy. He hauled one in from the garage. Yes, he did.

*edit this part out*
Mag wtf are you talking about! :) You should change your comment :P It has nothing to do with this strip :P
User comments:
SuperPie edit delete reply
Poor R.Z :(
Magravan edit delete reply
This strip makes me feel sad :(
DreamSanguine edit delete reply
Beautiful strip, guys! I want to set Chad on fire. I should find time to draw that as fan-art.

Edit: I dunno if this has been answered, but I'm really curious what Togm tastes like now.
JimiRaffety edit delete reply
Yeah, Chad is a jerk. He must be jealous of John, considering he keeps talking bad about him. He secretly knows that John is the better looking one out of them!

Fantastic job on this you guys, but I feel bad for RZ!

Oh- and CONGRATULATIONS on being the top all-time popular comic on Comic Fury! Whoo!
Lunaris_Starchilde edit delete reply
we were the victims, we were the culprits
we were the children who cry at night
we are the hunted, and we do the hurting
we are the children who cry at night

Poor RZ.
Frosty edit delete reply
D'awwww, poor RZ =(
Magravan edit delete reply
@DreamSanguine - It's ... not yummy... I sort of imagine it to be a very bland thing created for the purposes of subsistence alone. The only person who seems to enjoy it is R.Z., who, as we've seen in a previous strip, is willing to eat to excess. That's why our banner ad was Nutritious and .... nutritious for a while... Because delicious plays no part in it :D

@JimiRaffety - Haha, he's got opinions on Twos, that's for sure. And yeah, I felt bad for R.Z. too :( It's one of those things that I want to do as a writer, but it still pulls on my heartstrings when I go back and read it... And thank you very much, we're very grateful for all the people who subscribed to our comic :D

@Lunaris_Starchilde - That's very nice, is it a quote?

@Ice the frost cat - I would like to say that Chad doesn't realize he's there, but it wouldn't make a difference.. Chad's just that kind of jerk :/
Solem Saje edit delete reply
Solem Saje
Danged if this isn't the most touching strip yet.

Gotta ask (and feel free not to answer if it's too much of a spoiler, even in the hypothetical sense) if, or when R.Z. learns about Jon, if he, as a two, would be as logical as Beth about not... y'know, eating his brains?

Not to say he isn't a good kid for a people-eating zombie (had to've been, to be a two).
Magravan edit delete reply
R.Z. would. He'd feel bad afterwards, but he would, no doubt about it.
Solem Saje edit delete reply
Solem Saje
That would be... strangely awesome. Filler strip material?

[Beth walks in.]
B-"R.Z., oh my god!"
R-"Sorry, Beth. But he had brains! Real ones!
B-"You ate my case study! Go to your room and think about what you did!"
[R.Z. trudges off dejectedly.]
B-"Yes, Jon. I know."
Skrael (I'm the artist)
@ DreamSanguine -

Tank: Here you go, buddy; "Breakfast of Champions."
Mouse: If you close your eyes, it almost feels like you're eating runny eggs.
Apoc: Yeah, or a bowl of snot.
Mouse: Do you know what it really reminds me of? Tasty Wheat. Did you ever eat Tasty Wheat?
Switch: No, but technically, neither did you.
Mouse: That's exactly my point. Exactly. Because you have to wonder: how do the machines know what Tasty Wheat tasted like? Maybe they got it wrong. Maybe what I think Tasty Wheat tasted like actually tasted like oatmeal, or tuna fish. That makes you wonder about a lot of things. You take chicken, for example: maybe they couldn't figure out what to make chicken taste like, which is why chicken tastes like everything.
Apoc: Shut up, Mouse.
Magravan edit delete reply
Hahaha :D Yes, that's pretty much exactly how the conversation would go :D
Lunaris_Starchilde edit delete reply
yeah, it's from "The Root Of All Evil" Abney Park (From Dreams Or Angel, 2004)
Magravan edit delete reply
It's sad and sounds appropriate :(
DreamSanguine edit delete reply
@Skrael: LOL! That brought back memories. xD I guess.. that explains why brains are probably so desirable. Man you guys really thought this through. :p
Magravan edit delete reply
Scary, isn't it? :)
jordanch68 edit delete reply
Chad needs to take a long walk on a short pier. :/